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  1. Burt6666

    The Great Turkey Shoot of 2020

    I would like to be a turkey
  2. Burt6666

    Spotting damage question

    I stand corrected !!!!
  3. Burt6666

    Spotting damage question

    You only get spotted ribbons when YOU are spotted by an enemy ship.
  4. How about native american war canoes ? You know,for historical realism.
  5. Burt6666

    Best Damage Record.....In Co-op?

    I rounded up 40 xp....
  6. Burt6666

    Best Damage Record.....In Co-op?

    It was in Repub....thanks for the link !!!
  7. Burt6666

    Best Damage Record.....In Co-op?

    361,000....cant remember the ship.
  8. Burt6666

    Clan Change

    Everything but the clan bonuses
  9. Burt6666

    Always Courageous containers

    Got my first 4 crates last week.First one opened...ok.Next 3 were the EXACT same item.
  10. Burt6666

    British ships

    Yes...she is a she.
  11. Burt6666

    Today's code from Twitch

    Thanks !!!
  12. I'm gonna play sub games cause I like them.I have no issues with cv's either so....
  13. Burt6666

    What’s in your port?

    225 ships with 41 empty slots.
  14. Burt6666

    New Code - Youtube 500k

    Thanks !!!!