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  1. I'm just going to copy/paste some ideas that were said in the rework feedback discord server -Increase plane manoeuvrability/handling. The speed is fine but damn, the sluggishness of control is really difficult to control and it is really unintuitive. Maybe if you let planes do a sharp turn and suddenly cut engines or something like that to achieve it would make it feel a lot better to play because a lot o problems stem from handling of the planes. -Allow control of the carrier when the squadron is in the air? Being unable to repair is annoying and it's not much different than currently where you can either control squadrons or your carrier. Not both at the same time. Plane control: Both mouse and wasd control always keep interfering each other and delay response from keyboard (150-180 ping) making precise control hard to accomplish, Which lead to drive bomber become almost impossible to use effectively Ship AA: Still feel passive as ever and i notice an overall increase in AA power making already deadly AA even more deadly. Recommend: Making a long and medium range AA to be control by player to increase interaction between surface and aircraft if possible and also make cv control to be able to switch between plane and cv while plane still in the air plz. -increase the amount that planes turn and maybe add a dodge option that increases spread in attack but decreases incoming damage -maybe add a feature where you can use your ships controls for a second and you squadron will just idle in the air, this increases the survival of the carriers as Qwert mentioned This shows that at the end the carriers are going to be usefull so I want the stupid [edited] "casual cv" player who don't even have a cv above tier6 to shut their trap or I will personal sink you with my Essex. WG isn't just making it better. They are completely redoing it to the benefit of the game, they are not just wasting resources doing something they don't think is worth it, WG is one of the biggest PC gaming companies out there are you dare say they are stupid helldiablo7253
  2. I need help, I'm a CV main so I got the email invite but I cant get into the test server. Do I use the Public test client? I cant find where to download the TST client. Please help me.
  3. Gamegunner

    Midway jets :(

    I WANT MY JETS BACK. I’m at Essex at the moment and because of the nerf I’m not using it enough
  4. Gamegunner

    Dolphin Aircraft Carriers

    dolphin carriers... this appeals to pretty much everyone with a mental age on 9, good for us is pretty much everyone that plays has a mental age of 9ish.
  5. I think maybe the schanrhorst should be taken off premium and put into a battlecruiser line if the german BC were to happen due to it being a pretty good example of battlecruisers. Average guns, average armor, average speed. same goes for hood. they were both battlecruisers
  6. Um. Problem, USA ONLY HAD 2 BATTLECRUISERS. The only 2 ship designs on paper and off were the Lexington class BC and the Alaska class. Lexington class had 8 16inch guns which are on the American battleships tier 7-10 so the guns are darn powerfull but the Alaska class BC is more of a heavy version of the Cleveland with smaller guns and such. I don’t see enough classes to get a line going. German and British though, I would like to see separate ship classes and British and German battlecruisers. But yeah, American battlecruisers. Never. Going. To. Happen.
  7. Well, I guess I’m going to have to be the first one to say something In this forum. Battlecruisers are a little uncommon on paper and ships that were built. WG has already put out a few battlecruisers, the 2 I know of are the German Schanhorst (yes, the scharn is really a heavy battlecruiser classified by the Germans as a BC) and MAYBE the Graf Spee (light battlecruiser that is in game as a cruiser.) but WG is pretty busy with the most demanded carrier rework which I’m quite happyish about because I just got the Essex and it is my first tier 9 so I hope that me grinding carriers won’t backfire on me like a AP bomb attack on a Bismarck ( American cv players that use AP bombs know the joke)
  8. does anyone have thoughts on battlecruisers?
  9. With the new update they made US carriers the top of the food chain again, starting at ranger I believe, you gain access to a 1/1/2 rather than a 1/1/1 that was standard for everything. But you can’t swap in for a 2/0/1 anymore, as the drawback of this new update. But it will get better. At Lexington(Tier 8) you may upgrade your DIVE bombers to equip AP bombs that can deal massive damage. These bombs were on the enterprise(Tier 8 premium carrier). At tier 9 (Essex), you have a 2/1/2, which is powerfull. Drawback, and it’s a big one, the fighters for the Essex only are stock tier 8’s and you cannot get tier 9 fighters. One thing is that the torpedo bombers past Lexington STAY at tier 8, with no upgrades to 9 or 10. But of course at Essex you can still get those AP bombs with tier 9 DB. Midway is probably the most beneficial from this update as it has a 2/2/2. With stock T9 fighters that can be upgraded to T10. Course you only have tier 8 torpedo bombers, but torpedo damage does not increase with tier. And you still get those awesome tier 10 AP dive bombers. In my opinion. Go USN as the AP bombs wreck havoc against most battleships and some cruisers, and the bombs have a INSANLY SMALL targeting reticule, that can be smaller than the superstructures on most battle ships. But you only get them at tier 8 and up. Moving on. IJN, where to start. Easy way to say how the play is swarm the skies. These carriers have a really good amount of squadrons. But that comes at a cost. When IJN fighters take a squadron of USN fighters, the USN’s are going to win, as the squadron capacity for all USN carriers is 6, beating the IJN’s 4. Plus the USN planes ( all types ) do more damage and more health. But since IJN has a 2 fighter load out that puts it a 6v8. I can’t say much more because I only really made it up to Lexington and never played a IJN carrier before. But the grind to the tier 8 Lexington is worth it because when you go into the first battle with your AP bombers bought ( point, you get stock HE so then you can upgrade them to the tier above with HE OR AP ) you can deal a CRAZY amount of damage on a battleship draining almost 7/8 of its health for certain types and if you get a good hit.