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  1. Very nice photos. Methinks the deck force needs to turn-to on that rust topside.
  2. So_lt_Goes

    Allow CVs to choose new or old style

    Uber CV mains have always been trolls and always will be. They take great pride and pleasure in making all around them miserable. Lucky for the rest of us (and the game) they're few and far between. The rework has made CV's in the hands of less-than-unicums a mere nuisance. Swat the troll flies and play on.
  3. So_lt_Goes

    Can we fix this problem of bot BBs on estuary?

    Since there is supposed be someone at Lesta working on the new bot CV AI, one hopes they take it as an opportunity to do a little general housekeeping regarding toaster behavior. During the various 8.x-related PT rounds I've noticed vastly improved bot tactics. Not OP, just not as dumb. Let's hope some of that code finds it's way onto the live servers.
  4. Maybe if/when subs go mainstream. The weebs falling all over themselves to get Iona's I-401 would crash the server. WG would make a fortune just from that.
  5. So_lt_Goes

    Wows Nightly News 22: CV rumors

    lol mayo flavored vodka.
  6. So_lt_Goes

    is it safe to come back?

    Don't be so dramatic, OP. CV's are no more than an infrequent nuisance that can be generally ignored or easily tolerated. Their numbers continue to dwindle. For heaven's sake, just swat the pesky flies and play the game.
  7. So_lt_Goes

    Is everyone having fun?

    I'm always having fun. There's a workaround to everything (well, almost...). The day it ceases to be fun will be the last. That's what we're here for, right?
  8. So_lt_Goes

    CVs, refunding CVs, etc...

    Oh, snap. that's right. A is a weird one. Auxiliary used first, Heavy used second, Attack used third. The funniest is IX, Unclassified Miscellaneous. NAVSEA's way of saying, "whatever..."
  9. Nah. they're just an occasional nuisance, like sand flies at the beach. Swat the flies and play on.
  10. So_lt_Goes

    How's the Exeter? Is it a solid cruiser?

    I'm having fun with Exeter. Still your typically-squishy RN cruiser, but playing to her concealment makes her guns surprisingly effective. Her AP at close range is teh funz.
  11. So_lt_Goes

    CVs, refunding CVs, etc...

    Cruiser, Aviation. Standard USN hull-type designator. They used V (aViation) because A was already in use for Auxiliary.
  12. So_lt_Goes

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    Hear, hear! As long as playing continues to be fun, developer brainpharts notwithstanding, I'm all for the ongoing health of the game. Dead games, like puppies, aren't much fun.
  13. No worries. It's pretty much SOP whenever there's an event with PvE-doable missions and directives. I figure turnabout is fair play when I take my jumbo twice-baked potato aft into PvP for campaign tasks.
  14. So_lt_Goes

    Just get rid of carriers

    Not necessary. CV's will soon again be a mere nuisance. Once the curiosity bounce from the RN line subsides, CV numbers will shrink back their previous insignificance: A few unicums trolling the high tiers and a few wannabe novices. The abject repetitive boredom of World of Warplanes Lite will replace strafing as the CV soul-killer. It's like ants at a picnic. It probably isn't a stretch to imagine that most people would rather be picnicers than ants.
  15. That is in port. Under way, the ensign is flown aloft on a halyard.