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  1. ChubbyLuver

    [free moskva camo]WG please let us spend money with CONFIDENCE!

    Why would anyone bother keeping her then? Might as well sell her, obtain the credits, then get her for free I suppose. This kinda makes no sense
  2. I also thought it was sort of bizarre. Perhaps watching the final will make things a little more clear.
  3. I know the 90 minute drop. However this AM on stream they said it was possible to receive a 9th container as well, if you managed to decipher the code that was hidden within the collection itself.
  4. anyone figure out the code for the 9th container?
  5. ChubbyLuver

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    Where in the purchase agreement does it say that? These were unique ships that could only be purchased with steel; end of story. Now the terms have changed. A full refund? Maybe not. But 50% of your original steel back would be a place to start.
  6. I always found the best bang for your buck was the big container rather than the mega container. Less camos and doubloons when the appear but ship drop appeared to be the same. I wonder if that has changed this year. I won't bother buying any. I feel this year was filled with terrible premiums that I don't want and that's likely what I'll get ie (hill, yahagi, ark royal etc)
  7. ChubbyLuver

    Elite Captian Retraining? Why?

    Are you serious? Lol. I'm stuck on the same mission and I did not know that. I'll have to try this
  8. Start by limiting it to one CV per team. Rocket planes in tier x CVs only. That's all I would touch.
  9. ChubbyLuver

    What happened to operation cherry blossom

    Why not just leave the CV AI as it was in the ops? Why not change it once the new ai has been perfected?All it was before was a few torp bombers to avoid. And the AI was fine at that.
  10. ChubbyLuver

    Container ships

    I paid $18 for 5 containers and got a $72 vanguard on top of camos etc. I've got no issues with these containers at all.
  11. ChubbyLuver

    Statistics on Tier VIII Matchmaking

    The fact that you think it shouldn't, doesn't mean it doesn't. Higher tiers have higher HP to begin with. Better pen in most cases and access to a heal at higher tiers. My point is, being able to disappear into the back line and heal before engaging again is a considerable advantage. More of an advantage than the spread between tier 5-7 or tier 6-8 ships. Why is that so hard for people to admit? I admit it. I prefer my zao over my mogami for this exact reason. Or my Worcester over my Cleve.
  12. ChubbyLuver

    Statistics on Tier VIII Matchmaking

    I'm talking cruisers. All t9 and t10s have them. I'm aware BB's don't and some dds dont.
  13. ChubbyLuver

    Statistics on Tier VIII Matchmaking

    Don't care how good you are. When you're in a t8 going up against the equivalent class ship in a t9 or t10 you are at a significant disadvantage simply due to the fact the t10 and t9 has a heal capability, and you do not.
  14. ChubbyLuver

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    I was in the same boat as you. But then I started doing the math. When you consider the 9800 doubloons you get for the ship and the bundle. I payed $75 Canadian for $54 worth of doubloons. Which means I am getting the PEF, 3 million credits and 2019 steel for $21. I do not have the time to grind 24 million credits as some do. And even if I did. My time has value. I'm not one for shilling for war gaming, but if you feel the ship plus the steel is worth $20 and you want some doubloons for XP conversion or buying another ship from the tech tree, the bundle's worth looking at.
  15. Would really like to get the vanguard and the boise and I have about 40k in doubloons. how long after a premiums release are ships made available for purchase in doubloons typically? i'd imagine the boise would be soon considering it was released mid 2018.