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  1. Bump to the top
  2. Thanks, alexf24, forgot about that.
  3. Like the title says. I have 8 Duplicates and can't figure how to cash them in for more collectibles.
  4. It looks like Pigeon fixed it. Thank You, Pigeon!
  5. I guess I'll just have to check the Premium shop every day.
  6. Like the title says, the little news article about the Gallant coming next week gave a correction that the final sale day is on July 19, but fails to mention when the Gallant will be in the premium shop for sale. Anyone (Mainly WG staff.) out there knows when the sale will START!!!
  7. I'm already 43% downloaded with the old installer in about a hours time. WG put the old installer back in the Game download area, WHY FIX Perfect??? with a broken WG Center?!?!?
  8. I was getting a lot of lag with my old launcher I had auto update checked. I'm reinstalling the game using the internet WOWS exe. posted above> I had the New Wg center going and it took 24 hours to just get 49% of the game (WOWS) downloaded. Got rid of the WG Center. Now the game is 42% downloaded in about 1 hr, much better. I'll uncheck the auto update.
  9. Had to clean out the drive where I had My game installed, Got forced into using the new Installer. Started the download of WOWS-NA at 0500 yesterday and by 0500 this morning it was only 50% done. Pretty slow in my opinion. Did find a WOWS Internet download in support and am downloading that now it seems like the old one we use to have. Forum article to bypass new installer: I can't believe that WG would put out a bad installer program like the new one. I bet a lot of people give up downloading and playing the game because of it.
  10. Bump to top
  11. Had a car hit the power pole in front of my house and took out the electric power for around an hour until a new pole was put in. I was in the middle of a game.
  12. There are many times when I'm on a team and we wipe out the whole opposite team in 7 minutes or less and I come out toward the middle of the list, then the next game I'm on the team that gets wiped out in 5 minutes or less. And I'm number 1 on the losing team that gets wiped out and only got 6 or 7 hits on the enemy ships with my DD!!! Now, how bad is that team?
  13. A Corgi Captain was in a Cleveland as was I. The Corgi was right behind me, and the enemy team thought I was the Corgi and Plastered me, as I was sinking the Corgi still had over half health left, but the red team was already pouncing on him...LOL
  14. Was in a British Cruiser one day, I believe a Leander or one tier below, shot at a BB with around 35 hits and did 0 (ZERO) damage!!! I know your PAIN!
  15. Well, hopefully, I'll win it in a Super Crate someday. I went up against an Albany in my Chester and he sunk me with 2 salvo's, I was full health, he was 1/2 health and I barely fased him with 20 or so rounds!!!