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  1. So_lt_Goes

    AFK CV

    Comes as no surprise at all to me. I'm one of them!
  2. So_lt_Goes

    USS OHIO is complete [edited]

    I like my Ohio just fine, thank you. Even plugged my 19-point Halsey captain in for good measure. Performance for me seems to be optimal at middle ranges. The base stats have been pubic for quite awhile, so it's not like you were buying a pig in a poke. If you were expecting some sort of OP magic iwin button, this one might work better:
  3. So_lt_Goes

    Servers dead again?

    Just the usual Monday morning server "bounce". Happens most every week. Routine server stack maintenance.
  4. No, that's exactly what you did. It's a distiction without a difference as far as I'm concerned. Boring. I have no time for pedantry. Good night.
  5. Me: " bolster the devs intention of not having to worry CV warship drivers with actually having to, you know, drive a warship." Wrong? All you did was re-state my assertion in different terms! At least mine was funny.
  6. Baked-in survivability to bolster the devs intention of not having to worry CV warship drivers with actually having to, you know, drive a warship.
  7. So_lt_Goes

    Most surprisingly good / disappointing ships?

    Best surprise: Exeter. Wonderful guns and great AA. Worst surprise: Roma. Like throwing meatballs at a pasta bowl across the street.
  8. So_lt_Goes

    World of Warplanes or World of Warships

    Hitting the old sake bottle a little early, are we?
  9. Longer matches, which WG doesn't want.
  10. So_lt_Goes

    AA Attrition vs CV Plane Attrition

    A simple and fair partial fix might be to have ships with the Repair Party consumable restore a percentage of destroyed AA. This would be a rough equivalent to CV plane regeneration.
  11. So_lt_Goes

    River map in WOWS

    Asashio, Benham, Somers, and Shimakaze approve this idea.
  12. Likely still there because they're still selling, and WG wants to make the most of whatever they paid for the collab. Based on the enthusiasm Conway and Chrysantos showed when suggested on the Twitch stream, they might even be working on the camos for ARP Yamato and Musashi. Who knows? maybe someday we'll even see the sorely missed Ise/Hyuga with ARP clones as well.
  13. Concur. More aggressive CV movement would help speed up the kill. And heaven knows, I do love to kill CV's.
  14. Which applies to an arcade fantasy game...um...how? The only game element that even remotely approximates reality is the graphic models, and a lot of those are pretty fantasmagorical too (a single-funnel Iron Duke, ffs?). Lesta has their hands full (and some would say in over their heads) trying to keep the game playable for everyone, and any buff to a T4 CV would only contribute to the onging over-population problem.