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  1. Someone shared a picture of a ghost with me so I decided to search for it and Found it in a Map and it even Howls/Boos when you get the camera closer, I'll attach a Snipshot
  2. Yes, not long just monotonous, Daily operations sounds like an interested idea. Definitely interested in a random queue but would strongly recommend adding new operations and 2 of the old ones like cherry blossom and Hermes. I can't express enough how much I would like to have Cherry Blossom and Hermes Back in the list to play, I really enjoyed playing high tier ships like Kutuzov in the night operation or Richelieu fighting against the german fleet along side Gascogne. I would also like to share an Idea: I think it would be nice to try the operations from the other side of the team like "play as the bad guys" operations and having their objectives instead of the conventional objectives, for example in Raptor Rescue we could try to sink the carrier instead of escorting it. 2nd Idea: Have an operation with submarines, maybe assaulting a convoy or supply ships and my 3rd and final idea would be something like a boss fight, call me crazy but I have a small dream about an operation or game mode where high tier ships say tiers 8-10 would fight off the Great Gustav railway gun in a circular island and the gun is constantly moving and delivering shots with that impressive 800mm beast cannon all while being protected by german forces, maybe local Airports with Stukas or a special german CV with stukas. This is it from my part, I hope you read this @ashkance and I hope any of these suggestions inspires you for new operations, and to all readers, thank you for taking your time at reading this. Good Luck and Fair Seas!
  3. Yeti9028

    PTS 0.11.3

    General Impression: The upcoming changes for the next update look neat, the camouflage on aircraft is very much welcome as it looks amazing and its a nice detail to enjoy watching. Among other things I notice that the Flooded City port is still here and its good because it is one of my favorite ports because of the aesthetics and the background music it plays, I hope it remains there when the update arrives. The in game battle chat was disabled and I was only able to try to communicate with the team through quick commands. The updated maps with snow and sand effects are incredible, matches felt more alive or dynamic, specially playing as a submarine in battle, overall, very nice changes and very nice collection coming on. What I like: I like the snow and sand effects on the ships and the submarines because it makes the battle more authentic and if the submarine submerges the snow or the sand gets wiped and if it resurfaces it will again begin to accumulate snow or sand. I liked the design of the new containers for the Italian collection because it looks like a painting from a museum and the container as a whole looks like a musical box. I liked the fact that you can look at the Atlantico after finishing construction from the shipyard because it allows you to have a preview on how to build it and check out the stats of the ship What I didn't like: The only feature I did not like was the battle chat being disabled because it prevented me from communicating with the team efficiently and made me feel limited within the match. Suggestions: For the upcoming Round 2 of PTS I recommend enabling the battle chat because it will allow players to interact better within the battle. Clean off the sand or snow when there is a cyclone or a storm in the match because it will make the feeling of the environment more genuine and oddly satisfying to watch the sand or snow getting clean from the deck.
  4. To be Honest it can be very aggravating to play Rank Battles, would it be possible to make the Match Making similar to Brawls? it is very painful to watch how top player on Losing team got more xp than the last place on the winning team and the only consolation price is to not loose the star, i think the rewards should be bigger, the amount of time and effort that if place into this battle mode is not well compensated with the rewards that can be earned, i think its too little, ill attach a screenshot for reference. The next thing is the qualification stage, I do not understand the need of a qualification stage, so much dedication and effort to reach rank 1 and after that still need to play more battles with the next league's format and rules and earning stars that can be lost after brutally trying to get to rank 1 day after day with very little progress if at all, sometimes , at least me , move a couple ranks up by winning and then I take a break to come back and lose battles to get back to the rank I resume the grind I left from other day? very frustrating and sometimes irritating. I hope this gets read, thanks for asking Ahskance and thanks for taking your time to read if you do read this.
  5. Yeti9028

    PTS 0.11.2

    Ah, I thought it didn't have access to the other torps because the one I played was T6, I thought they were gonna get access on higher tiers, fair point, and technically it gives away the direction they are, not the position because Pings can be fired from any angle but still, nice to the Sub Pings. lets see what Part 2 brings :D
  6. Yeti9028

