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  1. Super__Chicken

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    I have a ton of ship XP tied up in ships for which I have 19-point commanders. To elevate these ships to 21-point commanders will take a ton of playtime to retrieve a benefit I've worked very hard to develop. How's about we be able to convert ship XP on ships with 19-point commanders to elite commander XP to help in boosting these commanders to 21-points?
  2. Super__Chicken

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    This event has been weighed . . . .it has been measured . . . . and it has been found wanting.
  3. Super__Chicken

    Has anyone kept the Nurnberg

    My goto ship for T6 operations/scenarios. Great range and rate of fire. Decent fire starter.
  4. Yo . . . Naval Battles may be getting a bit stale and uninteresting for some week after week. How about removing the 10-battle limit? Those who like the challenge can then enjoy it more and we can go for some really impressive results.
  5. Super__Chicken

    9v9 and Mercy Rule Solution

    Very well then. When they do get around to fixing this problem, we'll both play the battles before us and both of us will be just as happy (in your case) or happier (in my case). In fact, you'll be happier too, as nobody will be complaining about this anymore. Win-win.
  6. Super__Chicken

    9v9 and Mercy Rule Solution

    Sorry that you think it's foolish. Do you actually PLAY Co-op? If you do, then how many times do you invest getting into position to get significant damage on one or more ships . . . and the battle ends? This focus on the last single inconvenient" ship that has to be chased (a CV) isn't the issue at all. It's the 2 or 3 ships that now often remain to be killed that are being actively engaged. Well within range . . . . shells in mid-air . . . torps out. Battle over. Too bad. So frustrating. So often. If you're a battleship player, you invest time getting into position and maybe get in a salvo or two and the battle ends QUICKLY? No joy in that. There's no advantage to a quick start to another battle just to do the same thing. It's wasted time, not saved time. On the flip side, if one doesn't play or care about co-op, then why get involved in a conversation that doesn't impact their enjoyment of the game? Everyone I div/interact with in co-op HATES battles ending too early . . . . or too quickly. I hope it's true the WOW's is considering a remedy for this. It's long overdue.
  7. Greetings . . . I know a lot of veterans playing this game who would appreciate taking the mercy rule out of co-op much more than a T2 cruiser. Everyone I know wants to kill all 8 ships every battle and not have it end early in frustration with shells outbound and torps about to hit juicy targets. But . . . thanks for thinking of veterans and doing something for them. They deserve it.
  8. Super__Chicken

    Guide to French Tokens

    Is the Hall of Fame working for anyone? I've completed two stages now, and it's still not active.
  9. Super__Chicken

    Why is it so hard to stop ending coop games with 2 ships left?

    Consistency with regard to this rule is irrelevant given how differently the two modes play. Arguably, the dropping to zero/mercy rule is hardly ever applied in my experience in Random. Victory in Random is typically triggered by 1,000 points or everyone on one side killed. Right?
  10. Super__Chicken

    Why is it so hard to stop ending coop games with 2 ships left?

    Maybe we should ask the question differently. What would be the downside to removing the mercy rule from Co-op? Clearly many would like it to happen, and I'm in battles on a daily basis where the battle ends with 1 or 2 enemy ships left to kill and all my div mates grumble -- especially if any one of us were close to making a kill. Others just don't care or use the topic as an excuse to bash Co-op players. So it seems as though the change if implemented would be net positive for players overall. Still waiting for a reply in the other recent thread from @RadarX about there being no plans.
  11. @Radar_X Thank you for your post. If WoWs has an interest in making the game more enjoyable for Co-op players, then I don't understand why there wouldn't be plans to adjust the rule for Co-op. Don't take my word for it. Do a survey among regular Co-op players if you can sample for that. Opinions of Random players who troll and express disdain for Co-op have no business being part of a survey on the topic. I predict you'd get an overwhelming majority say they would have more fun in the game if we could kill all 8 ships regardless of the enemy zeroing out. Co-op is not about winning battles. That's 96%+ a given result. It's about blowing ships up. For those who continue to play Co-op after learning the controls and fundamentals, it's also not about all conditions being the same in Co-op as Random. The two modes play entirely differently, and you don't learn how to be successful in Randoms until you play Randoms. Moreover, Random battles are usually won by killing all enemy ships or reaching 1,000 points. So the zeroing out isn't all that relevant in either mode. Sincere regards.
  12. Each clan in the head-to-head competition has the opportunity to get a star for each level in each ship/country combination.
  13. Hey CAPTMUDDXX . . . . Are you saying you play Co-op, and you don't mind when the battle ends with one or two ships left to kill and you're in a position to get that damage? If so, you're the only one I've heard of who feels that way. When it happens in Random, great. It's a victory, and you get more XP. Co-op battles almost always end in a victory, so it's not an issue there. You're just robbed of the opportunity to do more damage. Some of these battles end in under 4-5 minutes, and battleships may not even have time to get off a single decent shot depending on spawn spot and positioning of the enemy / mountains / etc.
  14. When you don't have much (or enough damage this weekend if you're trying for higher levels of damage in Naval Battles), and you have 10 Shimi torps out on a full broadside Yamato that's 2 km away . . . and the battle ends just before they hit, that's toxic to fun. And it will cost you a star for your clan. When you've invested the time to get in position to do that and the battle ends just because the enemy drops to zero, that's toxic to fun. Same deal if you have a tasty broadside salvo on the way to a full health squishy BB in your (insert your favorite T10 BB here) and the battle ends just before the shells hit. That's toxic to fun. The rule serves no purpose in Co-op other than to frustrate. I don't know anyone who enjoys playing Co-op who doesn't want this to change. Further, for those who think Co-Op is just a training ground for Random, it's not. It's an alternative mode of play that many find fun, and it plays very differently from Random. It's fun when we get to kill 6 of the enemy. It'll be more fun if we always get to kill all 8.
  15. Because this week it's about getting damage, not base XP. Total game-changer.