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  1. "The current Corgi Lord of the Space Corgis is Logan Grimnar, also known as The Old Corgi. He rules from the Hall of the Great Corgi together with his Corgi Lords such as Harald Deathcorgi, Egil Iron Corgi, and Bjorn Stormcorgi. Under their command are troops such as the Corgi Guard, the Corgi Scouts and the mystical Corgi Priests, ready to fly their Stormcorgis and ride their Thundercorgis straight into battle with their bladed Corgi Claws, the Corgi Standard raised high and the Corgi Amulets active. All corgikin battling unbridled with intense CQC-fury and corgi like musk in preperation for the coming Corgitime!"

    1. Fog_Repair_Ship_Akashi


      So.....Corgi Fleet event confirmedfor Thanksgiving?????