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  1. CIT_Happens

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    Oh yeah...I'm all for that too.
  2. CIT_Happens

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    When my head stops spinning from all the info I looked at that was useless & WG finally gets the advertised data reflected correctly, something else will crap crop up to give me another headache. The only sure fix is to just play with what they give you, NOT what they say they've given you. But thanks for the effort Mouse...I did find a moment of clarity amid all the WG propaganda. Now I've got to go lie down...
  3. CIT_Happens

    Favorite snack to eat while playing WOWS?

    DEFINATELY coffee....and I gotta have something sweet & chocolatey (doughnuts are always good) to go with it...Funny Bones though are my favorite (wish they would someday make them with bacon baked in too).
  4. CIT_Happens

    Worst design flaw you can think of?

    The "top-heavy" design of the Original Atlanta Class cruisers which caused the ships to pitch and roll violently enough that subsequent 'sub-classes' like the Oakland Class were extensively altered to make them more stable & sea-worthy. (I stuck with the WW II era for arguments sake as it relates to in-game ships) <<< USS Atlanta at Iron-bottom Sound today. This IS NOT the result of any design flaw, unless thin armor vs. enemy torpedoes & friendly fire counts. This is actually the result of battle at Guadalcanal, November 13, 1942.
  5. CIT_Happens

    Prince of Wales and Repulse--where are they??

    I just heard from a friend that HMS Dreadnaught is coming to Tier 3 soon.
  6. CIT_Happens

    Why did Ships of the Line have windows in the stern?

    But as the very 1st post shows...Nelson's ship survived.
  7. CIT_Happens

    Why did Ships of the Line have windows in the stern?

    Which makes the shot that killed ADM Nelson all the more incredible ! Throughout history most believed it to be a "lucky shot" as the historical eyewitness accounts were in agreement that the 'sharpshooter' was high up in the Redoutable's rigging at a range of about 50 feet, and as stated above the accuracy of a musket was abysmal even with solid ground as a platform, from the rigging of a ship at sea, in the course of battle 50 feet must have seemed more like 50 yards but the shot found the mark. Only recently had anyone ever tried & succeeded to recreate the shot when a marksman skilled in the use of muskets was sent aloft on a hydraulic lift and almost unbelievably hit a mannequin in very nearly the exact spot where Nelson had been struck (done for the Smithsonian or the BBC or History Channel...or some such interested organization) proving that it was not luck at all but rather the skill of the shooter (ok maybe a little luck too) that ended Horatio Nelson's life at Trafalgar.
  8. CIT_Happens

    Why did Ships of the Line have windows in the stern?

    Wonder how long it would have taken USS Ronald Reagan to turn the "HMS Rose / Surprise" into HMS Driftwood ? I mean, doesn't it look like that little sailboat is at full-sail RAMMING SPEED !!! And flying an American Flag too...sneaky SOB.
  9. Lucky you. But you put your finger on the problem, there should be no "just got lucky" with ship mechanics. https://navygamingamerica.enjin.com
  10. Taking your Tall Ship logo into account...thought you might like this.

    Old Ironsides sailing under her own power as she is being turned around to weather port & starboard equally (a yearly event).




      Thanks! Its great that she has been kept so well, Living history.

      Ah my avatar HMS Victory.

    2. CIT_Happens


      Another great example of Living History ! Watched a documentary recently about Admiral Nelson & HMS Victory...Wish I could get to Great Britain to actually see her & the Mary Rose. At least being from Boston, MA. I get to see Constitution on a fairly regular basis (even from across the harbor she is impressive).

      Oh, and you are entirely welcome. I just thought the pic. was something you might enjoy.

  11. CIT_Happens

    More Reality

    The only problem would be to find a competitor willing to scuttle the Spee instead of fighting it out.
  12. CIT_Happens

    THOSE players...

    I once somehow drew the wrath of a poster who insisted there was a difference between "enjoyment" and "fun"...odd thing was that I agreed with him about (dare I say it differently) 'having a good time' when I used the words "having fun"...he much preferred the phrase "for the sheer enjoyment" and was willing to go to the mattresses over the distinction : ) Maybe I should not have posted - "What's another word for Thesaurus?" - Steven Wright
  13. CIT_Happens

    Bye Bye Colorado !

    Nah...I only use emos when I am tired...Now after three cups I probably won't use another one the rest of the day … ok, ONE Last One.
  14. CIT_Happens

    Bye Bye Colorado !

    Could be I am just remembering the 'Good Times' in my Colorado, and maybe I shouldn't jinx myself or tip-off the Match-makers BUT (at least lately) it seems when I take the Colorado out of the stable I am fighting as a Top Tier ship as opposed to using the Bismarck where I am most often the Bottom Tier ship in the battle... And even in the Colorado I would rather be a Top Tier than Bottom Tier in anything in the German BB Line (except Scharnhorst from what I see others doing with it). Maybe its the WoWS way of 'making amends' to the Colorado drivers, who knows, but at least she is given a fighting chance at Top & Mid Tier placement. Her shortcomings have been well documented throughout this thread and I will admit that with anything less than a 17 pt. Captain she under-performs BUT now that I have a 19-pointer she does OK for me (combined with the Match-making thing) in most engagements with ships of her equal tier (except for that pesky Nagato). The biggest problem is speed & maneuverability which turns the Colorado into a flaming, flooding wreck in any battles with CVs (Captain skills & human driver capability of course a factor) once the planes show up and start dropping ordinance on & around her. A Bob-N-Weave fighter she is not! All in all, I sort of like the Colorado (though I am learning to like the Nagato more) especially as a break from Tier 10 battles. She's a thinking-mans ship that takes a lot of on-the-fly planning to operate effectively and, I enjoy that. I just wish I could it better. PS Please forgive the excessive use of emoticons...I am still on my first cup of coffee this 'morning'.
  15. CIT_Happens

    Arizona Memorial closed indefinately for safety

    Now THAT is where 'cost cutting' expenditures may have first come into play...and continued to do so again & again & again. Maybe in the beginning the gobs of oil ballooning to the surface was considered 'poignant'. Maybe there was & still is a reluctance to encroach in any way on the final resting place of so many honorable men in any way. But honestly, if the Brits can raise the Mary Rose and the Swedes could do the same with the Vasa (both recovered turned into museums at great cost) then the United States should be at the very least be exploring the possibility for the USS Arizona. All three have significant historical value to the countries they sailed for and, putting a dollar figure on your history is a tricky and perhaps foolish thing to do. In the long view, I believe the task of raising the Arizona would one day (generations from now) pay for itself BUT at least it would still be available for those generations to marvel at & learn from. “It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work.”