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  1. Several have already said it I'll repeat it "Keep the Kutuzov, it will very likely never be sold again."
  2. I'm just being silly I was poking fun at OP don't take it so seriously! Thought your response was good too! Lol!
  3. Sorry to hear it and sorry I never heard of him. Frank Marino and Rush are my favorite Canadians.
  4. Lol!! And No! Lol!
  5. But as to the thread title... The answer is No No and No...
  6. Did someone send you some "Girl Scout Cookies" of the green variety or is being obtuse a new hobby?
  7. Crap! I'm out of popcorn salt!
  8. Mega Ouch! This is gonna get Rocky!
  9. Fuso is a beast and all the posters have offered sound advice backing that up. Once you get used to her playstyle you'll really love her!
  10. All I can say is it's about friggin time!! Course, Big O wouldn't be a bad flick either for the genre....
  11. Scharnhorst or Tirpitz depending on the mood..
  12. Just..
  13. Couldn't have said it better myself!
  14. For those few times that despite best intentions TK occurs almost always due to torps and unexpected team mate movement ( not excusing myself I take responsibility for derpage...) I keep Black Swan in port go and PLAY the games to remove my penalty. It's humbling and sometimes even educational...