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  1. It's awesome that you can change the whole ship like you did with the Yamato and Midway. Is there a way you can extract the WG Ship and just modify its templates? I was looking at some of the modified Clemson's in WW 2, Most of them just had a 1 or 2 stacks and boilers removed and some structure added and the main mast and stacks cut down, and most if not all of the torpedo tubes removed, and the 4" guns replaced with 3" All purpose guns and 40 MM and 20mm guns. I would like to see maybe 5"38 rapid fire all-purpose guns replacing the 4" guns and a couple of 40mm and 20mm added with long-range torpedos (9.2km). But I suppose WG would have to do the armament. I would be happy with the Clemson B hull being modified with the modern anchor like the Truxton only! I suppose you have to use something like 3dMax to change the templates and compile them. I was thinking about sending a ticket to WG and request a Modified Clemson like I mentioned above. Best regards and keep up the good work. rustydawg
  2. Never mind I found the Read Me file.
  3. Also forgot to tell you it looks great. And How did you do this? I was thinking of a Modified Clemson Class DD would be nice. But mainly of a WW2 type of Mod. The USS Truxton DD 229 has A modern stockless anchor in a houser like the Fletcher DD's. Here's a link to it: http://www.navsource.org/archives/05/229.htm The Truxton was the ONLY Clemson Class DD to be modified like this when it was built. On the pictures take note of how clean the bow is, no broken hull lines like the Clemson's with the stock type anchors My request. Could you maybe modify a Clemson to have the anchor like the Truxton, and maybe make a new shield for the forward gun on the Bow and modernize the superstructure and the stacks to look like something they would've done in WW2? Like instead of 4 stacks have 2 wider and lower ones like the Fletcher. And maybe a lower and modern main mast with radar on it. The Forward gun on the bow I'm talking about is the twin 4" gun option. in the game, only the Twin 4" on the bow has a shield. The rest of them are open. Best regards, rustydawg
  4. Where and how do you install this?
  5. Just installed the Iron Duke Skins. They look great, thanks for the work you did on it. I like the way you added raised Iron Duke to The N-file. bump map.
  6. I had this mod in my game, as soon as I unlocked the Yamatos Camo for battleships it froze my game up. it was the 6.9.0, So it needs to be updated to because of the Yamato skins. Aslain has his Camo remover updated to 6.10.0.
  7. A British Monarch BB took me out in my Prince Eugene, that was full health, with 1 salvo, didn't even see him!!!
  8. zFireWyvern, could you please send me one of your PSD files So I can see how you set your layers up. Your process looks better than mine! I have Gimp but I also have Adobe Photoshop CS3 (if I can get it to work on Windows 10) and Paint shop pro X with X2 expansion. Some things are similar to Adobe in it. Best regards rustydawg
  9. I took a color sample from your Orion's Hull and bucket filled the Iron Duke Hull with that color and used Hardlight so I can see the Portholes...etc, But it comes out a smidgeon lighter with a slight green tint than the guns and Orion's skin. Thank you for the Iron Duke Skin.
  10. What do you use for painting skins. I use Gimp. If you use another program line paint shop pro or something would the Hex number be the same for the dark gray? The USN did take some Clemson class DD's and really updated them. One even had the old navy stock anchors replaced with Navy stockless in their own howser like a Fletcher, and the 4" guns were replaced with 5"25 in single open mounts. And twenty mm and twin 40mm where they could put them. and torpedo tubes were updated. Be nice if they made that for the game. Seen it magazine years ago and can't remember the name of the DD.
  11. That looks much better. I wonder why WG changed it if it looked like that until it was scrapped?
  12. Sounds good. So the single funnel is not real. I thought something looked fishy.
  13. I really love the Bellerophon and Orion skins. The Iron Duke has the same main guns as Orion, are you going to do the same paint scheme for the Iron Duke as the Orion? Would be great if you do! Keep up the good work, I have a lot of your skins. Best regards, rustydawg
  14. Oh no, I shouldn't have said anything!