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  1. My Notifications said 4 people reacted to this topic, where are they???
  2. I compared the Charleston to St Louis. The Charleston in the game does not have any cranes on the boat deck like the below picture. Looks like the Charleston just kept the aft cranes and got rid of the forward cranes, around 1916 or so. St Louis Had 4 cranes. Also, notice on the bow the old Kedge Anchor is gone!
  3. rustydawg

    Old, outdated and ugly models.

    I was in the USN on the USS Voge (FF-1047) when the pictured British carrier pulled into Mayport for a week before the war and came back again after the Falklands war. It was rusted like that each time they came to our port, but within 3 days the crew ( The Bos'n mates) had it looking pristine, no rust anywhere. and the water line was squared away.
  4. Talking about paper ships...Make a modernized Arizona with a superstructure and AA and secondaries like the WV44. And a 28 second reload on the main guns, and a few knots faster. Perhaps even graft a clipper bow on it. the way WoWs has been making all these Holloween ships, the paper model Arizona would be childsplay...LOL
  5. Is there going to be a new Extended Tech Tree in 0.7.11?
  6. rustydawg

    New Bonus Code

    I got a Tank!
  7. I tried that didn't find what I needed, I need an Exporter, the WOT tank Exporter use to work for WoWs, but the new one doesn't!
  8. I need a way to find the files for each ship like: USA/misc: MP_AM208_Hatch ...example. This was in the Mahans Main file from the XML's I think. How do you extract them? Seems like I had to have a special reader to get into these files. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance, rustydawg
  9. rustydawg

    How fixed my game stutter problem and low FPS!!!

    Maybe I should fix the title...LOL
  10. I have a Geforce 750ti Video card. I set the drivers back to around March 2018 which are the 391.35 drivers. That took out the stutters and my frame rate is back up at 75fps and smooth. It was between 15 and 25 fps with the latest 411.70 drivers, and really rubber banding bad. I hope that helps for some of you having the same problem.
  11. rustydawg

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    Thought I did something wrong.
  12. rustydawg

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    Yeah, a division of three or four hiding, the combined torps could sink a BB. I hope someone from WoWs is reading these, they might get some ideas.
  13. rustydawg

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    Your right!