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  1. TRevWhite

    Ship you hate facing the most

    I will have to agree with AJTP89 and say Conqueror. There are some others though. Atlanta, Belfast, Worchester, and Gulio Ceasere, to name a few.
  2. TRevWhite

    Feature request-AA sector

    100% Agree. The current set-up sounds easy in theory, but in reality in the middle of a fight?... it's bad.
  3. TRevWhite

    Finding a new "home"

    Sounding exciting so far. Thanks for the responses, shipmates.
  4. TRevWhite

    Finding a new "home"

    Well now I'm really looking forward to getting her. Thanks!
  5. TRevWhite

    Finding a new "home"

    I have been playing WoWS for over two years now (off and on) and have had my ups and downs, as all players will. In the beginning, at lower tiers, I fell in love with the German cruisers (call me crazy). My experience level began to change as did my play style and as I got higher up in the German cruiser line, I didn't feel at home anymore. When German Battleships were released I found my new love. Nassau is still one of my favorite ships and I still like the lower tier play. I loved Kaiser, and Bayern, I purchased Sharnhorst and love her as well. Bismarck is still a love/hate relationship and I have no motivation to go higher in this line. I have found a ship or two that suit my playstyle (Gulio Cesere, Roon, Sharnhorst) but was beginning to feel lost. I just recently decided to purchase a few new ships in an attempt to find a new home. I finally stumbled upon Algerie. I liked the lower tier French cruisers, don't get me wrong, but something just didn't fit. But now that I have found Algerie and played a handful of Co-op battles, Operations, and then 3 or 4 Random battles, my hopes are high. I have enjoyed this ship, in the short time I have had her, and can tell that her playstyle suits me quite well. I was hesitant about the slow turret traverse speed and reload speed, but playing battleships has helped to prepare me, I think. I have high hopes for our future endeavors and can't wait to purchase the Charles Martel to see if the trend might continue. I have the Free XP to do it now, but I like doing the old fashioned grind. It helps me get used to a ship, and more importantly a line of ships, so the transition is easier, and I know whether or not I am willing to put the time into a line. I hate starting at bottom tier and working my way up to tier 6 or 7, just to find that the line doesn't suit me anymore and giving up on it. I hope that the higher tier French cruisers are the ones for me. Sorry for the long post, I've just had a boost of morale and wanted to share. Jeez, it's been a long time since I've been on these forums. Maybe I'll stick around a while. See you on the high seas, captains.
  6. Show me again the power of the darkness and I will let nothing stand in our way...

  7. TRevWhite

    Caption the profile image above you.

    And now I will stare into the distance for a long period of time (And I will do this for dramatic purposes).