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  1. Nerf Mushashi now

    Monday morning silliness?
  2. Your "time to quit" formula?

    Just as with blackjack if I lose 3 in a row odds are I'll continue losing time get up go to different table. Same analogy here lose a few switch to co-op for a bit till RNJesus calms down.
  3. WG Plz animate Tirpitz!

    The fix is indeed long overdue thought's from @Pigeon_of_War would be timely and welcome!
  4. Hmmm... There is that.. On blyscawica then!
  5. Welcome back and best of luck!
  6. Nah! I just can't imagine ANYONE here breaking into goosebumps over an uber tanky brawling monster at T9.....
  7. Thank you WG'ing

    Hear! Hear! Well said sir!
  8. I'm still in a quandry as to which one I like better. I don't have any T9 ships yet, I put the brakes on at T8 across the board. I've played Iowa on PT and did well with her but just haven't felt the need to go to T9 yet..
  9. Why not just put a bobble head of the commander on every ship that get bigger as your winrate increases.... As long as we're making ridiculous proposals
  10. For that matter I haven't seen a Nelson for quite a while now...
  11. nothing for co-op players

    That just how it's been for a while now PT server was the same... disappointing
  12. Roma Kobayashi camo in a nutshell.

    This^^^^ Otherwise words fail me...