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  1. Have a code for July 4th!

    4.0!!! Well done& many 🙏
  2. Great job! Just got my left hand out of a cast and the wasd hacks are slowly coming back. First 2 ranked battles just tonite, and it felt good to be in that competition. No time left to rank out but there is always next season. Again, congratulations.
  3. 32 19pt captains.

    Congratulations!! I don’t seem to have any and was wondering if I might have just one of yours until I earn one of my own. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Year!
  4. Biggest "Kill on Sight" cruiser

    Belfast and after that creature probably Atlanta. Oh!...forgot, any cruiser I drive.
  5. Not an auspicious start

    I would jump in with both feet were it not for the paucity of experience I have at this tier. Hell, I have but 40 battles in tier 7 and just yesterday grabbed the Charles Martel. I have had a Tirpitz for ages but have not taken it out because my BB performance isn’t great. I will not drag a team down with mediocre play. It isn’t fair to those who depend on equal mutual assistance. So, I will jump in much later after getting more experience. I think that other noobs should heed this advice.
  6. People in ranked are abominable

    I’ll drink to that as well!!
  7. People in ranked are abominable

    Wait a couple of weeks to play in earnest. Things will chill a bit by then
  8. Congrats!!! What a haul😀. I am praying for the Alabama. So far I have been more than satisfied with the goodies I have received for the money spent. Only $30.00 so far but will throw more cash in attempt to catch the tier 8 BB. Good luck everyone and have a happy Xmas
  9. We are all on blended knee. His biggest hurdle is going to be changing the perception of recruits who have seen nothing but mediocrity at NU for nearly 20 years. Gonna take some time. At least Frost is a home grown product with a smash-mouth attitude. Merry Xmas, Ohio.
  10. Duca or De Grasse?

    Get both. D’Aosta is a gas to play, win or lose. I am getting DeGrasse tonight, been waiting for a long time. Tier 6 cruisers are a lot of fun and necessary basic training for the follow on tiers.
  11. Happy Birthday, Buckeyefan, from a long suffering Cornhusker fan.
  12. I am also at twelve and I think I will wait some weeks before attempting to improve on that number. My reluctance to enter the fray immediately rooted in the fact that I have less than 5 random battles at tier 8. I simply lack the experience to be of aid to teams composed of veteran players in a tense, competitive atmosphere. I’ll bide my time and watch for the meta to emerge as well as those ships that appear as the most useful for the the purpose at hand. Good luck, all.
  13. Gotta have the tier IV skill to bolster the LG’s high explosive and keep that shell loaded most of the time until u see a low tier braoadside. The guns are actually pretty good if u can keep the thing afloat, which I had a very tough time accomplishing. Good luck!
  14. One of the most indispensable book I have run across in years is “Battleship Bismarck”. Baron Felix von Rechsburg was the assistant gunnery officer on Bismarck during that ships last nine days and the highest ranking crew member to survive the last battle. Although I am guessing on this point, he may be the only crew member to have published a full account of the pre-launch and working up activities prior to the ships sole operational sortie. A very informational read and extremely well organized. I have read just about every book available in English that deals with the surface fleet activities of the KM and this is by far the best in terms of historical value.
  15. Good luck on your quest of finding texts dealing with the KM. I began reading the history of WWII after I read the Life magazine series on the short operational history of the Bismarck. I think the year was 1958-9? In those days the public library in Omaha was packed with books written by the commanders and officers of both the Royal Navy and the KM. It is possible that these books still exist and there may well be many attainable on line. Also, check Amazon for available books still in print. Enjoy your cruise!