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  1. Spent my time off on the PT server playing T9 an T10 ships and gained some insight into high tier play. 

    Des Moines: A ship I've seen in person (Salem too..) and always wanted to grind to until now.. She's nice to be sure and can do lots of damage as long as no one can see you as your instantly deleted after that. Open water battles? Kutuzov is better by far at that. Camping.. hated campers in Q3 and UT2004 not my cup of tea.

    Golden Yamato: Again a campers dream slow turrets and reloads accuracy is good as is range. Nice secondaries but she ain't no bar fighter Amagi Alsace and any German BB can farm cits on her all day while sailing circles around her. That is until her mains nuke you.... Handles like an overloaded semi...

    Alsace: A bright spot indeed! Good handling great secondaries and a main battery that hits hard and fast. Speed boost is nice to have in a brawler and she's a great brawler! Wish she had radar but... Time to grind for her!

    Freddy the great: Liked her better than her big sister suits my playstyle of smite the heathens briskly rinse and repeat.. my 19pt Tirpitz driver will be at home here.

    I see how the sit and hide bow camping smoke screen wait till they screw up complaint's come about. T10 to me isn't nearly as much fun as T7-8 matches and the ships seem really designed to only be good for that meta. To be fair there's still ships like Hindy and Zao I want to try next time..

    Thanks WG for providing the PT series job well done!

    1. Sir_Davos_Seaworth


      Love Love LOVE my Alsace! She just might be the best Tier 9 BB...Only thing keeping her from being OP is that she can be squishy.. But oh those guns... and go speed racer go.. 

    2. Jim_Byrnes


      I had so much fun with Alsace you are 100% Correct!