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    A Concern With Sub Octavian and the Giulio Cesare

    1. My issue is that I got the GC because I wanted a T5 Italian BB. not that it was OP, which in my hands it ISN'T, I do much better in other T5 BBs. The move to T6 is a HUGE letdown for me. I will not be buying more premium ships if these types of changes go through. Granted this is just MY opinion, but it smells very fishy on this whole thing. Why buff GC 2 times post release if its over performing? who is it over performing for? Can Joe Schmo Potato get in a GC and put up godly stats? How about rolling back the 2 port release buffs and see how it handles? Why are you deciding to do this during the CV Apocalypse? Don't you think that you should be working more on fixing CVs? Like where are the bot CV's? Operations with CVs? etc.... Timing is everything... GC should of never been dropped into peoples accounts for free like candy if it was OP. It shouldn't of been Buffed post release if it was OP. This GC change will be a turning point for WOWS. Either way I hope you all stay in business and continue playing. I should be around unless they touch my Missouri inappropriately.
  2. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    Do Bots cheat?

    I have watched a bot BB shot his front turrets off his port side, shooting at another player. Me being an oppertunist decided I would make my yolo-torp run at this BB from his starboard side... Joke was on me when the bot BB was able to target me with his rear turrets and blow me out of the water while still tracking and shooting the other boat with his front turrets. I really want to have that ability on my boats in randoms!
  3. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    I wonder of I can find my video of this happening... I am glad I am not the only one it's happening to. Was in my JBart. Hak decided to focus me all game. Torps came looked unarmed. Hit me and exploded, others "armed" well past my ship. Funny thing is that I held that flank I was on, and even sank the hak. But still lost.
  4. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    Spending intentions poll

    I justified my spending on the fact that I am single, no kids, good job, and nothing else hobby wise to spend my entertainment budget on. Might be why I am still single... :-)
  5. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    Spending intentions poll

    IRT #5, what will influence my spending the most? I am a wallet whale. I spend a LOT per year on WOWS. Mostly in the form of premium time, containers for flags + ships, premium boats for their play style and specific tier that they are in. I can say that I will not buy another premium using real money if they go ahead with their GC changes. If they want to change it and up-tier it, then freeze the original at t5 and release the "fixed boat" as GC B or some other name. It was bad enough they moved Saipan to t8. I can give them a pass since it was a Global change to CVs and not just a fix to one boat. I will most likely still purchase premium time, but I will wait and see on that after my 380 days run out.
  6. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    AA Sector Reinforcement Efficiency

    Well, just to add on, I have only played BB and CV since the rework, so that might be part of my issue on the switching. Since I like my BB play to be up close and personal. I am usually up to my eyes in the brown stuff getting slung at me by several reds. Thank you for your explanation.
  7. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    AA Sector Reinforcement Efficiency

    I have read that... I understand the AA rework partially. There are definitely some wonky things like when a boat has no short range AA the med range goes all the way into the boat... which I think is not right. but that is just my opinion. "(IV) Manual Fire Control for AA Armament - increases the efficiency of sector reinforcing by 20% (which means 150% from 125%, for example) and reduces the time for switching by 20%." there is nothing in this that says, reduced off side by extra 20%.
  8. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    AA Sector Reinforcement Efficiency

    I like that it does add damage, but only if you perfect the switch while shooting at reds, dodging the planes, and everything else. I have the skill on my main AA boats, but for the life of me I can't get the timing right. So for me the skill doesn't add anything in the average damage on a cvs' attack run. I possibly will get used to the timing on the switch but so far in my games I can shoot more planes down without prioritizing any sectors. I just think that at 4 skill points it should add 20% to the one sector and not take the extra 20% from the off sector... so the average dmg if you don't switch perfectly would be 20% higher.
  9. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    AA Sector Reinforcement Efficiency

    After seeing this ^^ I am starting to think that Manual AA skill is not worth 4 skill points for me on any boat in my fleet. I wish they would of added onto the description of the skill that states it doesn't add to the off sector at all, but actually weakens the off sector more. I don't see how this skill is worth 4 points.
  10. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    WG please bring back right click

    Doh, I thought I had tried that. maybe it failed since it was still switching when I tried to stop the reinforcement. Thanks! will try that when I get on after work today.
  11. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    WG please bring back right click

    Is there a way to reset the stupid zone reinforcement? If there is I have yet to figure it out. I switched to one side since planes were coming, but noticed the second cv was coming from opposite side as well. would of been nice to reset back to 100 each side.
  12. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    AA in CV Rework and You.

    If I remember correctly, I think they stated that only 1 CV per Division still. As for the multiple cv's per side, I think I remember them saying that they will look at the numbers once live and adjust what the cap is per side. But then again I am not getting any younger and my brain lost many cells over the x-mas holiday ( thanks alcohol ) :-)
  13. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    got the code thanks! it said it worked when i entered it, but I didn't get anything, I can enter it and it always says it worked. I have done this 10+ times, and still have nothing - double checked and I got the 950 gold and 3pt captain with port slot
  14. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    Monitor Question

    I run a 1080ti with a 27" 2k monitor thats 144hz, it is very sweet. I setup to output to my 55" 4k tv, but the UI is too small to play for my eyes at 4k. So in short, I would suggest a good 2k 144hz or faster monitor thats 32" or smaller, to keep the pixels per inch at a higher number.
  15. LaRock_O_no_Lie

    WoWs Legends console Closed Beta Sign-up

    thanks for the heads up!