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  1. I noticed my error and <bows low> apologise to the Empress for not asking her choice of morning libation. Long hot week out here may you enjoy a pleasant weekend!
  2. Surely you can't be referencing the prancing Viking tune?? No! Just No!
  3. Funny stuff! Hadn't seen the tick in years...
  4. Mouse nails it again! Thanks for a great review!
  5. <Stumbles to coffee pot and pours large cup> Last check before going trucking for the week and saw Empress was up too. Cream,sugar or black for the Empress? Have a great day!
  6. Looks like the ugly results of Fuso and Kongo after a drunken orgy.......
  7. An excellent response +1 OP While your displeasure at the other player may well be legit you wind up coming off as a snotty high horse elitist who looks down on anyone whose stats fail to equal or exceed your own.Not everyone has a life bereft of anything beyond WoWs. Rather than offer advice on game play improvement or, suggesting how to improve the non existent teamwork in randoms you whine because he made you look bad and and stained your precious stat record. I suggest you try flying a kite it's less stressful.
  8. Learned alot from her and she got me my first 19pt captain with Tirpitz following closely at 18pts. She's cheaper, more versatile than Tirpitz and I can't say enough good things about her.
  9. I pass her everyday going to and from work and I never get tired of seeing her!
  10. Easy there! She's been power nerfed with torp reload or smoke but she's still nasty with IFHE and DE... I suck with her too but she's still fun.
  11. I have Gin Roh Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in The Shell ( All Iconic IMHO ) on DVD Mostly I watch on Kissanime. Oh ya if you like Black Lagoon check out Gangsta the studio went bankrupt before finishing it but it's a blast!
  12. I've seen and been shot at by several players mostly in low tiers and torped once. In almost every instance it was obvious the perp was a snot nose kid with an attitude seeking attention. I can't say it's an epidemic though...
  13. Some all time faves in list but ditto, a few I never heard of sound awesome!
  14. Hail and well met! <Bows to Empress> A most impressive thread both in size and content!
  15. She definitely a looker! Interesting to see what develops.