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  1. Jim_Byrnes

    FINALLY!!!!... (PVE Thread)

    Awesome game AT! 500k will be yours beleive it!
  2. Jim_Byrnes

    Death of the Scharnhorst

    I have to disagree with the OP don't play her as often as I used to but when I go a Horsting i do pretty well with her...
  3. Jim_Byrnes

    Finally Got Back (PVE Thread)

    Congrats Admiral! Your setting the pace for the rest of us!
  4. Jim_Byrnes

    Your gaming rig?

    More of a curiosity question and I suppose I should have been more specific as to gpu and refresh rate of monitor the game itself probably isn't coded for ultra high 120+ fps or 4k either...
  5. Jim_Byrnes

    Your gaming rig?

    What kind of frame rates are you getting with this? Slowly piecing a system together between road trips GPU prices and availability are still prohibitive plan for 3060ti...
  6. Jim_Byrnes

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2020

    God bless you Mouse for the mention of our fallen comrade @dseehafer he'd be thrilled with your review! And let's not forget your savant partner in crime @Lert as well. Thank you both for making this forum a respected worthwhile place for us all!
  7. Jim_Byrnes

    Zao upgrade grind, are you guys kidding?

    I also found this upgrade to be useless and a waste of time except for a certain narrow playstyle. Better to have a dispersion buff combined with a reload time buff for the type 93 torps which is so long they're almost useless that would be a worthy grind.
  8. Jim_Byrnes

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    It is important to remember that WG is a business run for profit and their marketing dept is there to ensure profit by enticing you with programs that are nothing less than a sow with fancy makeup and perfume... Better to offer a crate or crates that say, Missouri or a select couple of rare ships were the only payout I suspect many would pay the price for them even if it was silly...
  9. Jim_Byrnes

    buying a new rig..... AMD Vs iNtel

    I'd go AMD either one of those however are mondo overkill for playing WOWS GPU wise..... I'm looking at a desktop build it myself system AMD 3900x on Aorus x570 Master in Lian li Lancool2 RGB case 32gig DDR 3400 ram 2-1tb NVME boot drives raid0 2080 or 6800 GPU 2- 2tb SSD game drives Yeah it's stupid overkill but I play X4 and Unreal Tournament as well
  10. Jim_Byrnes

    So this map is still a thing

    So many complaints...This is one of my favorites especially T10 all the wonder toy ships have nowhere to hide and snipe... This is and should be the premier epicenter map!
  11. Jim_Byrnes

    Premium Ship Review: Pommern

    Great review as always Mouse!
  12. Jim_Byrnes

    How to Alaska?

    Play her as a mid range dd and cruiser hunter...avoid BBs in a direct fight kite kite kite then kite some more....AP is ammo of choice the HE isn't bad either
  13. Jim_Byrnes

    Atago torpedoes are useless

    On point as usual...^^^ Don't know where OP is in the game but Myoko Mogami even Zao use a similar sytem very effective very situational... Atago was and is perhaps the best T8 cruiser to this day.
  14. Knowing @Chobittsu if anyone here could give you good advice he could he's forgotten more about voiceovers than anyone else knows... You may want to give his mod Mermaids Wrath a look its best in class IMO...
  15. First I'd play the game in safe mode without any mods loaded... And like other posts mentioned Atagos torp arcs like so many IJN cruisers really make you manuver to be effective so id look at the rudder shift upgrades to help... Good luck Atago with a well speced captain is a real beast!