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  1. Need I remind everyone to post with respect and avoid personal confrontations? This topic will be locked if this continues.
  2. Topic locked for non-being constructive.
  3. Hmmm, now that you mention it... that's Gangut right?
  4. Oi Akatsuki, dynamite fishing isn't allowed!
  5. Locking topic due to necro.
  6. Topic is locked since it went non-constructive real fast and it went off topic.
  7. Locking this topic before it gets out of hand.
  8. Can we not get all confrontational and personal? Just a reminder.
  9. Locked at the request of the topic starter.
  10. Locking this topic. Please post in proper sentences everyone can understand and please avoid trolling.
  11. Hi people, just doing a test post, please ignore this post.
  12. Topic locked due to name and shame.