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  1. Misfit87

    PR grind

    If you want WG to change anything the more threads and post they see on a subject the better. Do you not remember the USS Alabama mess that was only fixed by people sending in tickets and blowing up the forums.
  2. Misfit87

    More Specific Numbers on the PR Grind

    lol. Yeah Both fit WG. Especially over the past year things have gone from bad to worse. People that have been at WG for some time have left and I don't think they're bringing in the right people to bring the game back to what it once was.
  3. Misfit87

    More Specific Numbers on the PR Grind

    Thanks for all the info! It's pathetic what WG is doing with the PR.
  4. Misfit87

    PR grind

    Has anyone actually submitted a ticket to War Gaming asking them if they've lost their minds? Maybe as a community if we overwhelm their inboxes with tickets about the PR grind they would rethink what they've done! Also, watching one of their streams earlier they freely admitted to not being able to do the grind themselves. They said something about having to work. Thanks, so does the majority of the player base. I've spent a lot of money on the game over the years and don't have a problem supporting the game. If they made this doable, with some of the premium boosters, for the average player who has maybe 3 hours 5 days a week to spend on the game then I would not have a problem. But what they've done is basically said give us $240 for a T10 ship that is only going to be available to earn for a short time. This is asinine of War Gaming and the people in charge should be informed and held accountable for their abuse of their loyal player base!
  5. Misfit87

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    They don't want to grind out the PR while working? What they're missing is that most of us have to do this on our off hours! These people at War Gaming have completely lost their minds!
  6. Misfit87

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This is complete bullcrap of War Gaming. It's bad when all CCs agree that this grind, even when spending money is ridiculous. With their behavior throughout 2019 this really has me wanting to quit the game! I hope there is a developer that reads this or it gets back to War Gaming. I've stuck with you guys through all of the crap you've thrown at the player base, EVERYTIME I've continued to play this game, spend money on this game every single month. Well, I'm going to have to rethink things now. This bad part is I've already bought a booster and it's going to be useless. You should offer a refund for fraud! Even with all three premium boosters, this is still absurd and stupid! What kind of asshats are running this company? I would really like to know! War Gaming 2019---The downfall
  7. Misfit87

    Stealth Nerfing of ships.

    I've tracked the stats on the gameplay of the ship. It's been nerfed. I have over 1.5 million XP on the GC. Sorry if you don't want to believe that War Gaming would stealth nerf a ship.
  8. Misfit87

    Stealth Nerfing of ships.

    I play with a lot of people that have the GC. Every single one has agreed that it's been nerfed from its original version. Especially the dispersion.
  9. War Gaming when are you going to admit that you did stealth nerf the Gulio Cesare? As someone who's played many games in this ship since it first came out. It has been 100% nerfed. The shells are not as accurate as they were, the shells do not do damage like they once did, and the ship takes more damage than before. Not to mention that before the CV rework it had okay AA not any more. I think you need to just say "hey we nerfed this ship without telling out player base" and then give people the option to get their money back. I would rather play a USS Texas now. Also, what were you thinking releasing the Viribus Unitis at tier 5? It has almost no AA, slow, weak armour, a hit pool that would make most tier 4 battleships laugh. You once made a game that was fun and decent premium ships, now just one horrible mistake after another. What's to blame this time too much Vodka in the office?
  10. Misfit87

    Bring CVs Back

    Personally, I would not mind if they removed CV from the game. So let's not make CVs great again.....just my opinion. For one I don't think CVs belong in a naval surface warfare game. CV replaced the big gun ships and made them obsolete so why would you try to mix them in with the ships they replaced? Another problem I have with CV play in this game is that you're playing a different game from the rest of your team mates. Plus low tier, like tier 4, or when you're down tiered in a CV it's plain boring to play. Often I've seen tier 8 CVs in a tier 10 game and think well that must suck to be them. If War Gaming really wanted to make CV play fun they would limit them to plus or minus 1 tier. All in all War Gaming has an extremely difficult job trying to make CVs work with the rest of the ships in game. It's not an easy task and one that will take quite a few more patches to figure out how to fix them if they can.
  11. Misfit87

    Tier 4 fun...

    I enjoy playing tier 4. It has some of the more fun ships in the game for example; the USS Clemson and Wyoming are a lot of fun to play. Tier 3 has the Vampire and the K. Albert if you have one. Not to mention the most OP ship in the game the Kawachi?!? :) Low tires is where you can go to relax and take a break from the more stress filled tier 9-10. Actually, lately I've noticed better play at the lower tier than at the higher tiers.
  12. Misfit87

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    The problem I have with Tech tree ships being available for sale is that you learn nothing about how to play the game. Yes, i know that you can go out a buy a premium tier 9 ship in the shop and go play a game with out playin anything else first, but as someone who did this way back in the beginning with the Atago I had to learn that this is not fun for me or other players in the game. I think you should be able to buy any ship you want with restrictions. For example if you only have a tier 5 ship and go buy a tier 9 ship then playing that ship should be limited to co-op until you've reached tier 9 or played a certain number of games in co-op at that tier to lear the ship that way you're not ruining the game for other players on your team.
  13. If you're feeling this much frustration towards a free to play game take a break for a for days, a week, or a few weeks. We all get frustrated with the game or something that War Gaming has done that you might not agree with. This is something that should be played for fun. Yes I have to remind myself from time to time about that too.
  14. Another option for improving the game would be to fix the UI.