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  1. Countless hours of frustration is not entertaining. It's not entertaining when you only get a key twice, out of over 30 battles, and never survive to make it thru the portal anyway. Last year's halloween event was fun. Played it for the entire duration of the event and was really looking forward to this year's version. This is nothing but a lost cause for me, and apparently many other people feel the same, if you read the other threads discussing the subject.
  2. I played about 24 battles and got nothing for it. I only had a chance to get a key once, and was japped as soon as I got near the portal. I was in the octagon maybe 6 times, but never even came close to winning since other ships had "force fields" and torpedos etc. I was looking forward to this year's halloween game after really enjoying the last 3 years editions...this year's is NOT enjoyable, unrewarding, and I'm done with it. It's NOT an enjoyable break from the usual stuff. Every time I'm tempted to spend a few bucks, whether on warships or tanks, WG puts out crap like this and reminds me to close my wallet.
  3. blimp66

    This Year's Halloween Game

    To conclude my whining (all good things must end): So I played a few more games (seven to be exact) to see if it got better. No. Never found any more keys. "Made it" to the octagon twice on my last 2 attempts, only because I did nothing except sit off to the side and kill two blue slugs. In the octagon, other ships had torpedoes and force shields and other abilities and I have crap. I'm not gonna get any ship improvements since I can't complete any missions. Effectively this mode is a waste of time for people of my caliber. At least now I know which gaming company hired the people who designed the Chernobyl safety mechanisms.
  4. blimp66

    This Year's Halloween Game

    Fun I guess is subjective. When you invest 10 or 20 minutes and know you have little chance to get something out of it, simply because the top players are whaling on the schmucks, well, I'm not here to be fodder for the top players, so they can take my place and take my key and shove it up their butt.
  5. I liked last year's halloween game. Granted, toward the end, it became a free-for-all where you trusted no one, not even your supposed teammates who would screw you and do their own thing. Too much tension; clan players ALWAYS played to f**k everyone over. Really got unpleasant (thanks to the players, not the designers). Played one (yes only one) game of this year's version so far. Already fed up with it. Same garbage...you get what you need (a key) and as soon as you get near the portal, you get japped by everyone else. Not puttting up with the same crap I took last year. Maybe instead of chasing the goals, I should just play to screw other people for laughs, and be the spiteful b**tid myself for a change. After all, I don't need any of the rewards anyway.
  6. blimp66

    Useless Rewards

    I was only complaining because I can't use it. If Porsche gave me a light bulb for the rear brake light, I couldn't use that either because I'll never have a Porsche.
  7. blimp66

    Useless Rewards

    I'd wish I could donate the Montana camo to you, at least you could use it. I'd throw in 50 free captain slots too. :) WoWS should consider something like a donation bank, sorta like giving stuff to the salvation army, asking nothing in return. Then people who could use the stuff could go in and get it for free.
  8. blimp66

    Useless Rewards

    I guess it's nice to get free stuff, but... Just received a few more containers of useless rewards. "Freedom fighter camo for Montana". I don't ever plan on owning a Montana. I tried to find it in my inventory to sell it, but can't see it there. "Megatron commander for Kurfurst". I don't ever plan on owning a Kurfurst, and never watched the autobot cartoons. I'm sure not going to waste time, credit, and signal flags just so I could get these boats and use these "rewards". This is like when I used to win 50 extra captain slots time after time, and never used them, no matter how invaluable others found them to be. Why not just stick with more useful rewards, like general-purpose camo which at least I could sell, or general-purpose captains which can be used in any boat?
  9. blimp66

    Haragumo or Minotaur?

    I have the Harugumo as well as the Z-52, but can't speak for the Minotaur. I only really play it during ranked battles since it's expensive to play. It puts out a firestorm of damage until people shoot back at it. I've never defeated any of those other DDs you mentioned while using it. I tend to treat it like a cruiser and not be aggressive with it early in a battle; it shines when there are cripples floating around toward the middle and end of a game.
  10. blimp66

    Zao 19pt captain build

    This is my setup...
  11. blimp66

    Zao 19pt captain build

    Depends on how you play the Zao. I play mine from the rear and sides, like Zaos before me. I don't play mine as much as I used to, because all the new...stuff...pretty much makes it just average now.
  12. Nope, no where near ranking out, I just quit ranked for this season.
  13. blimp66

    $104 for a ship. Cmon WG, this is stupid.

    All I know is...if I am spending $100 on something, it better be something substantial I can physically hold. $100 worth of toy marbles is more real than an electronic ship.
  14. Well...the DD makes or breaks the battle. And since I only have the DDs you earn, and not the magical or prem ones, this season has already ended for me.
  15. Thanks for the info. I don't know why WG does this...one more annoying thing to waste computer resources.