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  1. Jim_Byrnes

    I'm convinced now Bots have been "improved". (PVE Thread)

    The sage of co-op!
  2. Jim_Byrnes

    Looking For a Co Op Clan

    Contact @Kizarvexis or @AdmiralThunder at PVE most all of us are co-op or scenario mains and a fantastic bunch of folks!
  3. Jim_Byrnes

    Request - Flag Mod

    You would do well to contact @MajorRenegade as flag mods and historic flags are one of her many specialties
  4. Jim_Byrnes

    Killing Bot destroyers

    I feel ya as a co-op main and I've seen bots do screwy things from time to time. To get any traction here on this your going to need a replay for sure.
  5. Jim_Byrnes

    Epic troll by epic whiner?

    Some people's kids... ( Not OP)
  6. Jim_Byrnes

    If you could buff just one ship...

    Give FDG and GK the same torps Tirpitz has!
  7. Jim_Byrnes

    Another ship setting sail...

    It was my pleasure to meet and speak with you at year's Alabama event. I wish for you all the best and look forward to hearing from you as a player here in the future!
  8. Jim_Byrnes

    Worst T9 - Ibuki or Izumo?

    Ibuki wasn't too bad and we got through her to Zao quickly which is a big improvement. Izumo was another story for me anyway truck like handling, poor turret layout leading to poor firing angles she just wasn't fun to play at all so we powered through to Yamato and sold her for scrap.
  9. Jim_Byrnes

    can you stop mixing t10 vs t8?

  10. Jim_Byrnes

    Mercy rule has GOT TO GO

    As usual your on target Reality is many of us play few randoms for many reasons. There is a larger population than many realise however, your correct that it's not a huge priority with all the other gaffes and mistakes WG has made as of late.
  11. Jim_Byrnes

    ARP Grind Made Simple

    Sure would be nice if WG would let you sell or gift unneeded ships I trimmed my ARP fleet to Takao (love that lol drama queen!) Nachi Kongo and Haruna. Would have gladly given the others away. The spare captains are now in IJN DDs and Amagi....
  12. Jim_Byrnes

    Puerto Rico Warp Up Questions

    I went ahead and dropped the 15k on her after getting as far as the final stage. I bought two boosters worth and ground as much as I could to get there (Stayed away from trashbote Gorizia) I figured the cost offset by the coal steel and other rewards will offset the cost somewhat got more flags and camos than I know what to do with. Time will tell.....
  13. RIP Neil! Rush's live album stands tall in those halcyon days of inebriated youth. None finer!
  14. Jim_Byrnes

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    Thanks @Femennenly! We talked about the need to change this at the Alabama event look forward to seeing this "annoyance" fixed or eliminated. All the best!
  15. Jim_Byrnes

    Hey thanks for the anniversary loot!

    I got my 3 year anniversary yesterday as well. Thank you Wargaming!