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  1. TRevWhite

    What BBs do you play in Co-op?

    Something fast and able to deal damage at a fast rate. When I play Coop, the games go so fast that I don't have much of a chance to do a lot damage unless I can traverse the map at high speed. So... Scharnhorst mainly. Others, but mostly Scharnhorst.
  2. TRevWhite

    Quick Question: Graf Spee

    You expect a KM cruiser split in the future? While that would thrill me, it seems as if it would be difficult to do.
  3. TRevWhite

    Quick Question: Graf Spee

    I cannot find the answer. I apologize. It's out there somewhere but I cannot find it. Can we expect the cruiser Admiral Graf Spee to make a return? Is it gone for good? Thank you in advance!
  4. TRevWhite

    Which special captains are worth it?

    If you get an opportunity to get Adm. Lütjens, and you play German ships regularly, don't delay. He's worth it.
  5. TRevWhite

    1st try at the "Weimar Run" in Narai

    I played four games in a row earlier this evening, each having 3 Weimars in them. It makes for a rough game if you're a BB...
  6. TRevWhite

    What's the climate like where you live?

    When it comes to rainfall, we're pretty normal here in SWVA (the little spear-head of Virginia between KY, TN, WV). The temperatures have been unseasonably high though. It's an ongoing trend for the past few years. I feel for you out west. That has to be miserable and quite frightening.
  7. TRevWhite

    Help Recommending a Ship Line

    This is 100% effective... it is for me, at least. Keeps it fun, keeps it new, keeps it from getting stale, and gets you a good taste of everything. The "short-grind" to T7 keeps me working toward something.
  8. TRevWhite

    Damage to team members

    Isn't this why you're complaining about them stealing your kill? Just so you can get a ribbon?...
  9. TRevWhite

    Appreciation for CC and Retired CC’s thread

    Far too many wonderful instances to name. But... like most, not enough good things can be said about @LittleWhiteMouse and the contributions she has made, and no doubt will continue to make. For me, I can't think of WoWs without thinking of @Notser I have faithfully watched his videos and streams and he has helped me become a better player and given countless hours of good entertainment. His honest, thoughtful reviews of ships, tactics, actions by WG, and wonderful commentary are invaluable. I have never had a conversation with Notser, nor have I met him, or had any personal interaction with him, but I feel as if I have known his personally for many years. I've seen videos, streams, and posts (here on the forums and elsewhere) by a lot of CCs, both past and present, but none have been as important to me as Notser. So here's to all our Community Contributors and their... well... their contributions to the community. LOL! Edit: Also, @Business6 There's an underrated, often overlooked CC. He hasn't posted in a while (and I'm not entirely sure of his status) but I definitely suggest checking him out as well. Very good player, entertainer, and reviewer!
  10. TRevWhite

    Good morning

    "Good Morning?" Are you from the future... or the past?...
  11. No doubt... And it's a bit nonsensical.
  12. Sad... It's really sad. It's riotous here now. There's no reason...
  13. Great! I'm a huge fan of Nürnberg, myself. I'm really a fan of most of the German cruisers, as well as Battleships, though the Nberg is my favorite. I've gone back and forth on the Weimar, Mainz, and München. I haven't been able to make up my mind yet, as which to buy. For now I'll continue to debate, I suppose. (I've also decided that I desperately need Admiral Lütjens so he's my next purchase.) I'm glad you are happy with your decision. It may well influence mine. +1