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  1. So_lt_Goes


    After watching this several times, I'm finally ready to give Lesta one last one-finger salute and move on. The bit about Lesta quite happily dismissing veteran players, coming from someone with actual first-hand knowlege of their hivemind, really resonated. If they don't care, why the hell should I? Fsck 'em. Yes, you can have my stuff. A bunch of 1's and 0's is easy to part with. No, I won't be back. Take that to the bank. Thanks for all the good times. I'll just leave this here:
  2. So_lt_Goes


    Excellent video. iEarlGrey just got another subscription.
  3. I always thought it was parasitic insect infestation like the crabs in another language.
  4. So_lt_Goes

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Not enough population. The queue times for CV/SS would be calibrated in days.
  5. So_lt_Goes

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Optimism is a good thing, but the track record the last two years makes it hard. Very hard. Like we used to say in the Navy, "Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up the quickest."
  6. To paraphrase a fellow forumite: adapting to crap is still crap.
  7. Thank you for your service, Senior Chief. But I have to call bullchit. A lot of us play-tested the crap out of CV pre-8.0 and while WG may have heard our feedback they definitely did not listen. I also played the current iteration of SS on the test server. The same problems are apparent in this sandbox version. So what was the point? If an unsafe building burns down, do you blame the victims for not suing the owners or calling the fire department before the fire? Of course not. The sane thing is to move out of the building when it appears faulty, assuming there are viable options. In game terms, this translates into player turnover, and WG has shown their satisfaction with this many times. Churn is built into their model. WOWS numbers are fairly stable because WG marketing replaces stampeding quitters with fresh meat all the time. Eventually they will run out of cattle.
  8. Nah, take the coal. Then get the subs and not play them. Leave the gun, take the cannoli.
  9. So_lt_Goes

    Submarine Live Testing: Day 1 "First Impressions"

    +1 for Name/Avartar of the most ridiculous ship ever.
  10. Not interested. I thought they were dumb and boring on PTS. No reason to expect otherwise.
  11. So_lt_Goes

    sub and scenarios, Wargaming vs Bioware

    Pretty much this. Can't confirm the...ahem...specifics but the general sentiment is probably correct.
  12. It is intentional. 8.0 sent all the fun but weak-AA ships to the breakers. This is no different. It's called planned obsolescence, meant to open up opportunities to sell solutions to artificially-created problems. They intentionally disrupt their own captive market. Like any near-monopoly, when they hit peak prices and waning demand, they just create more demand. Add to that a wave of marketing hoopla to attract the curious and the gullible and presto! You just made your sales goals. It's all easy to understand when you look at it from the C-suite's vantage point. The evolution of any product is the direct result of shifts in business models. Wargaming is brilliant at capturing a customer base and exploiting it with decreasing quality guised as innovation. You've got to admire their business savvy even as the quality of the experience goes down the tubes. Until a serious competitor comes along, it's back to that old binary: take it or leave it.
  13. So_lt_Goes

    Submarine tokens where?

    This is like hitting an exacta at the track. Free coal and an entertaining new forum explosion. Awesome!