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  1. TheMoFoTruth

    New high damage record for me - pt2

    Nice job dude!
  2. Yeah, thats getting close to 8 hours a day. And i already got a job.
  3. TheMoFoTruth

    How do I improve my win rate?

    number 1 way to improve is to not drink beer while playing WoWs.
  4. TheMoFoTruth

    Grandmaster Collector

    I have 176 port slots, yet I have the 200 ship emblem. The only time I have ever sold a ship is by resetting a tech tree line. Given those two observations, I suspect that credit towards the 500 can be earned by rebuying a ship you used to have. Someone should test this buy buying and selling a T2 cruiser 500 times :)
  5. TheMoFoTruth

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    Its not the games fault your hardware has thermal or electrical management problems.
  6. TheMoFoTruth

    Pan Asain Cruiser's

    I got my pan asian cruiser out of a free daily reward box. Pretty lucky box! but that makes it just an RNG event equally accessible to everyone.
  7. TheMoFoTruth

    Pan Asain Cruiser's

    Should be there, i agree.
  8. The findings are really good, thank you OP for including your resolution. Its important to know how many pixels are having to be redrawn in addition to how often they are refreshed.
  9. TheMoFoTruth

    Transformers Prime Camo

    Kong on the North Carolina Primal camo still moves, but no vocalizing. Not sure if that was ever there for Kong. He has a yelling animation, but no sounds come out his mouth.
  10. TheMoFoTruth

    Cross of Dorn - Mainz

    Does it take German captains?
  11. TheMoFoTruth

    Personal Challenges question.

    The longer update is so that the coders can get the final touches on Flying Submarines before the next release.
  12. TheMoFoTruth

    Graphics Update Review

    My windows laptop is 3.5 years old and i cant run max graphics now, so it will all look the same to me. The game wont run on my mac nor linux machines, and with the price/availability of replacing my windows machine i guess i will just have to dial back the settings each time something gets enhanced.
  13. What overlay / app / mod / setting / doo-hickey , etc is being used to show the framerates, temps, %, etc? my laptop struggles a ton, but that’s probably cause my external monitor is 3440x1440 and laptop is not powerful enough to update 5 million pixels at high quality settings. Is there anything specific to 21:9 displays at my resolution that i should adjust? thanks!
  14. Im a buyer just to get the hot air balloons consumable.