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  1. Burt6666

    Unicorn sighting

    Congrats !!! I got 1 two weeks ago....but was the first in a looooong time.
  2. Burt6666

    Stone the Crows... We can do better...

    I'm still waiting for the funny ones ;)
  3. Burt6666

    Snarg signing off

    Sorry to see you go....be well !!!
  4. Sorry...those fish were aimed for my team mate
  5. Aslains allows you to remove it.
  6. Burt6666


    Welcome !!!!
  7. Burt6666

    Co-op is really, really starting to suck

    Bot subs are a joke...they are usually dead within 5 mins.
  8. Burt6666

    King of The Sea containers....

    I need one more to finish so should be today !!!
  9. Burt6666

    Yet another... "miscommunication"

    Premium time makes a big difference in earnings.
  10. What...no anti sub or cv comments yet ?
  11. Burt6666

    Server down?

    Same...logging in for 30 mins now...
  12. Burt6666

    60G for this program

    60 gig...oh no...how will it ever fit on my 8 terrabyte drive !!!!!!
  13. Usually if someone says "I need intelligence data" I just tell them to read a book...gets some great reactions.