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  1. So_lt_Goes

    CV change

    Spam post detected!
  2. So_lt_Goes

    Tier 8 Cruiser Thoughts

    If you can spare the shekels, Prinz Eugen. especially with the recent heal addition. I love mine. T10 match? No problemo, amigo.
  3. So_lt_Goes

    Never say die

    Well done!
  4. Quite so. In carrot-and-stick terms, we've had enough enough sticks to build a bloody log cabin, all to no avail except to further terrorize the cowards and obscenely skew the original core gameplay. I think it's time to look at more intuitive range-based sliding scales for sigma and dispersion of main guns for all ships. Much tighter fall of shot as the range closes. As long as damage remains the primary XP reward factor, lets up the reward for close combat to be commensurate with the risk. Give people a tangible reward and they may be more inclined to get in there and, you know, fight.
  5. Think like the Russian army: "Survival is impossible. You are going to die. Better to die while attacking than sitting in a foxhole or running away." We're lucky we don't have pink NKVD bot Yamatos one-shotting cowards. Oh crap, did I just give them an idea?
  6. So_lt_Goes

    complaint about MM [edited]

    Bingo. I came to that conclusion awhile back.
  7. So_lt_Goes

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    I've been saying this all along. CV's are the "West Virginia '41" of ship types. They're going to find a way to monetize existing modeling/artwork come h3ll or high water and try to minimize refunds for all the premium bird farms. Sunk cost fallacy much? Will the **new!** **improved!** CV's and ridiculous submarines kill the game? I dunno. Life will go on either way.
  8. So_lt_Goes

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    It doesn't matter. CV Rework and submarines are marketing moves calculated to attract more new interest/profits than what they stand to lose by alienating existing players. Strictly business. It's as simple as that. What will it look like if we start seeing matches with 3 CV and 3 or 4 SS per side? Everyone else will be in cruisers or DD's just trying to stay alive and BB will become completely superfluous. Draw your own conclusions.
  9. So_lt_Goes

    Please don't CV snipe in the CV beta

    Sniping and CV-hunting by all ships is going to be extremely popular when it goes live. Better get used to it. Seems like a valid test mode to me.
  10. So_lt_Goes

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Preview

    Thanks, Miss Mouse. If they don't nerf the guns during testing this could be a fun ship.
  11. So_lt_Goes

    WV 41

    Totally agree. It's not too late. Enough people just need to make enough noise.
  12. So_lt_Goes

    Anyone else find it strange that...

    You do not understand business in the real world. A lot of companies lose focus on the core attributes of a product that made them successful. It happens all the time. As soon as your hypothetical boutique product came out, the inevitable feature creep cycle would begin all over again with some MBA's brain pharts. "What about submarines? And airplanes? Or ponies? Or sharks with frikkin' laser beams attached to their heads?" Enjoy what we have while we can, and hope we're pleasantly surprised.
  13. So_lt_Goes

    Anyone else find it strange that...

    We can all agree that stagnation isn't good for any game, and WG obviously knows that I just get the feeling that if they go ahead with subs they will be getting into the same exact situation as currently seen with CV's. To wit: introduce an essentially foreign element shoe-horned in for marketing/look! shiny! appeal, then spend years trying to make it work to the annoyance of all and sundry, and finally winding up with a do or die relaunch to try to salvage the effort. With subs, a repeat is almost guaranteed. If sub fans are expecting play like Silent Hunter or 688i, prepare to be disappointed. Furthermore, if implemented anything like the Halloween test, you will see something that calls itself a submarine but is in reality just a gimp DD with a new stealth gimmick, followed by a torturous "balancing" effort. This will appeal to nobody except maybe a tiny fanatical segment of the player base. Just like CV's. Maybe a better approach might be to look at separate "companion" games tailored to CV or sub gameplay, but I doubt the market is there.
  14. So_lt_Goes

    Four Goal Haul Award

    Bobby Hull. It's a ship game.
  15. So_lt_Goes

    Four Goal Haul Award

    Funny part is seeing all the divs of Random players in Co-op this morning going for it. They start out all smarmy and cocky, and finish salting about bot magic torpbeat and getting whacked by impossible long-range BB shots, things PvE players are long accustomed to. Somewhere in another dimension Botimus Prime, the Most-er Toaster, is laughing.