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  1. A better than usual session of WoWS.... but this nearly spoiled my day!.... :)
  2. https://replayswows.com/replay/67744 What makes this Lenin player so confident that he can ignore me and go on to end up top of his team ranking for this battle?
  3. Mfezi

    This is Ridiculous

    I am from WoT where it is easy to identify good and bad players ingame with a simple mod. Not so easy here so I have been relying on these emblems as a guide to identify the better players.
  4. Mfezi

    This is Ridiculous

    Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable always works!.... :)
  5. Mfezi

    This is Ridiculous

    I really appreciate the time and effort you have spent to help me. I have taken your tips on board and decided to get myself a Georgia!.... Just kidding - many thanks!..... :)
  6. Mfezi

    This is Ridiculous

    Hello Boghie - nice to see you in WoWS. I have watched the replay a couple of times since my original post and totally agree with your assessment, but in the heat of battle one misses a lot of detail and the coup de gras came so quickly that I was taken aback. I am still astonished at 54000 damage in 9 shots - I think that has to go down as a record and find it hard to believe that this is normal for a good player.
  7. Mfezi

    This is Ridiculous

    Gotcha, but try this link to the replay I uploaded.... https://replayswows.com/replay/67626
  8. Mfezi

    This is Ridiculous

    I have uploaded the replay - just trying to figure out where to get the link...
  9. Mfezi

    This is Ridiculous

    Maybe so but let's just focus on this issue first....
  10. Mfezi

    This is Ridiculous

    We were parallel, but not fully broadside, I would have expected an even duel, but 6000 damage for every shell and more damage from secondaries than I could muster in two full salvos. Unicom or not, this is verging on the miraculous!. Problem is that unicums cannot easily be identified in battle and with these sort of capabilities, how can one even contest?
  11. More often than not, I am killed by players with emblems like this..... but no matter how good a player might be, this is ridiculous..... His Georgia vs my Iowa - I was able to get in two salvos for one hit and zero damage. Are these guys protected by 'superpowers' or is WG just tipping the scale in their favor?
  12. Mfezi

    Ark Royal

    OK, no clock so it's not a rental. Must have won it through a hard-fought mission so I will not look a gift horse in the mouth!. Teams will just have to suffer while I learn how to use it!.... :)
  13. Mfezi

    Ark Royal

    I really have no idea. Got a bunch of containers three or four days ago, but didn't notice anything special. Always have a long list of missions which I plough through slowly and never register what rewards they offer.
  14. Mfezi

    Ark Royal

    Missed a few days of WoWS and come back to find an Ark Royal parked amongst my fleet. Is this a rental? I'm almost tempted to try it out!.... :)
  15. Mfezi

    Elite Commander XP

    Makes sense. I only have 17 point commanders and wondered how I was occasionally getting the 2k XP Thanks!