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    Post CV first impressions here.

    Played a T4 with an experienced/skilled carrier player in Co-op. It was his 3rd attempt after two losses in his Langley and he was struggling again to do meaningful damage. I was in a Clemson and I think we had one other human. The rest bots on our side. I'm sure bots on our side also contributed to the prior losses. So, I got 6 pretty solid kills during the course of a somewhat long battle for Co-op and still had time to cross the map to help my div buddy kill the last BB. So 7 kills total for me. None for him. Seems pretty messed up. The rework may be designed to help with Random mechanics and skill disparities from player to player, but I can't imagine anyone being motivated to play CVs in Co-op with a clear pattern of doing very little damage (seen over several subsequent battles at all other tiers). For now, it's an extreme advantage for DDs in Co-op not to have spotting by CVs and more BBs to kill (and very quick spotting of the enemy with the faster planes going out). When the new CVs come to Co-op, the spotting looks to become an extreme disadvantage and be very "toxic to fun" for DDs there. Of course, if nobody plays CVs, the enemy side won't have them either. AND . . . . getting rid of the mercy rule in Co-op and letting us kill all 8 enemy ships will give the CV players a greater chance to do more damage (and everyone) -- Please let us kill all 8 enemy ships in Co-op.
  2. I'm a close-range Kitakaze sandwich in position to put 6 guaranteed hit torps on a full-health broadside Yamato and 6 more guaranteed hits on a full-health broadside North Carolina. And the battle ends just after the second set hits the water. For the love of all that is holy, world peace, and a cure for cancer . . . . will you please ditch the mercy rule in Co-op so that we can enjoy this game 500% more than we already do. Can anyone else who cares about this make it a frequent request to give WOWs an idea of how pervasive the desire for this change is among loyal players? There is no down-side to this change. We just get more ships to blow up. Isn't that the point of playing Co-op? Thank you.
  3. Beef_Buoyant

    Co-op battles ending abruptly...

    World of Warships . . . . ARE YOU LISTENING ?????? Remove the Mercy Rule from CO-OP. PLEASE !!!!!!!! I just had 10 shimmering Shimakaze torps 2 seconds away from plastering a full health Bismark to finish out the battle by killing the last enemy ship . . . . and the battle ended. I really wanted that damage and XP after investing time in the battle to get in position and execute the final death punch. There is no reason to have the mercy rule in CO-OP, and it is a daily . . . relentless . . . GUT-WRENCHING annoyance that detracts from a more complete enjoyment of the game. Thanks in advance. I know you'll come to your senses at some point . . . . hopefully sooner than later. I'll celebrate the change by buying doubloons. Does money talk?
  4. So I thanked WOWs on Saturday for switching the bots back to their prior behavior that is reliably fun and more fast-paced. I take it back. Sunday and today (as most have noticed), they're back to being irritatingly evasive. Battles are taking too long and have devolved into island camping, sniping, enemy bots kiting away or running around in circles, and what looks like inexplicable precognizant dodging of torps right after they are fired but still too far away to detect. It's not fun. Put it back the way it was. It don't mind bots being a bit smarter, but what we've got now makes the game arduous with far more time and effort required to accrue XP and rewards to expand/improve your fleet and commanders. If we want Random, we'll play Random. Co-op should be the alternative game mode where you can brawl, play more aggressively, and just have fun wrecking bots in mean and nasty ways.
  5. Just had 2 thoroughly enjoyable T9 destroyer battles. I think it's back to being fun again. More research is required, and I think I'll enjoy some time today and celebrate by getting enough Anniversary tokens to get me a Dasha. Oh yea. I've spent a ton of money on this game in the 2 1/2 years I've played it . . . investing an extraordinary amount of time accumulating my fleet with many perma-camos, converting free XP with doubloons, a premium ship here and there and an ongoing Premium account. Thank you WOWs for listening and coming to an understanding about what many players like about Co-op. It's great to have choices, and I reckon you keep more loyal players who spend money no matter which type of battle they choose.
  6. The bots are much more evasive, and "situationally" smarter today. They aggressively cap in Standard Battle when able and not as much mindless tanking/ramming. This makes the battle take much longer, so we end up spending more time for the same reduced rewards compared to Random. Inviting thoughts and discussion on this topic after you have a chance to play a few. This makes the mercy rule even worse in Co-op when it was already really bad and frustrating. So we spend more time chasing down enemy ships running away, then if/when their counter hits zero the longer-lasting battle is over with one or two enemy ships left to kill (and the associated benefit of damage and rewards is forfeit). Just fought a battle where their YAMATO turned tail and ran away. Had another where 4 of the 5 remaining ships were retreating and having to chase them down in a large map. Very time-consuming and extremely frustrating if the battle ends because of the mercy rule and no additional damage is scored for the time spent chasing them.