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  1. Sarnith

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    At the end of the day, no company can make everyone who uses their product (or in this case play their game) happy. But instead of realizing that, people have lashed out against someone who honestly was just doing his job. He's put in a lot of effort (more than we see from others in even larger gaming companies / industries in some cases) and should be given credit for it. Hopefully all is well, and things can move forward for the guy. Yeah, sure - stuff like this 'comes with the turf' - but that doesn't mean it's okay to go full keyboard warrior on the guy. Some of you guys need to remember that behind that account name and display is another person. You wouldn't say half the crap some post on these forums to someone's face - so why are you doing it from behind your desk.
  2. Sarnith

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    If you stay in groups of three or four the planes can't really muck you up as badly. Sure, I'm a lowly cruiser player - but it works. We've even had DD's grouping instead of just running off alone to die. It's a team game - more so now than before (or so it feels). If you're in a group of three or four CV's will have a really hard time getting to you. I can understand people might be upset because they have to change how they play - but that's just how it is, we all to have to learn and change it up. Instead of groups of two with a bunch of solo DD's... there's now more mini squadron based play for covering each other with Anti Air to negate the CV's. As for scouting and spotting, yes - i understand that was a DD thing to poke out a bit. But now, it's to dangerous. Let your CV's spot, stick to your team, work together, win more matches.
  3. Ah alright... was trying to at least be a little constructive despite all the "wth have you all done" threads lol. That said, i'm not a fan of the current state of things either.
  4. Well, I don't think I should be AA immune in a fully specced ship for Anti Air with specced Captain -- But... I should be a considerably less desirable target compared to those who are not specced similarly. Targeting me should be an issue for the CV player. I should NOT - NOT - obliterate every plane just because it comes near me. I should however, tear him a new one for it. But that's unfair to CV players, how will they know? Perhaps on their scouting runs - maybe their fighter squadrons can do this? It will highlight or otherwise mark for the CV player only if that ship is anti aircraft specced out compared to its standard settings. So while that ship is spotted [can be seen on the map] - AND has been scouted by (for this example) the fighter squadron, they'll be marked or a darker color or something to notate they're an anti air threat to avoid. This way, there's more interactive play for the CV players and it's not only a slug fest of diving into whatever helpless guy you've discovered and F Keying out. Yes, I know WG is doing something about the F key exploit, but that's my 2 cents about it. As for exactly what %% to increase decrease or whatever specific numbers? That's not my call. I'll admit I myself am not experienced enough at the game to make that kind of suggestion that deeply.
  5. The real reason why they'll never implement this is because they know CV players will never get games.
  6. So I posted in another thread about the CV rework, and was pretty happy to see a thread like this -- even if things from this thread aren't implemented, I'm glad to see the community doing more than "Yay best patch ever" or "This is garbage" The 'F' key should not have a cooldown or treated like a consumable in my opinion. However, I think retreating planes should take 25% (this can vary I'm just tossing the idea out) -- increased damage from AA since the AI wouldn't manuever as well as a player. This would create a kind of skill ceiling for CV players to reach. Where better players who can micro manage more efficiently are rewarded by their planes taking less damage because they'll keep them in their own hands longer than others who will just F key out. I would like to see 'light cruisers' and destroyers get increased AA range, perhaps more damage as well at Tier 10 - since Tier 10's can't be the benchmark standard for everyone (not everyone is tier 10). The DFAA consumable seems to be worthless because of F key spam - Perhaps this could be given a longer duration / shorter cooldown to compensate along with my previous suggestion? I agree that RDF shouldn't be on the planes though. I 100% agree destroyers spotted by planes should only be blips - and I'm saying that as a Cruiser player that hates...hates destroyers... I do not agree at all CV planes should get a damage increase - it's been nuts watching the Tier 10 CV's blow everything to h*** and back. My matches all day have been watching to see who the CV's choose to kill last - it hasn't been fun at all. Though perhaps some of the above changes would make their damage acceptable? I don't know... but it's no fun watching my DFAA be worthless simply because they press the F key
  7. Sarnith

    How the CV Rework Saved WoWS

    I honestly have mixed opinions on the CV Rework... Warrented, I don't play CV's much - though I did bust out my low tier American CV for a little fun to check it out. It seems slightly more engaging, and I don't feel completely useless if I'm the low man in the tier grouping because I get shredded by AA. [Or i'm just a trash CV player, i'll accept either]. However, on my Tier 8 Baltimore finding myself in more and more games with 2 Tier 10 CV's on each team... holy cow the slug fest. Ships of all tiers dropping like flies on both sides, despite both teams covering to help out their BB's. Someone in my last game was in a Cleveland and complained about a single AP Dive Bomber run taking out almost half his HP. Even the other teams CV player was floored by it. Sure, it was a Midway bombing into a Cleveland, but that's still a ton of damage for minimal to no risk to the CV player. While I'll agree with the OP that the change definitely brought me back to the game, I don't 100% welcome the changes. Sure, not everyone will ever be happy - but the damage at upper tiers of play seems really up there. I've taken more damage in my last ten games from CV bombers and the... rocket planes? - anyways, than I have from Battleships or other Cruisers... it's pretty nuts. Anti Air seems to be in a weird place to - dodging the flak detonations is sometimes not worth it at all as the other AA shreds you - but at other times (even if its the same ship type) it's the opposite and I fly off seemingly scott free with minimal damage. Is this RNG or something perhaps overlooked? Does AA need to be buffed or am I just retarded? - again, i'll accept both. My point here is that as a newer (I've played on and off for 3 years, mostly off) player, CV's seem to be able to capitalize on Battleship or superior level damage at no risk, or next to no risk. Why is this the case?