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  1. Not charitable, but in many cases clearly true.
  2. 0ldRichard

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    I dunno about WG, but I bet the December forum thread count will be halved.
  3. 0ldRichard

    Coming in 10.7: Subs in Coop

    Expanding on PT observations, I'm inclined to think that the sewer pipes are going to be a net plus for regular ship players in Co-op. They're so weak the green ones won't be much competition for targets. Once the kiddies figure out this ain't no 688(i) or Silent Hunter, the popularity will drop like a cow patty. The biggest drawback I can see will be the extended game times like with bot CV's, having to chase them down at the end of a match just to get it over with. The cynic in me feels like WG's only interest in subs is to monetize the vocal demand for a quick buck and then move on to their Next Big Thing, whatever that might be. Subs will wind up being just another passing cash-grab nothingburger like hybrids.
  4. I'd be stunnded if those kinds of metrics weren't built-in cells in The Glorious Almighty Spreadsheet. Accountants and Marketers crunch data like that the way I go through a jumbo bag of Fritos. Thing is, data only shows what is/was, and can only vaguely project what will be. The real mystery is the Great Top Sekrit Plan, and how the data affects implementation of goals going forward. As a bona fide Co-op aficionado, I'm numb to their machinations. PvE has always been the red-headed stepchild, so nothing surprises me. I just roll with it, and as long as it's still worth my time that's great. If/when it stops being fun, it's adios mothertrucker.
  5. 0ldRichard

    Server Change Drop Out

    The hipsters in Austin were up late last night getting their man buns permed, and Starbucks isn't open yet.
  6. 0ldRichard

    PSA: New Prime Gaming Loot

    404 Error.
  7. Isn't that the whole point of CV's? /s
  8. 0ldRichard

    Say It Cant Be So

    Or the Japanese from murdering Chinese and Korean civilians and allied prisoners of war. Or the RAF from carpet-boming German cities. The list is long and inclusive of all combatants. Your point? Or do you have one beyond juvenile trolling?
  9. 0ldRichard

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Good on you for sticking to your guns and following your passion.
  10. 0ldRichard

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I can certainly understand your frustration, but I'm not surprised. WGSP really doesn't give a tinker's damn about contributors, modders, players or apparently not even their own NA staff. People like you, LWM, and Chobi must truly love what you do to keep putting up with how badly you're treated.
  11. 0ldRichard

    Why Kitakami is suspended?

    Yeah, I can see T10 gunboat DD's and Dakkacruisers shredding this thing in mere seconds.
  12. 0ldRichard

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    IKR? The absurdity of it is hilarious.
  13. 0ldRichard

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    Gambling for tech tree ships. Too funny.
  14. 0ldRichard

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Neither can I. My epiphany came during the Puerto Rico fiasco. WG's treatment of LWM and Chobi is just the latest in a long history of azzhattery. I get a certain satisfaction from playing completely for free. To be honest, when my premium time ran out I never really missed it.