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  1. iBrowEcc0

    Getting Gud. Want to get gudder.

    Don't get mad at the grandpas. And this game have jack shiat in game tutorial.
  2. iBrowEcc0

    The Four Rules of Shchors

    It has 16.8k upgraded, one of the better ranges at tier 7. I have success with it as kitting cruisers, It's a CL, get nuke when broadside by almost everything, be always on the move, always maneuvering.
  3. iBrowEcc0

    The Better CV Always Wins!

    People cry about the rocket nerf but my biggest concern playing DD and Cruisers have the spotting. DDs biggest gain is not the rocket nerf itself but rather the by product. The salt from this patch should really be coming from Cruisers and BBs because of the increase CV attention.
  4. I'm sure lot of you encounter this bot already. I have played with this bot with a handful of times since the three days someone alerted me to him. This bot just yolos in. How do I go about reporting him? first screenshot was taken on the 17th, 2nd just now 524 random battles 3 days apart.
  5. iBrowEcc0

    Closer spawn point

    I don't know if you gonna like the unintended consequences. The bot DDs will spot you first, while the DDs won't have the gun range for you, Cruisers and BBs will. And we all know how fast bots can focus someone down. And as people have suggested, DDs are getting a nerf with engagement starting sooner.
  6. iBrowEcc0

    Closer spawn point

    Your hyperbole deserved the sarcasm and it wasn't relevant to my suggestion, test ground or not. And co-op as many would agree is meant for PvE, any testing purpose is secondary. It is not too much, in fact it barely matters. But I and probably most people play games for fun/excitement not to twiddle their fingers for no discernable purpose...that's the opposite. 1 minute per match is not just a minute of my time but 20 percent of a 5 minute match..doing the opposite of my intended time use. all points your brain under the influence of air-conditioning would agree... probably.
  7. iBrowEcc0

    Closer spawn point

    Umm ok, in my games torps load slower than guns and it's not like you can use your guns when during the minute when the bots remain undetected..but if you're so marry to the idea that you can't do without the minute of dead time, I guess more power to you. And for your purpose, the training room maybe better suited.
  8. iBrowEcc0

    Closer spawn point

    That time is just spent yoloing or waiting for bots to yolo in. It's just dead time. There is no need for it. Edit* I don't mean to suggest visible spawn points at the start... Spawn closer so there there is less time twiddling your fingers.
  9. iBrowEcc0

    Closer spawn point

    Explain to me how it is vital for spawns to reflect random when bots just yolos in.
  10. iBrowEcc0

    Closer spawn point

    Does this matter for co-op?
  11. iBrowEcc0

    Closer spawn point

    The spawn point in co-op should be closer. Pretty much everyone and everything yolos in anyway. The first minute more or less is a complete waste time for the players.
  12. iBrowEcc0

    Armory has turned into the premium shop.

    I'm all for being mindful of expenditures in this game. But $4k is probably a less harmful than 40 earned premiums for any able body person, retired or otherwise.
  13. iBrowEcc0

    Look Ma, I did it

    Dude... not out loud.
  14. iBrowEcc0

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    The prospect of RU CVs has been a joke for while, for it to become reality is a blatant FU. I guess someone higher up at WG got their feelings hurt.
  15. iBrowEcc0

    ZF-6 for co-op yes!!!

    I really ... really like it in co-ops. Torch DDs and cruisers with the guns and finish off the BBs with the torps.