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  1. monkfish47

    Ships that just hate you

    Alsace. I’m 1 & 18.
  2. monkfish47


    Have been experiencing lag/stutter and weird FPS drops for a month. Have sent tickets and love letters to the good folks at WG only to be ordered to jump thru a series of hoops designed apparently in the hopes that something will eventually get done. Unplayable is the only word to describe game playing conditions. Been playing for 5 years and have noticed that other UI idiosyncrasies go unattended and frustrate the hell out of the player base. This glitch, like others in the past, will eventually get fixed once they get off their fannies and open the tool box. Meanwhile, I’ll just wait. Powerless to do anything else; already sent WG the info they just had to have.
  3. Has anyone attempted to have the Belfast returned to their port. It is not on the drop down list featured in the VRT ticket section. Any info on this topic would be appreciated.
  4. The Buddy, IMO. High DPM coupled with long range and a bit of toughness.
  5. monkfish47

    I just click with the Chapayev

    Just began my turn on Chappy which coincided with the intro of the CV rework. Not a happy time! Experienced a long stream of tier 10 matches and multiple torturous games against IJN Uber CV. So I am “in the hole” when it comes to WR, but I enjoy all the VMF boats and with a bit of work I’ll dig out of the deficit. I must remember to keep my head on a swivel and expect deletion from any direction at any time as the player base considers nothing more than an easy kill.
  6. monkfish47

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    I might be the oldest active player at 71.
  7. monkfish47

    Black Black Friday Crates??

    LOL!! We kept sickbay very busy the first couple of days back on the line. Lord knows we were idiots.
  8. monkfish47

    Black Black Friday Crates??

    In my day, Olongopo ladies were roughly 20 pesos a throw, which worked out to $5.00. Add in the same for a “good” hotel and your at a grand total of $10 for a standard short time throw. God knows what a drunk sailor could wrangle for 600 bucks and a keen imagination.
  9. monkfish47

    Topside Tuesday - Best Looking Ship

    Konig Albert, Atago, Scharhorst & Gneisenau. Honorable mention; the French cruiser line..
  10. monkfish47

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Hello LWM, I am proud to say that I became one of your patrons last nite. I wish now that I had designated more money to your Patreon fund but subsisting on a fixed income with a health problem limits what I can throw your way. I noticed that the number of your patrons semis insignicant compared to the service you have rendered to this community. I want to thank you for your opinions and the time invested in developing these appraisals. They are of value to me and the lucid majority of the player base. Cordially, Jim Talcott
  11. monkfish47

    Have a code for July 4th!

    4.0!!! Well done& many ?