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  1. TF77

    Really Tired of CVs

    Because everybody, including the CV lovers, knows that the CV mode would be a ghost town.
  2. TF77

    Penalty system is a joke...

    Situational awareness is a thing. Learn it. Love it. Live it.
  3. Isn't that why everybody plays them?
  4. TF77

    Tier IV, 9 vs 9, 3 CV's per side

    So what? Pink doesn't mean anything.
  5. TF77

    Co-op going downhill?

    It's usually people who either Autopilot in hoping for 1 HP of seconday or AA dmg, or just yolo to get their 1 HP of "contribution" dmg and rely on the team to secure the win. Often accompanied by the infamously lame, "Oops I pressed Co-op by mistake" chat comment.
  6. TF77

    Co-op going downhill?

    Just wait till Steel Snowflake time. A veritible blizzard of YOLOs, AFKs, and sandbaggers.
  7. TF77

    Highlight of Italian line.

    Probably the only way to improve their torpedo hit rate.
  8. Thanks, Fem. We appreciate it.
  9. Sour grapes are sour. I'm not an Alpha tester, so I missed out on Ark B and Imp Nicky. I'm not an ST, so I missed out on ST botes. I'm not a clan warrior, so I miss out on KOTS flags. And not losing a single wink of sleep about it, or begrudging people who have those things. You had a chance to buy it when it was available. You snooze, you lose. Easy as that.
  10. TF77

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    You nailed it.
  11. TF77

    Should I save my FXP or buy the Nelson...

    I won't tell you how you should expend your resources, but Nelson is next on my collector's list. I blew a ton of FXP speeding up regrinding the US BB line because I want the Ohio some day too.
  12. Played a dozen or so Co-op matches this morning. Tiers 5-10. Nothing radically different, nothing to get your skivvies in a bunch over, no reason to rant and rave on forums. Get a grip, OP.
  13. TF77

    CAPTAIN Theodore Chandler

    His wife is in prison?
  14. TF77

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    My experience on PT was varied. The only egregiously long matches involved CV's, which may be part of their intent. Human CV's don't do very well in the current PvE because short matches limit the slow-motion CV mechanics and bot AA is murderous. I'm glad CV's have an incentive to stay in Random. It means less flying monkeys for the rest of us to put up with. They tuned up the bot CV's a little for some benighted reason. The logic behind how that helps anything can only be found in the basement of the Lubyanka. The bigger teams didn't seem to make much of a difference. The MM change remains to be seen. I kind of like the idea of playing a Prinz Eugen or Baltimore and not worry about having 3 or 4 Yamatos and Kemlins one-shotting you. I don't really buy into the "more like Random" meme. They tried to goad PvE fans into Randoms a long time ago, before they realized that a big chunk of players prefer to play PvE or not at all.