    PTS 0.11.2

    While playing on the PTS I was able to notice some nice details and have some feedback to share, First was the Firing shots now create a small vacuum space due to the explosion of the shells leaving the guns from any Ship, this was a very nice detail to add to the game, second , the ASW airstrike now has a Voice notification when it is ready to use and every time it reloads for the ships, very nice addition, gives me the chills and I absolutely love it. Next I also notice that some gun sounds were changed, I really appreciate the sound on Incomparable to be back, because the current one on 0.11.1 is not enjoyable to listen to, same as Jean Bart once again I appreciate returning its original sound compared to 0.11.1, The Loading Screen also looks beautiful with Rogue Wave/Savage battle as background and very much appreciate the Flooded City port with its original background music, probably my favorite BGM. The commanders of Savage battle Destroyers should have skills and access to upgrade modules as should all event commanders, I really missed having a specialized commander and modules on this kind of events and back in October when Saving Transylvania and Sun-ray in the Darkness were active, a commander with skill points would have helped a lot. I manage to play some Savage battles and notice the gun sound of the Destroyers is the same as a regular Destroyer, would it be possible to get the "Master of the Waterworld" camouflage gun sound? this mode would be a lot more enjoyable with said sound. Back to gun sounds, I will attach a small video to this reply for comparison, I would appreciate if the current Super Cruiser gun sound could be left to them and also to the Light Cruisers like Minotaur and Worcester, the current gun sound (0.11.1) is far more enjoyable than the ones on 0.11.2 since those feel like someone is slicing a couple of sheets of paper to my ear directly with their bare hands, specially if I'm wearing headphones, I tend to have a low gun sound because of this. The current DD gun sound is also more enjoyable than the one on 0.11.2, at least for me. Finally, submarines were interesting to play against, since now they can be detected more efficiently because of the oil leak they leave it now feels like a fair fight and when playing as a submarine I think its better to have 1 type of torpedo, I don't think having access to both types of torpedoes will be necessary as most players will more than likely use the Acoustic Homing Torpedoes all the time. One recommendation I would like to share is the option to Choose which gun sounds to use on my ships, I think this would be a very nice feature to be added to the game. Video link:
  7. Yeti9028

    Black nerf

    Interesting, from this i think we may have a T9 CB season somewhere in the year. why not? there are 2 versions of Missouri. kinda. however i think it is worth mentioning that even getting USS Black for Steel demanded dedication and effort. Also, if USS Black was removed because it was not a very popular ship to get when it was available for steel, why would it be more popular to acquire when it comes back? There are actually 4 Fletchers in the game, i have all 4 of them because i love the ship design and aesthetics, Kidd, Fletcher, Chung Mu and Black
  8. Its simple, whichever the player is the one spamming, all you have to do is Press Tab, right click on the name and Block messages from it. Problem solved
  9. Yeti9028

    Super Containers Converted

    Yes Im sure they were Super Containers, i collected them with patience.
  10. Yeti9028

    Super Containers Converted

    Understood, Thanks for the help, I hope it works so all my Effort to get this many SCs doesn't go to waste, Much Oblige, i will keep you posted on what happens.
  11. Yeti9028

    Super Containers Converted

    yes this picture that has Weimar and Nueve is from the PTS where i had originally 46-48 SCs, i wanted to see what i could get on the PTS without risking the main server, but today i reached 50 SCs on the main server, and suddenly transformed into reguldar containers
  12. Yeti9028

    Super Containers Converted

    Alright then, I will wait on the Ticket response from the Ticket i sent, and no on th A) option, ALL THE CONTAINERS were SUPER CONTAINERS, Every single one of the 50 containers WERE SUPER CONTAINERS, I earned them, Patiently, but I thank you for trying to help and your advice on contacting Customer Support. i will make a Check and Repair while i wait for CS to answer back.
  13. Yeti9028

    Super Containers Converted

    I know, this is proof that i had 50 Super Containers, the problem is that in the main server they were converted into Reguldar Containers, every single one of the 50 taht you see in the first post, WERE SUPER CONTAINERS, and now they are Regular containers, I earned them all with patience.
  14. Yeti9028

    Super Containers Converted

    Patience, Determination and everytime you go to the 3 daily containers, whatever you pick you have a chance to Receive a super container, well its simple, as explained above its a combination of events, if its a regular container i opened immediately, if it was a super container, i saved it and move to the next one
  15. Yeti9028

    Super Containers Converted

    No, i did not get passed 100 containers, i reached 50, I also purchased a Supercontainer today with the Community tokens, and now they all appear to be just Normal Containers, Im aware of the limit that's why i was going for a 100 and then I would open them all at once and see what i catch, maybe some premium time and maybe a ship, but now i have what appears to be 48 regular containers instead of the 48 Super Containers that i have earned thru at least 9 or 10 months, its a combination of the Daily rewards, Try your luck and Anniversary battleflake, I do not wish to open more for if they can be restored i would only lose 2 in the worse case scenario, and this is in the main server by the way, The PTS was just to test what i could possibly get if i opened them all at once