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  1. Need a team?

    I need a team. I posted on Discord the following: Looking. I'm interested in KotS5 play. I am fairly new to T10 and have Hindenburg (11 pt) and Khabarovsk (7 pt but can be upgraded to 11 pt). I am a follower but can also captain if necessary. Currently working on getting the USA T10 DD and BB and BRI T10 cruiser. This is a game so I play for fun, however, I do not like to lose. I don't like rudeness or senseless blaming others because of a loss. My ingame name is IanEl. Tks
  2. I'm a team player and can follow instructions. I like to play for fun but, I also don't like losing I think I'll put myself out there...
  3. PayPal Pack [edited].

    Let me guess, the company is always right! I love this game but must agree that misinformation is not acceptable. Would WG accept my information just because I claimed it. No, they would not. Keeping the player appropriately informed is not our responsibility. WG has that responsibility, and if this continues then it only indicates that WG has no supervision of information being posted. Someone in their position should always have "fact-checkers" review information before posting. It is basic business practice.
  4. WG, A lack of customer service creates these frustrating posts. Please keep us completely informed and this game will be much better than the great game it is now. There is always room for improvement but keeping your players in the mist of figuring it out ourselves is a lack of work on your side. Remember, I love the game, but can always stop playing if frustrations continue.
  5. Thanks for the info. Kind'a the same in getting the Omaha and Marblehead. Other than the torp range higher in Marblehead there is no real difference. I'm hoping WG will eventually listen on the Flint and Black because if Ranked is the only way then I will never have it. Boo Wahhh!
  6. Question: Why is the Albany available in the bundle but not separately? I do hope WG makes available all those other ships that were originally available to those who earned them in a different fashion. For example Beta testers got their own ship. It has been a while, why not make it available to us. Either pay $, doubloons, Free XP, or in a campaign. Something. I love ships and would like the opportunity to play those "unavailable" ships like the Arkansas Beta, Marblehead Lima, the Flint (Yay!), Black, Buffalo, Okikaze, etc... And, what about those funny ships like the Das Boot or Pokeboat. Haha
  7. Is 'Santas Wanted' over?

    Just tried it. Still up and going. Got the Emden....Bummer. I already have it.
  8. Mods? Where do you find them? and I thought mods were not allowed on WoWs? Can someone point me to the correct area to read about the different ports. I have questions like, Why do we even use them for?
  9. Wow! Thanks for all the information. This could not have come at a better time. I too - a couple of days ago, actually - am considering building a purely game-machine and all this input really helps. Thanks again.
  10. The Dunkerque has its pros and cons - more of the latter - but she is a beauté. I seem to have gotten her quirks working for me because I played most of my games at an average damage range of about 60k. I have to admit though, the ship looks strange without a rear main battery.
  11. Nice. I especially like to have the info for a particular ship in my fleet. I was surprised to see my results. I always considered myself a cruiser man but it seems I do somewhat better with the BBs. I wonder how my live server stats will look like after this. One thing: Why the "spotted":"damage"? Maybe I'm just still too new to the game but I don't get it or don't have enough info. Can someone expand on this or direct me to the info. Tks.
  12. I'm not color blind but I just wanted to give WG a thumbs up for taking those persons with color blindness into consideration. kudos.
  13. 0.5.10 - Balanced Divisions

    I just finished some PT 0.5.10 time and found the Division matching works as it should. However, I do agree with the following: "anyone calling T8s in a division with T10s a "Fail Division" is a fool" - NozTheWhiteDawn. I've never understood the linear thinking that a ship is good because of its stats. This is a game where the player decides how to use the unit so, the ship is as good as its captain. A prime example was a game I was part of yesterday where a NC BB sat/hid behind a rock/island and waited to fire at passing ships while other passing ships riddled it with shell fire. The player still just sat there. I remained glued to the screen just waiting for him to move. I waited while he fired, and missed most often. I waited while he got fired at, torpedoed and bombed. I was in awe at the inept usage of such a ship. He finally moved when a few ships decided to put him out of My misery. hahaha Anyway. When it comes to Division Matching, its great WG is taking steps to make gameplay more even but I think the T1 difference should be left to the players choice. I mean, playing the same ships v. same ships is kind'a boring. <stepping off box>
  14. It would be great if players could sell unwanted ships to other players.