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  1. TF77

    I got an Arizona?

    Or inflammable...
  2. TF77

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    Pretty sure she'd prefer Commonwealth (obviously with Haida-enhancing strong female protagonist super powers). OTOH, perhaps she could be tempted south of the border with bacon.
  3. TF77

    selling steel in santa crates?

    One mere strip is just a tease. But a pound of bacon? Now you're talking!
  4. Never heard of him. Personally I'd wish for a @Eurobeat commander, but I'm afraid Yuro's voiceovers would be, shall we say, NSFW.
  5. TF77

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    I'm totally down for this. #LWMcommander needs to become a thing.
  6. TF77

    The Core issue with CVs

    These arguments are all ridiculous and boring. It doesn't matter one speck of dust whether or not CV's stats or gameplay impact are mathematically balanced on WeeGee's Almighty Spreadsheet because Balans™ when it comes to CV's is a foredoomed attempt to find an empirical solution to an emotional problem. It all comes down to one word: fun. Pure, personal, subjective, intangible fun. You can define and experience it for yourself, but you cannot define it for, or guarantee it to, anyone but yourself. You can quantify opinion and popularity, but that is just a tabulation of individual, subjective, sovereign reactions and feelings. For better or for worse, CV's are not going anywhere, and Lestas has pretty much focused their attention elsewhere. Opinions about the "core problem" mean nothing. Except for minor tweaks, what you see is what you get, now and probably for a very long time. We can argue the minutia of mechanics and spotting all day, but nothing is likely to change dramatically. It's Lesta's offering: take it or leave it. None of the polls, hypothetical suggestions, CC videos, forum kvetching, or chat salt are going to change the current fundamentals one damned bit. Get it? Not one bit. Little adjustments here and there, but that's all. Period. Personally, I think CV's in this game suck like a main propulsion turbine condensor, but that's just me.I still play certain modes where CV's don't matter much to my enjoyment. Do I expect WG to pander to me? Hell no. I just have fun, and when the fun stops so do I. That's just what grown-ups do, fercrissakes. Are you having fun in some way? Great! Have a ball! Are you not having fun? Hate to tell you, the CV situation is not going to change in any meaningful way. It's a Hobson's choice, my friend. Either find a way to have fun, or just quit. No petulant tantrums, no Quixotic crusades against windmills, no soap-opera drama. Just. Freaking. Quit. /exasperated rant
  7. TF77

    Submarines cancelled?

    More like a semicolon. Half-aft.
  8. TF77

    Hard to have fun lately

    What "shareholders"? WG is not a publicly-traded corporation. I play infrequently now, so it creates a bit of artificial novelty when I do.
  9. TF77

    CV Player issue with karma

    Suck it up, buttercup. It's only a game.
  10. TF77

    The Core issue with CVs

    Play Co-op. Problem solved.
  11. Eurobeat is an Uber Unicum twitchmaster who can make anything look easy. His How To vids are great.
  12. TF77

    Pan EU Destroyers

    What Pan EU DD line? You mean a Polish gunboat and a Swedish DD line, right? My cat madder than a wet Lert.
  13. Unicums: Group up for AA defense! New player: OK Team mates: potato, why u in lemming train blob? New player: sigh...
  14. Yeah, the BC was a running joke at Pearl. "Building 36", right? IIRC it was one of the ATF's that got your anchor back, maybe the Tawakoni or Takelma. We had a bunch of "junk boats" in SERVRON Five and HCU-1.
  15. Same here. He'll be posted to Devonshire, the only one I really want.