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  1. LaurenBacall

    Mod Station still not working

    It's been this way for me since the patch update. Any ideas why?
  2. LaurenBacall

    IJN Light Cruisers (Omono)

    Now, to reply to my own post with some (I hope useful) information on "how to play". See this video too, https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/japanese-light-cruisers-how-best-to-play-them/. Keep in mind that I'm a totally average player and am not presuming to be an expert on any of this, but I know what feels better than not. First, let's consider what the ship is GOOD AT: Lots of turrets and lots of guns Longer range, high damage torps Good concealment Good turning DD killer Therefore, for equipment load out (for Shimanto), I choose: Slot 1: Magazine Modification 1 - you're small and easily killable. Best to reduce the chance of a one-shot. You've got a billion turrets/guns and can usually DCP them into action. Slot 2: Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 - you're a DD killer. Act like it. Drop the AA buff and start searching for torps and botes. Slot 3: Main Battery Modification 2 - I noticed that Omono struggles with rapid turning and slow turret traverse. Ain't nobody got time for that. You *need* to turn quickly and your guns must compensate. I waste less time waiting for traverse and more time shooting (and hitting) than using ASM. Slot 4: Propulsion Modification 1 - In my experience, reds have a harder time hitting a target that changes speed than one changing direction. Slot 5: Concealment Systems Modification 1 - always. Just. Always. Note that I always choose the recommended commander skills, because I'm lazy. Playstyle is to use islands for cover and carefully plan our your moves based on the enemy's weak points. PLAY THE MINIMAP. Given the oppty, you can ace red subs and DDs - that's your job. Otherwise, stay at distance, change course and speed often, and spam HE. Use your concealment at range to attract attention and then vanish, burning up their firing time with turret traverse. Don't bother with the AP except against other broadside cruisers. Also, if the reload feels to slow for you, then space out single shots and keep pulling the trigger (unless you need to vanish.) This helped me, versus the recommended config I was playing from the wiki.
  3. LaurenBacall

    How to Change View Angle for Scout Planes?

    NM (sigh), found it in the wiki... "By default, the C key is used to switch between the default view and aerial view if the Spotting Aircraft consumable is active."
  4. Can't find the "setting" (?) for how to change the view angle when a scout plane is launched. I recently reinstalled and all my settings got reset, including this one (its apparently "flat" by default).
  5. LaurenBacall

    Help with Player Panels Mod

    Settings > Controls > Display Team Lineups
  6. LaurenBacall

    Help with Player Panels Mod

    NM. I found the game setting and fixed it.
  7. LaurenBacall

    Custom Panels not Displaying

    Thanks! The exact line-item is Controls > Display Team Lineups.
  8. (I can't seem to post successfully in the mods forum, so...) I'm trying to install Badobest's player panels mod from the Mod Station. Once its installed, I see the gear icon in the top-right and when I click it, the setting panel is displayed, as expected. However, nothing I do to the settings actually makes the player panels display in the UI. I've tried a game settings reset, a repair, and a complete new reinstallation of WoWs - nothing seems to work. Additionally, I've tried some of the other player panel mods and none of them appear either. These mods seem to work fine on a clan-mates instance. Anyone else have this problem and was able to fix it? (Note: this is the first time I've ever tried this kind of mod. I've never tried a players panel mod in WoWs before this.)
  9. Using ModStation. Trying to apply *any* of the Ship Icons customizations and none of them display in-game. I can see the Settings gear icon in the top-right, click it, and access the panel, but nothing is displayed. I've run a game integrity check, tried turning off all mods, and reset all game settings - still nothing. Should I reinstall?
  10. I'm struggling with the design intention for this ship (line?). Its OK against DDs, but *worthless* in almost any other situation. If you look at it, it sinks. No smoke. No radar. Pretty much have to hide the entire battle, and even if I'm pounding away and manage to survive, I get mid-leaderboard at best (and - so far - almost always lose the battle). Thoroughly unenjoyable. I'd say, "play it like Shima", but its detect is hideous and its torpedo load-out is lacking as well. It feels *too* situational and is boring and frustrating to play. P.S. I feel that there have been a lot of new lines (including subs) that are VERY difficult to play well. Being seasoned, I'm inclined to point out that this difficulty is probably driving away newer players. Combined with YouTube sentiments I'm seeing from the older CCs, I'm concerned for the future of WoWS... (And I usually refute this sentiment when I hear it in chat.) Someone, please, convince me otherwise that this boat is worth it (and hopefully the rest of the line as well.)
  11. LaurenBacall

    How to Sub?

    Thank you, all!
  12. LaurenBacall

    How to Sub?

    I'm looking for good advice on how to effectively play a sub. I'm about 20 battles into VI Cachalot and am just not getting it. I'm looking for best practices. What's a preferred strategy for map positioning? When should I fire my torpedoes? Before I ping? After? Best way to use active sonar to detect enemy ships, etc? Diving / depth best practices. Thanks!
  13. LaurenBacall

    FDG Loadout

    I'm really struggling with this ship. It feels like a wimpy shell magnet. Can't hit anything too far out. Using the 406, everything seems to bounce, even against a MO. 406 mm or 420 mm? HE or AP? Best upgrades? Best commander skills? Note I'm not against a secondary build, if that's the most effective. But if its not, then what?
  14. The 0.11.9 video says this information "can be found in a separate article found on our website". I can't find it. Thanks, in advance.