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  1. rustydawg

    One thing to change on new BBs

    I sunk a full strength Minnesota last night in COOP at close range, around 4.3 to 3.0 kms with the Boise. He got 1 salvo on me, 7 hits, around 32,000 damage, but I healed. in the 40 seconds reload time I took him down to a few thousand points with 100 rounds from my maine AP and around 75 rounds with secondaries shooting HE and starting numerous fires. He was real low on points and I finished him off with 1 good salvo from my mains. All in around a minute. I would put up the replay track if I knew how. Oh and I think I was the only ship shooting at him!
  2. I'll just pine away at the collection, I already have 6 of 16 completed!
  3. Hopefully I can get the collections done to get the Oklahoma for free. Those 40 second reloads are the pits!!! They should be around 34 to 35 seconds for the reloads!
  4. Just like the title says, When?
  5. Depends on on the type of gun directors. The USS Washington did pretty good against a Japanese BB. And look what the Bismarck done to the Hood. But the majority were 1 digit hit percentage points. But i'm sure that 1% hit average did tremendous damage compared to this game!
  6. rustydawg

    Missing res_mods folder in 9.6.0!!!~Solved

    Aslains mods work, they go in the correct folder.
  7. rustydawg

    Missing res_mods folder in 9.6.0!!!~Solved

    Solved~ Put the new skins in the above mentioned folder and my skins show up. I'm going to try Aslain's mods now and see if that works , I'll post when it's done and if it works.
  8. rustydawg

    Missing res_mods folder in 9.6.0!!!~Solved

    I found the new res_mods folder in the bin\2666186\res_mods. I'll try to put some my skins in and see if it works. Thank you, Klaus_Conqueror I would have never found it. Best regards, rustydawg
  9. Missing the res_mods folder in 9.6.0, so I put in a new one and it does not work! Anyone else having the problem with no res_Mods folder? Edit...res_mods is now in \bin\2666186\res_mods Big thanks to Klaus_Conqueror!
  10. rustydawg

    WG doesn't care

    Some of the Japanese DD's had one reload of torps in those rectangle boxes by the tubes.
  11. Have a realistic number of torpedo's for destroyers and cruisers like their real life versions, and fire one at a time like the British ships. And for the torpedo aiming have a realistic sight like the WW 2 ships had instead of the gray and green lines. Edit... Just checked online and found WW 2 Destroyers and earlier just had torpedo's in the tubes and no reloads. If you had 4 tubes total that's all the torps you had. I checked the blueprints for Fletchers and they didn't have torpedo magazines from what I could see. A few of the Japnese and russian DD's caried reloads. Usually around 6 For japanese to 10 Torps for the Russians. They were in containers on the deck by the tubes. The Shimakaze didn't have reloads!
  12. USS Bunker Hill CV-17 USS Pennsylvania 44-45 version Anyone of the Omaha class 44-45 version A Clemson class set up as a tier 5 a 44-45 version
  13. rustydawg

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    I wonder what the fair price would be for the PR in the Premium Shop, for the base ship with 3 point captain?
  14. Zero "0" people playing for free will get this ship! A Unicom with a tag team couldn't complete this crazy Dockyard idea! The only ones who will get it are the people who pay the 24,000 doubloons + the 35,000 doubloon option. Or $240.00 cash equivalent! It seems that what WG plan is on this one.
  15. rustydawg

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    WG's best move would be to SCRAP the Dockyard and put the PR in the Premium shop tomorrow, with the mini patch, for $77.20 like the USS Alaska with a 50% discount for the angst it caused. I would be very surprised if even 1 person does the dockyard grind!!! Just the gold requirement is around $20.00 more than the ship is worth, plus add all the flags and camo you have to buy to get it finished....etc!