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  1. Monaghan

    Bought a little over 20 of the Freedom crates and didn't get one ship mission. I'm not buying anymore unless I need the flags!
  2. Next Round of Premiums

    Did anyone from WG name the ships that will be coming up next week? I wouldn't mind having the ArkB, for my collection.
  3. I feel sorry for that Gearing I lit up with radar, I pounded him as did a few others he maybe got 5 shots off before he was deleted!
  4. They seem to sink me first, doesn't matter where I'm at, in the front, way in the back or behind an Island, or the middle of the pack. Doesn't matter what ship I'm in either!
  5. The major thing that most people don't like about T-10 is this- I played the Des Moines in the Public test, radar worked great. I did 95,000 damage and still had Negative credits!!! How much Damage must one do in T-10 to get Positive credits on the books?
  6. Cherry Blossom Operation

    Would be nice if the Bunker Hill had Sea Blue Gray Camo (MS-21) and a 17 on the flight deck to add to the emersion. Did they have the Lexington for the repair ship? If so maybe a different carrier like the Independence because Lex was Sunk by then. Just my 2 cents worth.
  7. It would be worse than a cargo ship with 2 of the 5/38 inch guns. A cargo ship could take more punishment.
  8. Maybe tier 2 at least.
  9. Is the trailer for the HMS M33 mean the possibility of it being in the game someday, as a tier 1 perhaps? Thoughts. The trailer: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/naval-legends-m33-trailer/
  10. It's in a Pan American folder in the un-packed 7.4.1 content folder. So it looks like the start of a South America line. The Savannah or Honolulu sounds great for the American line too!
  11. I have the latest extended tech tree and the only new USN Cruiser is the Buffalo and the others that are in the game renamed for the testers. I also download the latest content folder with each patch and check out all the new ships in the textures files. I already did a new skin for the Buffalo repainted and cleaned in Navy Blue Gray, looks great.
  12. I suppose when we see the Dallas and other add-ons CL's and CA's in either one of those updates extended trees we know it will be soon then. I hope it's in the 0.7.4 update! But I may survive until the 0.7.5 update... LOL.
  13. I have plenty of XP and credits for most of the add-on Cruisers like Dallas...etc. Does anyone know when this split will happen? Waiting patiently! rustydawg
  14. Tier 6 Dallas

    Can't wait to see how the Dallas does against the Omaha. The last 2 Brooklyn Class cruisers had 4x2 twin turrets 5" 38 cal ( they were the prewar type mounts rounded off at the corners, basically a fattened up single mount.) they were called St- Louis Class modified Brooklyn class. They were CL-49 St Louis and CL-50 Helena. Here's the Navsource info on them: http://www.navsource.org/archives/04/049/04049.htm
  15. I don't know why WOWs couldn't just replace Seagal with a generic captain, would have been easier. In case you didn't notice I colorized that picture of Don Winslow. I cropped him from a B&W picture of him flying an airplane with a pretty lady sitting to his right. You can see part of the yoke in his left hand. I also renamed the Lex to Saratoga and the Essex to Bunker Hill. My dad was on the Bunker Hill in WW2. When it was attacked on May 11, 1945, he was about 75 feet from the blast that blew a fifty-foot hole in the middle of the flight deck. He was about 10 feet from the forward gun mount on the flight deck, his battle station. The blast sent him flying 15 feet through the air and he landed flat on his back. He got the wind knocked out of him, but he was one of the few guys that stood back up, the rest were dead or badly wounded. He felt the heat from a big piece of metal whiz by his head, plus a lot of wood from the flight deck just missed him. Well, I could go on for a few pages about it, so I'll stop here.