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  1. Well folks, God let me get up, toss Sophie outside for her morning constitutional, shuffle out to the coffee pot and flip it on and pour a cup... I got halfway to the sofa before he sent me a back pain snickered and reminded me Hey Fool! your 60 years old today hows it feel?  :cap_old:

    Just another day in paradise thank you.... I need more coffee! 

    1. Sir_Davos_Seaworth


      You always need more coffee...Happy Birthday!

    2. Cruiser_SanJuan


      You're 10 years older than me = you are 60 years young!

      Congrats on unlocking the milestone

    3. Jim_Byrnes


      Thank you both guys! Got a trip to Birmingham to see the Tedeschi-Trucks band an awesome show! Next day we visited the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum if you ever get the chance to go DO IT! The most incredible collection of vintage race cars dirt bikes and street bikes I've ever seen!