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  1. Corrossyph

    RN Event in Plain English

    ty op, when i saw the first announcement, i thought: tl, dr :)
  2. Well this clearly demonstrates the point i made earlier. The fault to blame here is not the 'mechanics' of the CV play, but rather the big gap in difference between skills. Just to comment on the vid, the green CV captain managed his squadrons well, kept the enemy fighter under control while the only thing the enemy CV did was try a CV snipe which was easily countered. Unbalanced? Yes, but through difference in skill, not because CV's are a one button push win. It takes time and commitment to learn those skills the hard way (which is btw also the fault in introducing premium CV's.... no more necessare time and skill investment required, and more unbalanced games as a result of that). Now picture the same battle where both CV's are as good and challenge each other. DPS to ships will drop because you need to multitask and protect your own. Yes you can still do massive damage, but BB's and DD's do the same, not? Introduce an ELO rating and problem mostly solved. btw please keep on OP topic, and don't start a flame war here. thanks
  3. Excellent write-up, OP. +1. Yes Carriers needed balance and rework but i also fear for the future of CV play with the footage shown lately. As stated above, the biggest issue was the skill gap between players. Too big a gap or an early mistake and the game was forfeit. The easiest fix would be imho to implement a skill based MM, aka ELO rating, so you would be challenged by similar skilled captains, giving you and them a run for the money. The evener the odds for CV's, the more balanced the game will be. cheers, C.
  4. excellent write-up Van. You got my support! thanks! cheers, C.
  5. Corrossyph

    Wow the Izumo really is terribad

    It is quite a learning curve, but in the end, you'll figure it out and you can get amazing games out of her. Sometimes, well, hit that exit to port button quick. :) Took me 88 battles to grind out the Yamato with average of 70k damage games, only 43% winrate though.
  6. ok i applied lol and ty for the invite