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  1. Just like the title says can the Deepwater Torpedo's be disabled and regular torpedos be used in their place?? Nothing is mentioned about that.
  2. At least we can test run some new British DD that are in the PADD line. I like that USA Sumner Class DD. I'll probably paint the US ships in the line Sea Blue Gray, and the British PADD's in a British Dark gray. Maybe check out a MOD to change the Names and Flags To British and USA...etc
  3. I guess you can say WG spoiled us when they put all those ships in Super Containers when they first came out. When they slim down the ships people get annoyed as to why they are not getting them anymore, from what I can see. That's just my opinion, everyone else probably has different opinions that's fine.
  4. When they first came out with the super containers I got about 3 or 4 Emden's, a Texas, and a few Itchi's. But I already had them and got Gold doubloons for them. But I did get a few I didn't have.
  5. WG Please put more ships in Super Containers!
  6. WG Please put more ships in Super Containers! OOp's somehow I did a double post, got to the other one for the poll.
  7. What gets me, is the Bunker Hill and Franklin were only used for 2 years, the Franklin about a 1 1/2 years. But the Bunker Hill needed about 2 or 3 million dollars worth of rusted underwater hull plating replaced. That's why they didn't make a museum with it. The Navy did use some of the main engine parts from both of the above CV's to keep the Lexington CV-16 going and the Iowa Class BB's when they were recommissioned.
  8. Forgot to mention some of the CVE's 'Baby flat tops'!
  9. USS Bunker Hill CV-17. My Dad was a plank owner on it. It was the last Essex Class (besides the Franklin CV-13) that were in their original WW2 condition. Also, the Franklin CV-13, Enterprise CV-6, and Pennsylvania BB-38 would be great ships to keep as museums. Well thinking of it all of the main BB's, CL's, (Like Omaha and Marblehead) and CA's, not to mention some of the old 4 stack DD classes would have been nice too.
  10. A British Monarch BB took me out in my Prince Eugene, that was full health, with 1 salvo, didn't even see him!!!
  11. Oh no, I shouldn't have said anything!
  12. I thought the British BB Line was coming out in Patch Anyone know the Status of the British BB line? Best regards, rustydawg
  13. I'm pretty excited about the first 3 low tier ships to see how they do against the other low tier BB's. I like the look of the early 1900's ships.
  14. I'm 3/4 of the way done with the slightly weathered version. That one will go up first. The fresh out of dry dock look will take longer. I'm sure I'll find a photo service.