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  1. Jim_Byrnes

    Puerto Rico Warp Up Questions

    I went ahead and dropped the 15k on her after getting as far as the final stage. I bought two boosters worth and ground as much as I could to get there (Stayed away from trashbote Gorizia) I figured the cost offset by the coal steel and other rewards will offset the cost somewhat got more flags and camos than I know what to do with. Time will tell.....
  2. RIP Neil! Rush's live album stands tall in those halcyon days of inebriated youth. None finer!
  3. Jim_Byrnes

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    Thanks @Femennenly! We talked about the need to change this at the Alabama event look forward to seeing this "annoyance" fixed or eliminated. All the best!
  4. Jim_Byrnes

    Hey thanks for the anniversary loot!

    I got my 3 year anniversary yesterday as well. Thank you Wargaming!
  5. Jim_Byrnes

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    It'd be nice if more of the discontinued collections like Belle Epoque were available as containers in the Armory.
  6. Jim_Byrnes

    Aiming Sights-new ones needed

    Absolutely true I've never had a problem with Aslains using direct download. There's several dynamic sights there that work quite well.
  7. Jim_Byrnes

    ALL Elite Wrestling belongs in the trash.

    Trying to find a scintilla of relevance to post and game while troll alert blares deafeningly...
  8. Jim_Byrnes

    Tachibana Lima and USS Smith, Highly Recommended

    Have them both and couldn't agree more with you!
  9. Jim_Byrnes

    Belle Epoche

    Funny thing it DOES say they containers will be permanently available in game...
  10. Hey! Good advice on Alabama event I live in Fairhope and wouldn't dream of staying in Mobile ever! Daphne on 98 has much to offer and is much safer. Sée you there!

  11. Wow! Just looking at weather Puerto Rico just can't catch a break! Hope all your family and loved ones there are safe!

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Thanks. It's mostly rain.

      What's worrying me are the small earthquakes that keep happening since last night :Smile_ohmy:

    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Yes that's not a good thing at all...

  12. Jim_Byrnes

    Does anyone play the FDG regularly, AND enjoy it?

    I play it every chance I get with a full secondary build and 19pt captain and unless I'm off track easily average 100k-140k damage with her. Sure GK has an edge on her but not a huge one.
  13. Jim_Byrnes

    Why did I wait so long for this upgrade???

    The Admiral was a holy terror before the upgrade it's a bad bad day to be a bot now!
  14. Jim_Byrnes

    Asking for advice Georgia build

    That..Simply That^^^^^^