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  1. Hogdriver1


    @Ducky_shot Like I said, just wondering if there could be more meaningful feedback. Sometimes it would be nice to learn something rather than get an anonymous middle finger.
  2. Hogdriver1


    I am generally pretty mild in chat - my fingers aren't deft enough to play and type at the same time. I just recently got a cv, and only do that in co-op because I think I suck at it.
  3. Hogdriver1


    When I get a complement I can usually tell why, but when somebody dings me for something - I usually have no idea. Sometimes its an obvious bonehead mistake, but generally no clue. Can there be a way to receive more meaningful feedback?
  4. Hogdriver1

    Detection and Spotted

    Has anyone else noticed that the "spotted" ribbons appear way before the ship you supposedly spotted does? It seems like its 3 or 4 seconds before you actually see what is spotted. On a related note, I have observed that my T-22 and Fubuki are being detected by less stealthy DD's of late. I appear to be detected well before I should be, and I am detecting enemy vessels later than usual.