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  1. Balon_Greyjoy

    What Ships?

    Pommern is fun, I haven't played the others.
  2. Balon_Greyjoy

    Oklahoma: A Worse New York?

    He means the ones he playes himself.
  3. Balon_Greyjoy

    What Ships?

    Correctamundo. CA=heavy, CL = light. For your first premie BB, I'd still go with the venerable Derpitz, although Massachusetts is mighty fine.
  4. Balon_Greyjoy

    KotS XI NA - most played/banned ships

    You're right in principle, of course, but we might as well hope for the Martians to send us a COVID cure and free beer before WG either owns their mistakes or takes remedial action. That's why things like KOTS exist in the first place.
  5. Balon_Greyjoy

    KotS XI NA - most played/banned ships

    No. WG does not make the rules for KOTS.
  6. Balon_Greyjoy

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Can't wait for Ms Mouse's review of Oklahoma. The weird combination of ballistic factors published so far should make for a rather, um, interesting analysis.
  7. Balon_Greyjoy

    Is AA Broken?

    ^^^ This. Bot CV's do not dodge flak, pre-drop, or time out cat fighters/DefAA like humans are supposed to. They are food...an over-stuffed pinata with yummy airplane sprinkles.
  8. OK, thanks. Add me to the endorsements on the special request chit to the powers that be.
  9. Completely different classes. Look at the gun layouts.
  10. Whether or not Oklahoma will play well remains to be seen, but I think the perma camo is god-awful. She belongs in dark gray 5D all over, or better yet the BuShips Measure 1 scheme Arizona has. @Hapa_Fodder, has Lesta ever considered outright selling or missions for classic historical camo schemes? I'd put Texas, WV '41, NC, and Massachusetts in Measure 1 in a heartbeat. The Germans and Brits had some pretty classy standard schemes, too.
  11. Balon_Greyjoy

    Learn the role of the vessel you are piloting

    More than everyone is quite an accomplishment.
  12. I stand in awe of your malevolent creativity. You have produced the Warships equivalent of a pineapple and chitterlings pizza.
  13. Balon_Greyjoy

    American BBs made even worse

    Because Lesta has such a glowing record of giving up on bad ideas...