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  1. Patch 7.0 = Fail

    Need I remind everyone to keep things constructive? Please avoid any unnecessary trolling and some of the obvious baiting just to incite an argument. Thanks.
  2. De Grasse Captain Build

    You do realize that players can't gift ships that they own to other players right? I've noticed you replying the same thing on other posts. Please stop asking.
  3. Just reminding everyone to keep this civil.
  4. my CV';s

    Locking this topic as it seems it's going nowhere and nothing constructive will ever come out of it.
  5. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I see you're a man of culture...
  6. Don't you guys already have a topic in clan recruitment? This isn't the proper place for this. Please keep it there and don't spam other threads. Closing topic.
  7. Why did you lock the topic???

    Number one I did not start the topic as I just sent a Memo to the company

    and inturn it made a post!

    I have spent Massive amounts of money to play this game and feel I I am being targeted by what I don't know .



  8. Banned

    Topic locked.
  9. Locking this topic. Please submit a ticket to our Penalty Appeals support team so that they can look into issues like these.
  10. Let me just leave a warning here. Leave your differences out of this post please. I suggest the two parties in question settle their differences on PM and not make a show of it here. You're derailing the topic.
  11. GZ OMG

    I don't see a reason to close this thread yet. Just keep it civil guys.
  12. I am a Smart A**

    Topic locked for being non-constructive and inciting unrest.
  13. Posting a reminder to keep things civil. This will be locked if this sort of posting continues and sanctions given.