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  1. LaurenBacall

    CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    I'm not pretending to be expert about this topic, but I've leveled IJN CVs to t9 and US CVs to t8. I'v also been playing for three years and have leveled nearly all the other ship lines to t8, so I've seen my share of battle and suffered from my poor play decisions. On that note, I'm a 48% player across all ships, which, from what I can tell, it pretty average (47-53%). For me, the main problems with carrier play - things I do not enjoy - are three fold: Too many obscure and complex game mechanics combined with too much to do. Planes are eliminated too quickly. Carrier performance has an out-sized impact on match outcome (for better or worse.) Simple ways to improve carrier play for most players, without over-hauling the entire thing: Remove manual drops - it's not necessary in order to be effective with a carrier, and it's led to counter-productive work-arounds in other areas. Remove fighter strafing, but keep locks and breaking locks (but remove the stun) - this mechanic is too expertise- and lag-dependent. It's the one mechanic in the entire game I can say that I "hate" and it results in completely unrealistic levels of damage to the slower CV player. Provide better UI to help CV players estimate the damage they face from enemy AA and higher-tier fighters (ranges, threat-level, etc.) so they can make smarter choices with more constraints on them. Finally (and this applies to radar and hydro as well which is ruining the DD game, IMO), spotting enemy ships should be limited to revealing position only. Only the spotter should be able to act/fire on the target, not the entire team. Oh, and these mechanics shouldn't work through islands/mountains. My 2 cents is that WG will probably put the rest of the game at risk with a major overhaul of CVs (and may the gaming gods take mercy on them if they remove CVs altogether.) I think recognizing the limitations they can impose on the *average* player and rolling-back some features/mechanics is a better option. Thanks for your time, all.
  2. LaurenBacall

    It's not the car, it's the driver.

    What he said. Matchmaking is BROKEN. There are alternatives, WG. Get on it, or I'll take my money elsewhere.
  3. LaurenBacall

    It's not the car, it's the driver.

    " Please, links to this "debunked" theory. With data. I'll wait. Seriously. Player skill is EVERYTHING. In every game. Or else it's not a game, it's a simulation. Honestly can't fathom some folks not understanding that. (BTW, I get the irony of me arguing skill vs. ship and then asking for a +/- 1 tier separation. You may have a point that t8 v. t10 is playable - I've had more than my number of wins in this situation. I'm just saying that it's not as enjoyable for me - hiding, running, getting whacked by the Yamato, etc. Since all I've got are t8s to level, being relegated to this fate isn't very "fun and engaging".)
  4. LaurenBacall

    It's not the car, it's the driver.

    OK. I hear what your saying. But, seriously, nothing afoot with matchmaker? Really? I'm not asking for high-tier vs. high-tier players, just a realistic average win-rate vs. average win-rate - whatever % that is in any given match. MM monitor makes it pretty clear that - on average - teams with higher average win rates do, indeed, do better vs. teams with lower win rates. Why not address that? Especially when MM creates match-ups that have a 20% or more mismatch? That seems like an easy fix. And +/- 2 tiers means that the lower tier player is going to have to be hella cautious, right? Often, that means in the back, out of range, etc. "Right of passage?" Sure. But, why is that necessary? Because you simply don't *want* to go +/- 1 tier? Why not? There's obviously enough players in the queue. WHY SO RESISTANT TO CHANGE? And post-battle stats is not good enough. I want to know exactly what every point of damage I did where and why. Call me a "data brat", but this data is available in other games, why not here? Every Youtube basically has the same advice, which is generalist at best. "AP under 'x' km or when broadside, I'am for the waterline, yadda yadda." But I'd like to know where my Nurnurg's AP rounds are doing the most damage vs. a Fuso without having to research a white paper. And the player's skill *IS* more of a deciding factor than a ship's stats. Arguing differently just boggles my mind. :D
  5. LaurenBacall

    It's not the car, it's the driver.

    P.S. "Salty" is always the canned response to every complaint/concern, eh? Guess I shouldn't bother posting here, eh? Great "community" support. But why should expect anything more from the internet...
  6. LaurenBacall

    It's not the car, it's the driver.

    I'm not entitled, I'm BORED. And, yes, I *can* vote with my money. WG put themselves in that position when they decided to run with a freemium model. Paying players subsidize the the non-paying players. Same with community supporters - they get more attention and consideration. Why? Because they invest in the game with their time. I'm no different, I simply invest with my money. But what I'm saying is - regardless of what YOU do - I'm less satisfied since the MM fix than before. Matches seem more lopsided. I can't get hard stats on what's really going on in the game. And I'm saying there are other games out there all competing for my hard-earned cash, and time, and enthusiasm.
  7. LaurenBacall

    It's not the car, it's the driver.

    Fair points, all. I'm just saying that my understanding is that MM is matching based on ship class/tier alone and not an indication of a player's ability. WG has a *billion* stats to work with, but I really do believe that win rate is the best overall indicator. Winners, win - it's in their blood. Still, since the MM fix, I *am* seeing a lot more lop-sided matches, as are others in my clan. And it's taking the game down a notch for me. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Dear Wargaming, MM is *seriously* broken. Since you "fixed" it, nearly every match I've been in has resulted in a mismatched outcome. Regardless of win/loss ratio, I'm bored. Boredom = no more of my $$$. And I've given you a *lot* of my money. Recommendations: 1. Please limit tier separation to 1 tier. Not that this has anything to do with my boredom, but I do get tired of playing tier 8's against tier 10's. Since I've leveled nearly every line to tier 8, this is a serious problem for me. Please address it. 2. Matchmaking should reflect player skill, not ship capability. Obviously, though the latter *is* a factor, it's not as dominant compared to the former. If your information indicates otherwise, than we need to know. 3. Oh, and on that count, how about a better combat log? For real, I'd like to know *exactly* what's killing me and what's killing other players, so - I don't know - improve my game play based on hard data instead of hear-say and guesstimates. Thanks for such a great game. Now, don't screw it up any further. Your revenue is on the line. Sincerely,