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  1. rustydawg

    Doubloons in SC

    The General topics archive . go to the top of the general archives and go back a few years, or you might find it in search. I'll see if I can find it. Get back to you all in a little while. It's in he 2016 to 2017 time line!
  2. rustydawg

    Doubloons in SC

    It's in the archives. But I could be wrong it could of been 15,000. I remember having about 120,000 in short time. had enough doubloons to go to t-10 in the American line. and pretty high in the Brit and German line.
  3. rustydawg

    Doubloons in SC

    They used to put 30,000 doubloons out in SC when they first came out. One guy complained about how he didn't like it and they dropped it down to 5,000 doubloons, because of one guys complaint!!! Also they gave out 300 flags of all kinds, that stopped to!
  4. There is a lot of crazy weather storms brewing across the country, that could be the cause of many drops.
  5. rustydawg

    Aslain's Mod format change~SOLVED

    That's what it ended up being for me after I pressed the KEEP box and it finished the download.
  6. rustydawg

    Aslain's Mod format change~SOLVED

    How did you get it to work. Solved above on first post!
  7. rustydawg

    Aslain's Mod format change~SOLVED

    The 01 update is out and I'm having the same problem. It comes in a acrobat download that does not work!
  8. Has anyone had problems opening Aslain's mods with his new download format? SOLVED~Had to press keep in the little notice window about a changed format (acrobat), then it finished downloading!
  9. Like the title says, I thought it was to drop when 11.3 came.
  10. rustydawg

    USN second tech tree destroyer line

    I wonder if they could of made a Clemson with faster reloads on the guns and longer range torps and updated AA for a T-5. That would been more realistic than a Nicholas and Hill paper ships! Here's a example of a rare Clemson class USS Truxton DD-229: http://www.navsource.org/archives/05/229.htm Notice the anchor, it's the only Clemson class with modern stockless anchors. That could of been used for a hopped up T-5 as described above.
  11. rustydawg

    USN second tech tree destroyer line

    Here's the NavSource list of the gun destroyers they had since the turn of the century: https://www.navsource.org/archives/05idx.htm Check out the ships we have in the game like the Smith DD-17, Wickes DD-75, Clemson DD-186....etc. Then check some that came out right before the like the class before the Wickes, which was the Caldwell DD-69 class. Similar but different. The USN went from the Wickes class to the Farragut class. There wasn't really a good candidate for a T-5 so they came up with the Nicholas and Hill. I bet if you studied the classes between the Farragut and Fletcher you may get a good match for a T-5. Here's a article that shows where the Nicholas came from, Scroll down a bit, it's the 1919 Destroyer leader USN: The Hill came from a similar book about Destroyer design. It was a 1920's Destroyer design in the National Archives. The Hill reminds me of a Clemson on steroids'.
  12. rustydawg

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Where can I get these updated downloads of the Hornet, Yorktown and Forrest Sherman? I looked everywhere for them.
  13. rustydawg

    Skin name for the new Yorktown!

    In response to Admiral_Bingo and Nevermore135, I'll make a fictional CV-5 skin as the Yorktown would have looked like if it survived. I like measure 21 Sea Blue gray overall. It will have a 5 on the flight deck like the Enterprise has a 6. They should change the Lexington to Saratoga, and maybe make a 1930's Lex as t-6, but they won't....LOL!