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  1. Jim_Byrnes

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    Have Nurnberg but don't play it much so Marakov made no sense to buy. Like so many, I can't recall the last time I saw her in game...
  2. Jim_Byrnes

    Kutuzov really an OP ship?

    I love my Kutuzov but I haven't played it much lately due to building my Mass captain up. I don't consider her OP even with smoke and torps and she's not a close in fighter her hull is made of tinfoil. What she does best is kite and spam HE at range supporting others and look for engagements with foolish cruisers and Dds to punish.
  3. Jim_Byrnes

    If I cast and design Godzilla 2014

    This^^^^^^ Take it over there...
  4. Sure, the Netflix reboot is cool but so is old school! So bad it's good! :cap_haloween:

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan



    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Screw the batmobile! I want the car from Seven...seven..seven!



    3. Cruiser_SanJuan


      They usually used American cars

  5. A yawn would be good too...
  6. Jim_Byrnes

    Bring on the SMS Seydlitz! (video)

    Seydlitz has been on the wish list of many a captain here for as long as I can recall...Hey WG!!You listening??
  7. Jim_Byrnes

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    A debate or discussion for another thread with no disrespect intended Sir, This is about Herbert Walker Bush and his passing.
  8. Jim_Byrnes

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    A man I respected a career I admired and a marriage that redefined accomplishment... RIP sir, may you rest in Gods arms!
  9. Yet another iconic back in the day show returns! @Cruiser_SanJuan and @Chobittsu Seven!!! :cap_win:

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    2. Jim_Byrnes


      It does look pretty good, same type animation as Ajin or RWBY. Interesting twist on the plot origin but somehow I think I'm going to miss the rubber suited monsters and wrecking Tokyo. 

      So how's X4 so far? Lots of bugs you say? 

    3. Chobittsu


      RWBY is a bit of an odd duck when it comes to animation, it's a rare case where you can see the progression of style and method in a single series (rather than reboots and remakes). The only other example that comes to mind is that North Korean cartoon

      VERY buggy, I was in it just now, shot a criminal transport skiff, and the whole game crashed    x'D   I ****in' love it~<3

      I fully expected it to be riddled with bugs on release, but it'll even out in the next month or so. It's mainly optimization that I'm worried about. As for content I'm sure the modding community will have plenty to do

    4. Cruiser_SanJuan
  10. Jim_Byrnes


    Time for a classic to return......
  11. Jim_Byrnes

    Atago - A good Zao trainer?

    Sums it up rather nicely!
  12. Today is a day of togetherness and family. It is for me the most important holiday of the year for just those reasons. My wish to all my friends and clanmates is that you have a day that becomes as important to you all as it is for me! A day that makes you smile thinking of it when your eating "Wild Turkey Surprise" next week for lunch! To my Canadian and Asian friends I know it's not on your calendar but I wish you and your families all the best as well! :Smile_honoring: 

  13. Jim_Byrnes

    Return of Belfast?

    Strange but true, he's absolutely right! I do better in Fiji than Belfast OR Edinburgh for that matter.... don't know why!
  14. Jim_Byrnes

    OMG SNOW....

    Looks like it's Molson's time up there hey? And yes, having trucked in the snowbelt here for years across the Dakota's and Montana most Americans drive like brainless idiots when confronted with a dusting or less....
  15. Jim_Byrnes

    OMG SNOW....

    Right there with ya! I HATE St Louis and the interchanges there... My dog and my Western are heading to Pensacola to smoke a ham for Thanksgiving and get some game time in and work on the truck. Be safe!