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    Set Captains to use only one language

    the captain of ARP_Kirishima and her sister Kongo clones drive me nuts. so i have 3 capt sitting idle at 6 points each. the only good thing about these captains is telling everyone to "defend the base" (and other f-key voice chats) in 8 year old Japanese girl voice.
  2. TheMoFoTruth

    unable to scroll on naval battles

    yeah, happened last time too. i let it go last time but figured its now a pattern so i should report. sorry its happened to you as well, but glad someone else can verify there is indeed an issue.
  3. i don't have any scroll bars on my naval battles screen. this makes it difficult to contribute to my teams progress as i can't scroll down to see the specific missions that i can run and contribute..