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  1. Meanwhile back at the ranch... Tackled paperwork and billing for last week. Won 4 lost 2 randoms even split of 6 so far in Space battles. Like the Alldestroyer and Norma so far but aiming is off from the clear surface takes a bit of getting used to. Sigh, then there's those weighty issues of the day that are a burr under your saddle. Like Yamato 2199... why mess with a classic character wasn't Wildstar cool enough without renaming him? Starsha Yuki.. they didn't change Sigh! Great redux anyway! geeked Killing Bites (One must ecchi now and then) and Violet Evergarden which may be one of the best I've watched this season looked at Fate Last encore nice but it's getting old. Waiting for Bezerk and Drifters seasons to start and still bow to the east and offer sacrifice for more Black Lagoon. Back to grinding the 19th pt in Amagi...

    From back in the day when I was a wee tyke....