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  1. 0ldRichard

    CVs and Subs

  2. 0ldRichard

    Where does WG go?

    With rising sea levels, we can expect to see Swiss, Luxemburg, and Paraguay superships in the Premium Shop *soon*.
  3. 0ldRichard

    Yuro on Tier I

    Correct. Erie was Regular Navy through and through.
  4. 0ldRichard

    Low Tier Play

    I play mostly T5-T8, both because that's where my fave botes live and also because I'm a free-to-play parasite that has to mind the credit balance. Sure, I have a ton of T10's, including many coal and dockyard botes, but for me the fun is in the midde. By the way, thanks for the fun Co-op match this morning!
  5. 0ldRichard

    disconnect issues HELP!!!

    Packet loss and handshake instability are hallmarks of mobile data connections, even 5G. Not the best for a shooter game. It's better than satellite, but that isn't saying much. Do you have a lot of froo-froo notification/messaging/social stuff running in the background? If you're on the road and changing locations all the time, try to keep your DNS resolver cache cleared. Before you start the game, run ping and tracert from the new location to see if it's worth even trying to play. Good luck with a bad situation.
  6. 0ldRichard

    people reporting because you play a cv

    ^^^ Winner winner chicken dinner! If you fart at a fancy wedding don't be surprised when people won't talk to you at the reception.
  7. 0ldRichard

    Why not show broadside?

    WOWS predates SPG's in WOT, but yes. WOWS is bascially laid-back WOT with botes. Tanks fight best from cover, front-facing and slightly angled. WOT gets that right. Thing is, battleships aren't tanks, so this is what you get.
  8. 0ldRichard

    People quitting the game

    Ships with no crews? Magical torpedo reloads? Floating airplane factories? Radar antennas with no radar? Mythical ships in droves? Battleships sitting stationary (or going in reverse??!!) in combat? Catapult aircraft that magically land themselves? Sounds pretty fantastic to me.
  9. 0ldRichard

    People quitting the game

    Good point (bolded text). I do argue that this is a fantasy arcade game, and therefore any reference to history or realism is patently stupid.
  10. 0ldRichard

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    Actually, Repulse was the only reason I participated. Definitely the coolest part. Got the Marlborough as kind of a casual bonus without even trying after that. Were it not for Repulse I wouldn't have bothered.
  11. 0ldRichard

    Survey about insurance companies? WTH?

    You don't have to hit "submit" for them to know your selections. Your browser cache and cookies are scraped by web bugs and fed back in realtime. The "submit" button is just a screen element with the same function as "next" or "exit". Don't believe me? Run any open-source browser like Firefox in console mode and read the code for yourself.
  12. This one, like most internet "surveys", is just a ploy to aggregate more user data points that can be monetized. Nobody in the business actually gives a rat's bunghole about your opinion except to the extent that they can profit from it. Remember, in the world of internet marketing you are not the customer. You are the product.
  13. 0ldRichard

    I miss WoWs

    I love how people respond with (and I paraphrase) "It's great! You just have to endure the suck and pretend you like it!" Gaming is supposed to be fun, not an exercicize in Zen-masked masochism. That said, this ain't the only show in town. If what you see doesn't float your boat, oh well. Do something else. WH is dead set on their "submarine" implementation, with an astonishing pig-headed stubbornness. Subs aren't going away any more than Reborked CV's. The game you want to come back to no longer exists.
  14. 0ldRichard


    Hail the traveler.