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  1. Yeti9028

    I did it guys!

    @ Booster_ZA
  2. Yeti9028

    0.9.9 PTS Bug Reports

    PTS says the server is temporarily down, can't log in. attempted to re-connect but the same error showed up
  3. what ever happened to the Moskva's new pattern camo that was viewable from the PTS on last patch rounds?
  4. i read on the notes and the video from this patch, that the ARP Takao would be enjoying a new permanent camo, red, which is the original from the series? how do i obtain this camo? did i miss a mission to click in and join?
  5. i got the "thank you for paritipating, better luck next container ship" meow
  6. Yeti9028

    2019 Secret Santa !

    oh rats! what if i already gifted a santa container to a friend? :c
  7. The Public test Server suddenly shuts down without any sort of warning once i log in. takes no longer than 5 seconds before it simply disappears. if i leave it on the login screen, everything is fine, but once it logs, it vanishes to the Desktop Screen.
  8. I dont know what the car is doing in there, but i find it quite hilarious, has anyone else notice this? i love this tiny detail, please Wargaming Do not remove it, i love my little car on the ship! :D , it is right behind the 3rd AA turret from the right side of the ship.
  9. I logged in today, notice a strange spot on my Daring and notice the Mortars are gone, also on the Grozovoi and i believe Kutuzov had some too? i know they are missing because i compared it to another friend's Daring, so its not just me.
  10. same over here, i had 2 victories on my wocester, the first one i got 200+ shell hits, witherer, ship did not cameback to port, closed and re-open the game, got ship back, but the xp bonus was still there, 2nd game had 7 cit hits, 100+ shell impacts, again, ship still in battle. Also, over 100k damage in the first match.