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  1. Improving the Game

    There's merit here for both sides of the argument I fall into the above category myself It took a long time for me skillz to catch up ( an ongoing process ) with the ships in my T8 fleet most matches I can hold my own.... Yet, I can see validity in the above statement as well. T7-8 matches are to me the most competitive at present and certainly the most fun! T11 is a good concept but how to implement it properly? The ships would all be beyond WG's stated history limits or be paper fantasy ships of which there are plenty already.. It would seem this is more a case of a MM adjustment than anything else but WG shows no signs of listening or caring what players think on this issue. Maybe if they created player ranks above 15 and MM took that in as a parameter as a floor/ceiling for match assignment? There's holes in that too....
  2. O'Brien in his Aubrey/Maturin series describes life on a British Frigate during the Napoleonic and 1812 wars very accurately. In it he describes the captains and I assume officers quarters to be made up of removable bulkhead walls that were taken down and the furniture and such were stowed before battle and Capt Aubrey had a pair of polished brass nine pound cannons or stern chasers that were crewed from his quarters in battle. I recommend his books wholeheartedly! O'Brien's battle descriptions of battle tactics and ships are from actual Royal Navy archive records with names and crew changed to fit the story and his zeal for historical accuracy regarding dress food and how people interacted in those times borders on obsessive. Great stories and history lessons as well in a prose style that will make you re-read the 20 book series!
  3. Biggest OP thing in the game

    Yet so relevant.. lol!
  4. What is your favourite Retro Game?

    I played and ran servers for Quake 1,2,3 Unreal and UT as well as Half life. I still play Q3 and UT2004 and the forever alpha UT4... Started out playing Eye of the Beholder on a 286 and a 386 then a co worker showed me Doom and it was all downhill from there!
  5. Grog?

    Oh you naughty old Seadog! LOL!
  6. The Great Martian War

    One of Harrison's best series although the West of Eden trilogy is my personal favorite and would be an awesome movie.
  7. Grog?

    In the iconic Aubrey Maturin series by O'Brian which is almost obsessive regarding historical accuracy Grog rations were described as Rum and lime or lemon juice and while I'm not certain of the size of the mug it was served in was it must have been enough to get the crewman buzzed to bombed.
  8. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Now @Lert!! Look, I now you gotta be doing cartwheels over finally getting T-61 but that^^^^ is just WRONG on so many levels! BWAHAHAHAH!!! As for the review @LittleWhiteMouse, you always make over-performing look effortless! Thanks as always for a great long anticipated review!
  9. OK I just finished a 5 game T1 coop string on PT. Of the five games I was the only human player in all five. The results: 1 Draw 4 wins Let me qualify those results by saying they were as tough as any match at T8-10 I've played and I did not survive any of them and it felt more like being in a random match. The bots seemed to pick me out for focus fire immediately and were relentless in it. They definitely played more like DDs and their use of WASD was impressive. As I posted earlier I'd already played several T8 matches on PT and noted the bots skill was up a notch but to play like that at T1? Yeah WG, your going to lose a lot of new players out of frustration if you don't fix the skill curve at low tier. I found it challenging to be sure but if the bots were this good at T6-9 you'd be really hard pressed to enjoy playing at all.
  10. Played several T8 coop and randoms on PT last night. While I can't say the bots were overwhelming they've definitely been tweaked up a notch. I'm going to go back in a few and play some T1-2 matches to see if @iDuckman point is still valid. If they've tweaked it to high at that level it's a real problem.
  11. Get down Mr.President!

    Lol! Had a woodchuck that was like that. Mom in law had a barrel flower pot came home to find everything chewed off and as an insult a big turd! Came home to find a box of 12ga shells on table with a note: " Deal with it!"!
  12. Finally against the odds the Toliken estate gave in and let them make the Sillmarillion!


    Spread out over several years till 2021this should be an epic series and it'll be interesting to see how they film certain parts like Ungoliant and the trees and Fingolfin and Morgoth's epic brawl and what they gloss over. One segment deals with Hurin which was to me a riveting story of love and betrayal. Many have not read the Sillmarillion it's not an easy read but fills in so much of the stories that follow it's worth it. 

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      Guys, it's a fake, sorry  :\

    3. Sir_Davos_Seaworth


      Fake news?!?! To the orc pits with them!!!

    4. Jim_Byrnes


      I appears that Tolkien's son has retired from managing the estate and that a hefty legal dispute has been settled thus opening the way for these movies to proceed..the 4k trailers available lend creedence to this. There are at present old articles supporting the "fake news" as well as recent ones that point to a release date this fall. Guess we'll see I'm optimistic myself...