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  1. Yeti9028

    PTS 0.10.11

    Having played the first Round of PTS 0.10.11, I found a few bugs from the Armory, beginning with the Starter Packs and that is whenever I attempted to purchase a pack the screen would turn blurr but was able to confirm the purchase by clicking on the orange blur part of the screen, and the 2nd bug is in the Dockyard, after finishing the construction of the ship at the part of the celebration when the guns fire, there was no sound at all, I enjoy the firing part, I would like to hear it in the 2nd round of the PTS , other than that i was unable to find any other bugs, I will attach a picture of the Starter Packs issue.
  2. so how would anyone feel about this tiny ship being implemented into the game as a Boss Fight? dot worry, nothing to fear, its merely 500k tons, just over 10 Yamato turrets , 42 knots of speed, and ill attach a smol pic of it! :D
  3. Yeti9028

    Clan Special Test: General Information + FAQ

    Clan SULSA is interested in participating in the CST program, however im aware there is another section dedicated to applications and we would like to know when its open to apply for the program with the correct form of application.
  4. Yeti9028

    Ragnar is love, Ragnar is life

    1) Congrats on your first steel ship, 2) It does not have the best AA, Halland takes that spot when it comes to DDs
  5. In a Community Stream, several weeks ago they said they were afraid that Black would become too popular, and do not wish to bring it back.
  6. Yeti9028

    Clan Special Test: General Information + FAQ

    Is there a way to know when the next application will be open?
  7. Yeti9028

    PTS 0.10.8

    1) The new icons for all the battletypes look amazing, a little minimalistic but very nice. the new looks are like eye candy for anyone who has played before this new icons but im sure a new comer would also like the new look. 2) the new background on the collections section looks beautiful and the collection keys/icons look brighter and shiny. 3) Convoys background looks nice, however the Battle mode felt difficult for the attacking team on the first part of the PTS session and on the 2nd part it felt overwhelmingly difficult to defend against the attacking team, I had the opportunity to witness a bot dodge a torpedo from a destroyer but the armament on these linear ships does not feel very effective, I highly recommend buffing the accuracy a little bit and/or increase the HP on the 4 cargo/support/transport ships, on the other hand I did enjoy playing on Operation maps in this battlemode but in the first part of the session I was rarely placed on the attacking side of the battlemode and in the 2nd part of the PTS session I was not place at all in the attacking side so that end up being poorly enjoyable. 4) the new gift icon that is replacing the snowflake icon looks shiny and nice, I was unable to find any downsides regarding this reward except perhaps the fact that rewards for tier 8 and 9 are the same, i strongly recommend giving 1 additional token for tier 9s, they are very hard to acquire being Tech-tree or premium ships. 5) the settings interface does look a lot better and smooth in my opinion and also the new in-battle graphics look much better than the current ones, as a detail appreciator this is incredible and very appreciated. Lastly , Bugs, I was unable to find any bugs during the playtime I had so thats a first for me but maybe someone else did. For anyone reading this, thanks for taking your time and for your attention, see you on the next PTS session.
  8. All you have to do is read, you gotta check for the little information icon on the branches -------> ⓘ <------- as shown in the pictures of this reply, all nations and branches have it, so you can do your research
  9. This looks awesome, its just a skin Though.
  10. If you look closely to the Transformer's MVR camo you can see some cool Jetfighters on board! Yeah! Jets! Cosmetic of course!
  11. Meow! dont forget there is also Incomparable and AP Goliath (Gibraltar) coming! Bonus Meow!
  12. Yeti9028

    Just what we need... another CV

    Brah, all CVs have a flight deck elevator, nothing new here, but i wonder, will these planes have Engine boost and main rocket arming boost or something like that? hahahaha, plus if this is the first French CV that means the French CV branch are coming. OH-LA-LA!
  13. It was announced when the commander skill rework arrive that this was going to be possible.
  14. Yeti9028

    PTS 0.10.7

    Those are Wonderful news but how long is it going to take to reset because at the moment I am still unable to play Rank Battles to complete the missions and it says 4 days left until the season ends, that's on Monday, the same day the Session Part 2 ends
  15. Yeti9028

    PTS 0.10.7

    I wanna continue doing the Mission rewards but i reached rank 1 on gold league and it seems i wont be able to finish the missions because i cant play anymore, is it possible to enable the other Battle Types because i can not continue the missions, i can make the ones in co-op and randoms but i cant finish the PT rewards and i would hate to leave this missions incomplete. @Mademoisail