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  1. LaurenBacall


    I wish I had time to do that - too many ships to grind. Thanks for the feedback. I agree it's too late to change map position without some consequences, but I don't think it's too late to do anything. The key is to be situationally aware and leave yourself outs. And as a BB, never, ever, turn a 180 unless you absolutely feel there's no other choice. You've got islands, bow angles, good damage control decisions, and my favorite - reverse props (I always take PM1). And the ramming flag. Just don't barge ahead solo unless there's no other choice.
  2. LaurenBacall


    So, I can confirm that "the play like a DD approach" doesn't work. ;) A lot more glorious but still the same problem - most of my mates are all dead by the time I arrive and my staying power is limited. (This is why I don't prefer secondary builds.) Instead, I've respecced for 1/2 engagement speed crawl, generally staying at range and trying to maintain the BB line with my team (or a little behind it). Focus the cruisers down with AP - her shells seem very good for devastating strikes on these targets. Switch to HE only if you've got a bow-tank or a DD on you. ...and wait for the reload... Also, spec for AA, since you'll probably be out, alone somewhere most of the battle, but MM has only given me 2 CV battles in 34 matches. WR seems to be improving... Oh, and pray that MM is nice to you.
  3. LaurenBacall


    Update: This situation hasn't improved... 32 battles 10 victories 22 defeats WR 31% In nearly every one of those defeats, 2 or more of my side's ships have been eliminated in the first 5 minutes of the match (before I am). I'm forced to conclude that this isn't "random". It's a pattern of matchmaking I've seen several times, and only with specific high-tier ships. Even with my own suckage taken into account (0.8 kill ratio and 69k average damage), I shouldn't be getting allocated to teams with so many early deaths 2 out of 3 matches over the span of 32 matches - it should appear more or less even...unless its not. All I can say is, knowing that the match is a wash in the first 5-6 minutes over and over again and that its not likely to improve doesn't engender feelings of warmth towards the game or its future. WARGAMING, please pay attention.
  4. LaurenBacall


    Yeah, this is the only approach that seems to yield better results for this ship. Too far back and my damage is weaksauce. Too close, though, and its torp city. Working through hull A has also been a limiter, but maybe I'll see better results if I get to the fight faster. Thanks.
  5. LaurenBacall


    I'm a 50% WR player. I was 56% on Kansas. With Minnesota, I'm currently 30%. All my team mates seem to die before I can get into the fight (the ship is slow), but that shouldn't make that big of a difference, should it? I notice MM gets wonky at tiers IX and X with some ships. For example, my Zao is under 40% WR after 200+ battles - no matter what I do, my team gets wiped most of the time. Regardless of the tired "MM isn't fair" argument, or my complete lack of skill with these ships, I have to say that the current experience with sips like Zao and Minnesota is a big turn-off to the game. Things shouldn't be so different that I can't figure out what the problem is and correct it. Or its MM, but - again - not the experience I'm sticking around for... Any advice on how to spec and play Minnesota would be appreciated.
  6. LaurenBacall

    Friendly Fire

    SUGGESTION: Remove the old system altogether (no penalties) and reinstate FF damage. However, the damage is applied to the one that fired the munitions. ;) That would stop friendly fire, protect team members, and absolve us of the pesky penalty system.
  7. Please reinstate friendly fire damage. Or remove the penalties. With the removal of damage, players are simply ignoring torpedoes and the like, but I'm getting pinked. And for what? (And don't tell me I should be more aware of my allies, because there are many situation where allies are no where near the line of fire and yet they still sail into torps from 12 km back...) And if there's no harm from friendly fire, what's the point of penalizing anyone for doing it? Not shooting at the enemy? Anyone can (and does) do that now by simply not firing. Personally, I preferred damage from friendly fire and the penalties that came with it. Please restore it to previous functionality. Besides, its more realistic and, IMO, the game needs it.
  8. Please see If I don't know when a conditional commander skill activates, I'm not going to waste skill points on it. Also, any commander skill that penalizes me for taking it, ditto. Especially 3 and 4 point commander skills. Really, these should be addressed ASAP. Thanks!
  9. Is there any in-game indicator for when a conditional commander skill (e.g. Outnumbered) activates?
  10. LaurenBacall

    PTS 0.10.6

    I like this idea. I don't want to spend too much time grinding on the PTS because its time, effort, and reward lost on the regular server. This game's not actually "free to play" - its a time sink, so anything that detracts from progression is a disincentive for me to participate.
  11. LaurenBacall

    PTS 0.10.6

    Feedback on the community tokens...I like it! As I mentioned above, I didn't usually keep doing test server past the first three battles because it seemed like maximum effort for minimal gain. In about 12(?) battles today, I've cleared ALL of the community token missions except the 30 sinks, which I'm 17/30 and working to complete for the 2000+ tokens. MUCH BETTER TYVM! For older testers (or, lordy, players with 20k+ battles?!? ^^), I can see there's probably not much in the containers/rewards that you need. However, I suspect the WG is trying to get NEW people to test with this new system. "I'll buy that for a dollar!"
  12. LaurenBacall

    PTS 0.10.6

    Not sure I understand. Before, I'd get a few signals for the first few matches and then not want to grind a whole day for a few other rewards. Now, at least, I have some options on how to spend my time/currency, and the contents of the containers don't seem so bad. And the spacing between PTS goals is closer, so I'm spending more time doing that than usual. (In fact, I haven't played PTS in a while because the rewards just weren't worth the time.) And the content you're referring to wasn't ever an option for you to get before, but is for new players?
  13. LaurenBacall

    PTS 0.10.6

    Question: Why does my test instance only allow me to play tiers 1, 5, and 8, but my clan mate has access to all tiers AND premium ships?
  14. LaurenBacall

    PTS 0.10.6

    Not liking the "Claim Reward" feature for some combat missions. Seems intentionally deceptive, like I have to go look through ALL the missions to find the one(s) that I earned. I get that maybe offering a choice of reward seems like a good idea, but its not like we're deciding on which premium ship to get. I don't want to have to muck around through this UI for a signal or a container. I just like earning a reward. Don't need a choice. Maybe tell me where its located on the mission list? Edit: Also, once I complete one, if its in a list of other completed ones, I have to click through every one. Really needs highlighting, IMO.
  15. LaurenBacall

    Matchmaker Broken

    Every two weeks, I log back in to see if this ridiculously lopsided MM issue gets addressed. Aaaand its not. Pretty sure I'm better than 20% WR. Don't care what logic the forum throws back at me. Fact is, I'm losing my penchant for WoWS. I'll try again in 2 weeks. Or 2 months. Plenty of other games out there.