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  1. CIT_Happens

    Original Outlaws Recruiting

  2. CIT_Happens

    Original Outlaws Recruiting

    Have high hopes we can accomplish something special.
  3. CIT_Happens

    The OGRES Are Back - Meaner & Greener Than Ever

    Thanks for the props. Let's keep in touch. Thin-skinned, sensitive wolves sometimes need Sheep to division with too! CIT ps Being schizophrenic means never having to play alone !!!
  4. CIT_Happens

    The OGRES Are Back - Meaner & Greener Than Ever

    Visit Us @ https://discord.gg/A8vXRcN And We'll Provide The FUN !!
  5. CIT_Happens

    Original Outlaws Recruiting

    PS 'Cousin' CIT...You can keep the patriotic avatar. I've already found another. Besides, you earned it. GG
  6. CIT_Happens

    Original Outlaws Recruiting

    After meeting the Commander of the Original Outlaws I was impressed with his "out of the box" thinking that above all else having fun playing the game is what really counts. I had almost forgotten how to have fun at this game until I played a few in some lower tiers trying to teach baby seals how not to get clubbed!!! Had a Blast, TUFF977. TY
  7. CIT_Happens

    The OGRES Are Back - Meaner & Greener Than Ever

    BUT If you are a thin-skinned, sensitive, type... OR A Student of Drama Then this is probably not the Clan for you ! All Others Who Think They Have What It Takes To Be Part of The Original & Real OGRES SHOULD Visit Our Discord @ https://discord.gg/A8vXRcN
  8. CIT_Happens

    Original Outlaws Recruiting

    Good Luck in your endeavors. Or you could join
  9. CIT_Happens

    The RNG Family is Looking for new members

    What is the turnover rate ? What is the AVERAGE length of service of your members ?
  10. CIT_Happens


    lungiwear - THAT is a common factor in many a clan.
  11. I Just Want To Appeal To Your Sense of Humanity...Please, Kindly Remove That Post Where I Get Bulls-eyed In The Crotch with that Board !!! It REALLY, REALLY HURT & It's Not Funny. Actually it's Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
  12. CIT_Happens

    Original Outlaws Recruiting

    If you like the World of Warships...You'll like us!
  13. CIT_Happens

    Clan leader is gone for 658 d's

    Sounds Like One Man Has Left Already...BUT after some seriously non-careful consideration my advice would be to convene a 'Council' of the MANY "MasterBlasters" floating around the Warships Community and see what they have to say about this. Actually...Good Luck finding a solution for the Clan's sake.
  14. https://discord.gg/grXNuwg