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  1. [ALL] Dseehafer skin for Tirpitz.

    Outstanding work! We all appreciate your hard work!
  2. Good morning Wolfie! we're up early waiting on coffee to brew and getting ready to go take a load of stainless steel to Utah. Sophie's not going to like it... there's no grass for her. All the best to you! we'll send you pictures! 

    1. WolfofWarship


      Good morning Jim!

      That sounds like an interesting trip! I look forward to seeing the photos!

      Have fun!


  3. I think in a pure T10 match maybe... But that said playstyle is the key. I don't rush in with Mogami or Kutuzov Cleveland will be no different...
  4. Doom is on target! Cleveland has been a real bruiser in so many matches and in skilled hands downright devastating. At T8 she may be somewhat marginalized depending on MM but I'm confident she'll be able to hold her own.
  5. Well... Everyone has a hobby some are less productive than others... ; ) P.S. Shoulda known @Chobittsu your right...
  6. Kudos for watching those old flicks... They're so bad they're good...
  7. Hmm... Have to check into that thx!
  8. Play alot of co-op and I have yet to see any orange players....
  9. Lert taking up Hula Dancing!?

    Be still my beating heart!
  10. Rubber Chicken Exhaust Mod - Garage54 Eng

    BWAHAHAHA!! That's just too [edited] funny! +1

    @Chobittsu is quite on target with those impressive stats though I'm much more into antique and hot rod Harley Davidson's so my knowledge of cars is limited. Having looked into each last night the Tesla is the winner and no doubt handles better as well. But it's also a $200k+ car far out of reach for the average gear head's wallet. The Demon fully equipped comes in at about $87-89k still pricey but reachable to a wider audience. Figure another $10k or so for nitrous and better tires and aftermarket tuning I'd bet for under $100k it'd beat the Tesla...In a straight line anyway and be as much fun. I'm not so into fast bikes anymore but I do like quick but I like clean good handling as well. My old 1963 Sportster with an 80 inch stroker kit was a terror in the 80s but the frame and swingarm flexed so much she was really a stoplight to stoplight Jap killer.

    Nice cars no doubt about it I don't have specifics on how the demon in question was set up. 8.8 is a very respectable 1/4 time for a production car.

    In your dreams my friend!
  14. Amagi love

    I love my Amagi and intend to keep her around to power past Izumo. Running a full secondary build and she can hold her own in a brawl and melt DDs quite well.
  15. New pink rules do need adjustment

    Got a point there... Yes the new system needs a few tweaks. Give it time to collate data for WG to see problem areas and address them...Yes I'm sure your peeved bring a replay to the table next time or just get over it. But in no way does it nor should it affect your gameplay!