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  1. Thank you !! A new type 5 special camo for Fiji :
  2. Thank you very much !!! A great thank to allow me to use your skins !!!!
  3. I continue with Lion and Conqueror : I have remade all my camoufages for Pensacola. They was very ugly.
  4. Here are the next new camouflages (coming soon). Special type 5 for Maass Destroyer made from TANZ's skin : The BB Monarch is done too. Here is type 5 :
  5. Thanks !!!
  6. What instruction can I write into paths.xml to read res_mods folder ?
  7. Great new for me !!! So I don't need to have ships in port to make camouflage !!!! THANKS !!!
  8. Hi. I would like to know if Public Test doesn't allow mods yet ? Thanks.
  9. Yes, it's ok but, in fact, PTS doesn't allow mods. So, I can unpack PTS files, but I can't test my mod and add new functions ...
  10. The current unpacker doesn't work on Beta 0.6.11 ... It's very hard to update/create mods under these conditions ...
  11. Great THANKS !!!
  12. Thanks a lot for this information.
  13. Hi all !! Yes, there is a problem. Unpacker doesn't work on PTS 0.6.10. Do you know if anyone found a solution ? Thanks.
  14. Try to use 7zip. It's work fine.
  15. The new camouflage type 5 for La Galissonière :