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  1. iBrowEcc0

    Somers auction - it won't cost you a cent, BUT...

    Somers have crap AA. It has a hard time even with fighters. It’s a hard pass for random where every other match have a CV.
  2. iBrowEcc0

    server acting up??

    Server still acting up?
  3. iBrowEcc0

    Bourgogne vs Mecklenberg

    Mecklenburg is not really a secondary ship. For best outcome don’t use a secondary captain on it. Get the Mecklenburg. That’s what you want…but would regret.
  4. iBrowEcc0

    no premium battle pass no NY certificates?

    When does the event start?
  5. iBrowEcc0

    no premium battle pass no NY certificates?

    I misinterpreted I guess because I played a T10 win with 1200 Bxp and got no certificate
  6. No premium battle pass means no reward for playing Tier 10?
  7. iBrowEcc0

    What Gives?

    This is rudimentary knowledge. Welcome to the game.
  8. iBrowEcc0

    New Economy - thanks WG

    I had seldom bothered with mounting permanent camos with tier 8 and below when single use ones were so much better. Now I’m more inclined to purchase the bonus.
  9. The reload is ok considering the reload booster. It’s overpens I’m having trouble with. I have yet to citadels a broadside cruiser.
  10. iBrowEcc0

    Spotter plane change

    There was talk of spotter plane having aerial view and the standard view . Is that change live?
  11. iBrowEcc0

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    scenario 1: damaged 1 ship for 90% of health scenario 2: damaged 2 ships, each for 45% of health my understanding is, all things being equal , scenario 2 will net more xp.
  12. iBrowEcc0

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    Game 1 Haida 15,700 dmg done 9245 59% and 10% for ship sunk New Orleans (A) 29,700 New Orleans (B) 35,000 dmg done 7875 26% of B or 27% of A and 10% for ship sunk Prinz Heinrich (A) 50,500 Prinz Heinrich (B) 56,300 dmg done 13188 23% of B or 26% of A Game 2 Akatsuki (A) 11,600 Akatsuki (B) 13,100 dmg done 8401 64% of B or 72% of A Skåne (A) 12,100 Skåne (B) 13,000 dmg done 2761 21% of B or 23% of A Total percentage - Game 1 was higher and from what I understand, more xp is award for more ships damaged which is game 1 as well. Game 1 I stayed alive for the duration of the match. so more xp Game 2 I died within the first 5 minutes of the match so less xp so does balance of the match factor in how xp is awarded?