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  1. Jim_Byrnes

    You favorite anime

    A beautifully compelling but very sad story
  2. Sir, as always your a master of sublime understatement!
  3. Jim_Byrnes

    Did Disney copy Kimba The White Lion?

    No surprise at Disney's ruthless ripoff. Dating myself here but as a kid we all watched Kimba Eighth Man Astro Boy in black and white good stuff still is!
  4. Jim_Byrnes

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    I have four 19 pointers 2 German 1 IJN and 1 US in my Mass. All are BB Captains and all are full secondary brawlers. My first was in Scharnhorst followed by Tirpitz and a long grind in Amagi. Mass was the fastest thanks to CXP. Currently grinding Alaska Ibuki and Kutuzov to catch my cruisers up
  5. Jim_Byrnes

    Popsicle Stick USS Oregon

    Wow! That's impressive!
  6. Jim_Byrnes

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 7: USS Alabama Oct. 12th!

    Good advice We live near Mobile and while there is plenty of places to see downtown the surrounding areas are rough an no place to be after dark.
  7. Jim_Byrnes

    WoWs Tall Ships

    Works for me as long as we can have the frigate Surprise and Captain "Lucky" Jack Aubrey
  8. Jim_Byrnes

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    There's no excuse for any racial or verbal excuse here or in any game. However the remedy available is This^^^^
  9. Jim_Byrnes

    New UI changes are a mistake

    Yep! I stand chastened and corrected guilty of not reading the patch notes. I'll know better next time.. As to snowflake...nope...
  10. Just played a few games on the PT server and WG your creating an unneeded disaster for yourselves. The UI changes create frustration and confusion that experienced players will flip out over. No captains? What am I supposed to do with my 18pt Alaska captain if I want to re-spec? or what if I want to alter the upgrades to fine tune my ship? I have to start like a noob all over again and play without a captain and no upgrades or consumble choices until I get waxed enough games to unlock what I've played for over two years to earn? I really think you need to either scrap postpone or dribble these changes out slowly. Seriously, your offering a solution desperately in search of a problem.
  11. Jim_Byrnes

    Alaska takes a Citadel hit from Harugumo...?

    From seeing Alaska in a great many games today several things came to light 1. Alaska's are very easy to sink 2. Their owners are quite salty about how Meh she is and how over-hyped she was 3. Her guns do not perform as advertised on par with German dispersion Now to be fair I don't have her she's new and we'll see after her playstyle settles in but initially to hear her captains tell it she's over rated and over priced.
  12. Well folks, God let me get up, toss Sophie outside for her morning constitutional, shuffle out to the coffee pot and flip it on and pour a cup... I got halfway to the sofa before he sent me a back pain snickered and reminded me Hey Fool! your 60 years old today hows it feel?  :cap_old:

    Just another day in paradise thank you.... I need more coffee! 

    1. Sir_Davos_Seaworth


      You always need more coffee...Happy Birthday!

    2. Cruiser_SanJuan


      You're 10 years older than me = you are 60 years young!

      Congrats on unlocking the milestone

    3. Jim_Byrnes


      Thank you both guys! Got a trip to Birmingham to see the Tedeschi-Trucks band an awesome show! Next day we visited the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum if you ever get the chance to go DO IT! The most incredible collection of vintage race cars dirt bikes and street bikes I've ever seen!  

  13. Jim_Byrnes

    Chicken Little, the sky is falling

    The best line posted here for some time... ROFL!!
  14. Jim_Byrnes

    New Battleship game!!

    Ever the party animal eh?
  15. LOL!! Been there it's funny now but there was a time....