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  1. The Hill is a paper ship, designed around the late '20s early '30s. It has 5 each 5"/38 main guns and three torpedo tubes I believe three torps per tube. The Hull is a modified Clemson and the superstructure is a combo of a Clemson and Nicholas.
  2. rustydawg

    How do you exchange steel for coal?

    You're all right, I will keep the steel for a future steel ship. Just a passing crazy idea to trade it for coal....LOL
  3. rustydawg


    Back in WW2, a US Cruiser lost it's bow when the Captain decided to anchor in the bay during a typhoon, instead of getting underway and ride out the storm in the open ocean.
  4. rustydawg

    How do you exchange steel for coal?

    I was thinking of using some steel for the Georgia if I needed to, but that's a long way off.
  5. rustydawg

    How do you exchange steel for coal?

    Thanks for the reply. I figured it was something like that.
  6. I tried everything to try to exchange my steel for coal. Can anyone please tell me how to do to it? Thank you in advance. rustydawg
  7. rustydawg

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    Sometimes you can get a devastating strike with 1 torp on a CL, so a single would work in that situation. If it took 2 single to sink you would not get a devastating strike.
  8. rustydawg

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    Remember to turn off the single fire on your torps. A devastating strike won't count on single fire, you have to have the wide group for a torp strike to count on both CL's and DD's. Found this out the hard way when in the Cossack I hit and sunk a full health BB with 4 torps on single fire and it didn't give me a Devastating strike achievement! By the way, it took me over 60 missions and 2 days to get 7 achievements!!!! And the day before I got to the 7 part achievement mission, I got 8 achievements in 1 game in the KGV!
  9. rustydawg

    Trying to get Exeter but no CVs around

    When I'm done with my quota for daily grinds I play a few carriers just to watch all my planes get shot down by AAA before I can drop any ordinance. I say to myself, Well I'm probably helping someone get their quota of planes for the Exeter or Fly and strike grinds...LOL But somehow with the Enterprise, I got around 24,000 damage XP in one game!!! Then with the next game in Kaga, I just made 1 missile volley hit on a BB with 7 missiles and made 970 damage XP. All my planes were eaten up by AAA before I even got to the target. Oh in the Kaga game I had a big Negative on credits earned, like -48,000 credits. That's why nobody plays CV's!!!
  10. Have the planes go in and attack 1 at a time just like in real life. Or in single file at 1-meter distance. Check out gun cam footage of WW2 most attacks are one plane at a time with others right behind.
  11. I notice something wrong with all the ships. The list would be about a page or so long...LOL. Example 1: The A hull Essex has the anchors hanging at the wrong angle they should be the same as the B hull. Example 2: Most American ships would have netting around the lower cable of the railing so people won't get washed overboard under the bottom part of the railing! Example 3: All ships would have zinc bars on the bottom of the hull and rudder to prevent galvanic corrosion. I could go on and on. The 2 front stack covers are on cold boilers in those engine rooms. They cover the stacks to keep rainwater and maybe critters like birds out.
  12. I believe if the Arizona survived Pearl Harbor it would have been different than the Pennsylvania. The West Virginia and California were different after modernization (not by much). If anything the bridge area would have probably been different with the tripod mast removed and a late war West Virginia tower in it's place. They could have the late war Penny too! Just my thoughts.
  13. My Notifications said 4 people reacted to this topic, where are they???
  14. I compared the Charleston to St Louis. The Charleston in the game does not have any cranes on the boat deck like the below picture. Looks like the Charleston just kept the aft cranes and got rid of the forward cranes, around 1916 or so. St Louis Had 4 cranes. Also, notice on the bow the old Kedge Anchor is gone!