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  1. [] Tanz's Shipyard

    I hope they get the problem ironed out for the disappearing skin sites. Most of my skins are from Tanz, zFireWvern, and Starslayer.
  2. [] Tanz's Shipyard

    zFireWyvern what happened to your skin workshop? It seems to be GONE! Hope everything is OK.
  3. Good night to all

    The same to you, Merry Christmas and happy new year.
  4. Ships Horn

    I hope the ho-ho sound gets taken off after the holidays!
  5. Check your EMAIL!

    Same for me, I redeemed the codes for WoT and received a Tier 3-T-7 Tank Car, and World of Warplanes received a YP-29 Fighter. But after I left the WoT and WoWP games I logged into my WoWS game and received 3 days of Premium, but No Albany, I have one already but didn't get the gold for it!
  6. Maybe if enough people complained about the Nerfed Duke of York, WoWS might at least buff it to about equal to the KG5! There will probably have to be a lot of complaining in regards to the Alabama fiasco!!!
  7. Your posting about the British flags is the first time I found out about the Aussie ships and Canadian ship flying the flags in the manner you posted. And the Candian flag the ships had hoisted in WW2 was a surprise to me also, I always thought they had the red leaf and white background like they do now. Must have been sleeping in 4th grade when we learned all this about the flags of other countries...LOL Like I said it would be nice if WoWs did this with the Commonwealth ships.
  8. I mentioned the Flag issue because some people were upset about the Vampire and Perth didn't have the Aussie flag flying from their yard arm. it would be nice if WoWS added the country flags to the flags addition in the game, so people can add them to the ships like Mofton said they did. And NO, I wasn't trying to bait people.
  9. I wonder if the Haida will fly the Canadian flag or the British flag like the Perth and Vampire do, even though the Perth and Vampire have their own tree.
  10. It would be nice if there was a key to hit and explore the ports close up, like in the game when you hit shift and then use WSAD to look around the map or look at enemy ships close up.
  11. Glad to see you guys got the game working, those problems can be really nerve-racking sometimes! Looking forward to the next Patch...LOL Well....back to the grind for the Vampire!!!
  12. Solved My problem. It was the Nvidia Graphic drivers corrupted with three different sets and versions. Once I cleaned every bit of the old drivers out and installed the new Nvidia 388.43 drivers the game works perfectly now.
  13. That's basically what I've been getting. But I finally solved the problem. It was my Graphic drivers. Somehow I had 3 different graphics drivers in the Nvidia folder. I used Revo uninstaller to get rid of the 388.13 drivers, then when I rebooted the 383 drivers show up when I uninstall them the 381 drivers show up. So I ran the game with the 381 drivers and it worked. But I'm going to uninstall them and put the new 388.43 drivers after I make sure all Nvidia folders are gone. Get back later and let you know how it goes with the 383.43 drivers.
  14. The deleting of the "Preference.xml" didn't work, so the next thing is drivers for my Nvidia GTX 750 Ti graphics card, it's out of date. I have a 381.65 in it now the new one is 388.43, The next thing is a ticket to Support if the drivers don't work. And if they can't help I'll do what Snargfargle said to do.
  15. Thank you for that Info. That will be the next thing on the list. I think I had to Re-install the game before after a patch update. I was checking the forum and some suggest that you can remove the "Preferences.xml" and the game will make afresh one, But I'll back it up first. Be back in few and do a few things and let you know what happens.