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    Unfair team damage penalty

    I have also been the victim of "unfair play" and received two warnings recently. Once this weekend because I was in the que waiting for the game to begin and it got stuck. For 20 minutes I watched players drop out because they got tired of waiting. So I did too. And I got and "unfair warning" for dropping out early. I've just about got my six games in today and what happens. The battle begins. The mini map says there are cruisers and a battleship near by. The battle ship is behind me. He starts to go by me and scraps my ship. I know he did it on purpose. Now I have another warning for "unfair play." This new system that automatically identifies unfair play needs work. If there is anything that is unfair it is not only the system but managements refusal to consider your appeal. I like playing this game, but this really annoys me.