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  1. PirateQM

    Bots shooting at wrecks?

    Maybe the Bot AI is watching the players and learning...
  2. PirateQM

    Soviet bias

    I would say Romania is thoroughly underrepresented in this discussion. Historical counter to Russian bias.
  3. PirateQM

    Deutschland 2nd Flag

    And don’t forget the Swedish... I mean European ships now too.
  4. PirateQM

    Bad Behavior in Co-op

    Unless I'm missing something the portion of the privacy policy specifically states under section 6(8) "Information available to other players: making your nickname and game statistics available to other players through our Services is an important part of making players’ experience more enjoyable. If you are banned in a Game based on other players’ complaints, we may inform them about the ban. Please note that members of your clan have access to a bigger amount of your game statistics than others;" which may or may not happen and not what I really think anyone (other than WG) really needs. Additionally the same policy gives WG very broad rights in "sharing" anonymous information. So nothing in the current Privacy Policy or TOS/EULA would prevent WG from sharing information on discipline in an anonymous fashion
  5. PirateQM

    Bad Behavior in Co-op

    @Hapa_Fodder I'd love to see a "Good Order & Discipline" type of post highlighting numbers but not actually naming and shaming. .. i.e. WG: received: # reports, issued: # perma-bans, # Temp bans, etc. and what they were for. It would be extremely informative for those in the community who are concerned for the health of the game and provide the sought after transparency without "outing" specific people.
  6. PirateQM

    Alright Squids, test time!

    Correct; for all US vessels the format should be in the order above and start the sequence over with (1) Flag 3 following (65) Ans if more are needed. The intent is that is conveys no message. That being said, back when I was involved in setting these up, we would often not follow policy and hide messages in the rainbow like "F**K ARMY" etc.
  7. PirateQM

    Alright Squids, test time!

    It does not meet the Navy requirement as outlined in NTP 13 for "Rainbow Colors" the approved sequence of which is: (1) Flag 3 (2) Flag 4 (3) Pennant 1 (4) Sierra (5) 1st Sub (6) Alfa (7) Prep (8) Charlie (9) Mike (10) Speed (11) Juliett (12) Pennant 5 (13) Romeo (14) Pennant 9 (15) Zulu (16) Corpen (17) Flag 8 (18) Uniform (19) Flag 6 (20) Xray (21) Negat (22) Flag 2 (23) Port (24) November (25) Pennant 2 (26) Tango (27) 2nd Sub (28) Bravo (29) Delta (30) Turn (31) Flag 5 (32) Station (33) Kilo (34) Pennant 6 (35) Whiskey (36) Pennant 0 (37) Flag 1 (38) Oscar (39) 3rd Sub (40) Hotel (41) Echo (42) Emerg (43) Lima (44) Pennant 7 (45) Flag 0 (46) Int (47) Div (48) Pennant 4 (49) Flag 9 (50) 4th Sub (51) Papa (52) Form (53) Victor (54) Golf (55) Starboard (56) India (57) Foxtrot (58) Quebec (59) Pennant 8 (60) Yankee (61) Desig (62) Flag 7 (63) Pennant 3 (64) Squad (65) Ans Got to play Quartermaster again, yeah!
  8. PirateQM

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Good Luck in your future endeavors!
  9. PirateQM

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Just acquired the Personal Assignment while watching Femennenly's Twitch Stream. But unfortunately it seems as though the Personal Assignment "Fight with Us: Week 1" is bugged. It has only counted once toward completion of the mission. I've been sitting stuck at Stage 2/5 even though repeatedly exceeding 1300 base XP. Please fix, Thanks.