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  1. 6fingeredman

    Missouri Stealth credit nerf.

    Read the entire note...
  2. 6fingeredman

    Missouri Stealth credit nerf.

    Are we talking about stealth or credit nerf? Failed to compute. Going back to general discussion page.
  3. 6fingeredman

    ZF-6 Dockyard End Time

    Can someone please confirm when the Dockyard event ends for me? I couldn't fine the end time on the event page other than when 10.5 drops, and all it says in game is 2 days. I'm cutting it close and want to spend as little as possible finishing the event.
  4. 6fingeredman

    Alaska and Smaland

    Two questions. What date should we roughly expect to lose Alaska and Smaland as fxp ships? Which one would people recommend? Going to be pushing hard to rack up as much fxp before they leave so I can at least get one. Edit: I enjoy all ship classes so I don't really have any preference when it comes to CA vs DD for clarification
  5. 6fingeredman

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.3

    Have they announced the rewards for ranked yet?
  6. 6fingeredman

    Akizuki Help

    Hey everyone, I've been struggling to make the Akizuki work for me. I feel like I'm probably too aggressive early match and therefore lose too much health. How is this ship successfully played and what are some tips people have for it? Thanks! Edit: also if there are builds that people recommend I'd greatly appreciate knowing what it is.
  7. I love this guys fixation on CVs. This is just another troll post he's done in recent days.
  8. 6fingeredman

    Battle Results

    I really wish Battle Results would be saved longer than your current session. It would be nice if we had the option to keep results for a 12 or 24 hour period instead of only if you remained logged in.
  9. Are the modules going away after December? I noticed the missions have a 31/12 date
  10. 6fingeredman

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    Thanks for all your contributions Zoup! 6fingeredman NA
  11. 6fingeredman

    This is a Test

    I refuse