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  1. This new WGC launcher, worries me. Last time I tried it out, and my reward was being unable to access ANY of the wargaming games for a couple of days, then a computer crash. These WG goofs cost me over $200 us to get my computer up and running again. Anyone at WG want to assure me they're not going to wreck my computer again? I'll be frank, I'm not investing in new equipment for these games, and I'm certainly not going to have WG destroy another computer. Oh, and make it abundantly clear if it will only work with a very few OS. Honestly, given the trouble you caused last time, I may just move on, especially since WoW still allows some older accounts to have cv options to fly far more fighters, bombers or torp bombers. You have other issues that need to be fixed, instead of fixing what isn't broke. I think I may just switch over to someone else's game. Less hassle, less pain in the rear view... and if this is the same cr_p as last time, less cost to recover what WG destroyed.