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  1. iBrowEcc0

    Spotter plane change

    There was talk of spotter plane having aerial view and the standard view . Is that change live?
  2. iBrowEcc0

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    scenario 1: damaged 1 ship for 90% of health scenario 2: damaged 2 ships, each for 45% of health my understanding is, all things being equal , scenario 2 will net more xp.
  3. iBrowEcc0

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    Game 1 Haida 15,700 dmg done 9245 59% and 10% for ship sunk New Orleans (A) 29,700 New Orleans (B) 35,000 dmg done 7875 26% of B or 27% of A and 10% for ship sunk Prinz Heinrich (A) 50,500 Prinz Heinrich (B) 56,300 dmg done 13188 23% of B or 26% of A Game 2 Akatsuki (A) 11,600 Akatsuki (B) 13,100 dmg done 8401 64% of B or 72% of A Skåne (A) 12,100 Skåne (B) 13,000 dmg done 2761 21% of B or 23% of A Total percentage - Game 1 was higher and from what I understand, more xp is award for more ships damaged which is game 1 as well. Game 1 I stayed alive for the duration of the match. so more xp Game 2 I died within the first 5 minutes of the match so less xp so does balance of the match factor in how xp is awarded?
  4. iBrowEcc0

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    I don't think people understa nd what I'm trying to ascertain .. All things being equal, does steam rolls net less base xp? Both games I am in the same tier 7 DD and did damage to tier 7 ships. The first match I performed better but received 1240 base xp, the second match I did worst but received 1324 base xp. In both matches, I did damage to only to same tier ships. The first match were tiers 5-7 match and was a steam roll, the second match were tiers 7-9 but was fairly even game. I understand the second match was a higher tier game but keep in mind damages done were to same tier ships. I am not convinced steam rolls ( how fairly balance the match) do not factor in the xp awarded...all things being equal.
  5. iBrowEcc0

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    hmmm... maybe the steam roll tilted my perception.
  6. iBrowEcc0

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    I realize there is a lot more left on the table but I'm trying say my performance in in this match warrants more than 1240 base xp. The fact I didn't get say, 1400 base xp is maybe because it happened in a steam roll.
  7. Not a great game but 1240 base xp seems kinda low for 1 cap, 3 defended, 2 sunk and first blood. Does steam roll factor in the xp awarded? The match duration was 7:20.
  8. iBrowEcc0

    RB and superships

    so what's the deal with research bureau and superships ... do they get reset as well and do they have RB points?
  9. iBrowEcc0

    Bots belong in coop

    He was an infamous botter in random. I’m just glad he boys in coop now.
  10. iBrowEcc0

    Bots belong in coop

    I was off message. Can you guys spot the worst performing bot?
  11. iBrowEcc0

    Bots belong in coop

    Finally, the bots are where they belong.
  12. iBrowEcc0

    Feedback on Ranked: Part 2!

    Same Liking this rank season.
  13. iBrowEcc0

    I Enjoy Myoko even when die like 99% of the time

    Agree, it’s still a great boat after all these years.