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  1. blimp66

    halloween event

    The best event would be to have two different versions of WOWS - one for the older, "normal" ships only, and one for the new supercrap. I haven't played more than 10 hours in the past 3 months, since none of my ships (and I have ships all the way thru Tier 10) are competitive anymore.
  2. I'll admit to being away from this game for awhile after playing for almost 4 years solid. Was looking forward to seeing what the Halloween episode was going to be, and it's that dreaded twilight hunt from last year...you know, the one where you screw everyone else just for spite. Played 10 rounds of it this morning and I think I'm already done. Nothing new, and the same backstabbing like last year, but at least if I remember correctly, the rewards last year were more worth it. Checked out this year's rewards, and there's really nothing that makes me wanna keep going with it. Or am I just an ungrateful wretch? The Halloween episode 2 years ago when you picked up sludge or filth or whatever they called it, was alot more exciting. After dumping the carrier rewrite and sub stuff on us, and relegating most of my ships to the crap bowl thanks to their new super-everything, they could at least have made this Halloween edition more compelling. :(
  3. blimp66

    "Dull" look of Hamburg port

    They also mispelled "Deutscheland". It's "Deutscheland" not "Deutschland". Red Horde misinformation...
  4. blimp66

    Big Hunt is stupid

    I'd like to know too. I got one of the camos and all three trophy crates, so there's really no reason to keep on playing (I would like to) since you get no credits or experience for continuing.
  5. I got this notification on the WG launch center that "SMS" failed to deliver some gift to me. To get this gift, I need to give them my phone number. Huh? I don't know anybody named "SMS", and besides, WG gives you stuff all the time without having your phone number, so why would they need a phone number now? This is a game, not a financial institution after all. And I don't need any more unsolicited sales calls emanating from third-world countries, anyway. So no, I didn't give them my phone number and will remain giftless in perpetuity.
  6. blimp66

    Big Hunt easter egg

    Wasn't sure what the noises were about. Thought it was to amuse the kiddies...
  7. blimp66

    Big Hunt 3 Battles and Done

    Did you include my license plate with that "report"?
  8. blimp66

    Big Hunt 3 Battles and Done

    Played my one battle. It's the same waste of time. OP wasn't kidding. Pass.
  9. blimp66

    Big Hunt 3 Battles and Done

    This Big Hunt looks like it's the same thing as last year's halloween event, which for this player, was a complete waste of time and major disappointment. I'll play one battle of it just to say I did, then...pass.
  10. Nope, don't have it. When the French DDs first came out, I found them to be profoundly unremarkable and gave up the line after about 30 battles with the Gluepad er...Guepard.
  11. You know, you can always set up a training room for yourself to practice with your terrible Le Terrible. Give the opposing side 1 or more bot ships and play away. You don't get exp or credits, but you're not charged for servicing either. I think they do deduct signal flags and fancy camo, though.
  12. I'm guessing that probably 95% of us don't have Le Terrible, so those who don't should probably avoid Brawls then, and just let Le Terribles play against other Le Terribles.
  13. I thought last year's Halloween mission was a waste of time. Not to rest on their laurels, WOWS has again surpassed even that debacle. I thought I read that the MM brawls were skill-based. Who knows for sure. Either way, you find out the ships are not balanced. I played 7 battles, three as DD Akizuki, four as CA Baltimore. My first DD battle was against a premium DD; had no chance. Then played against a Massachussets; had no chance. Third time, played against another Massachussets; no chance. As a cruiser, I played against a Massachussets (yet again!); no chance. Played against a Belfast; wow, I beat him. Then I played against another Baltimore; drawed only because I rammed him. Fourth battle was against a Le Terrible (which apparantly a Baltimore can't damage); no chance. Played 3 more battles using a DD Kagero. First time, was pitted against a Tirpitz. Capped once, then ran into a corner and gave him the game. I earned 3,750 credits and 276 exp points for my captain. Second time, was pitted against a CA Irian. I didn't even bother capping, but just went straight to a corner and gave him the game. Earned 3,750 credits and 276 more exp points. Tried it one more time, this time I was pitted against a Cleveland. Capped once then told him the game was his. You guessed it, got 3,750 credits and 276 captain exp points! So what have I learned? Two things: #1 - WG has no concept of what "game balance" really means; even now they made a debacle of "skill-based" MM. #2 - The best strategy is to take your crappiest ship, strip off all the camo, sail into a distant corner, and walk away for 5 minutes. You'll still get something for it.
  14. blimp66

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Just started reworking the skills. Didn't like any of the "suggested" skills so I reset everything. Found out that all 4 ships types have different sets of skills that I have to choose from. I play this game for the sake of playing a game. Adults don't come here to do more office work, and kids didn't come here to do more homework. This is a totally unnecessary waste of people's time. If you don't want people to play your game, just say so, don't piss them off with make-work crap like this.
  15. blimp66

    A fond farewell

    I never saw you before.