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  1. Please submit a ticket to support for this. Locking thread.
  2. Ugh... feeling a little bit under the weather.

  3. InTheWind_

    Guys, play nice. One of you is walking a very thin line. Just a reminder.
  4. Locking this topic as we all know where it's headed.
  5. Why would we paste a malicious link? Shortened URLs are just a way of simplifying long links.
  6. Did you survive the Infinity War?

    I don't really think I was that hyped for Infinity War. Having read the comics, this movie did very little to my interest.
  7. Asashio is so OP it's not funny

    Don't sail alone. I've seen good enemy teammates spot my torpedoes for their BBs. I've had many instances where enemy curisers/destroyers would warn their BBs from my incoming torpedoes. Maybe enlist the help of your teammates, you'll survive longer.
  8. Asashio is so OP it's not funny

    I can understand the hate from BB mains.
  9. This topic has spiraled out of context. Locking.
  10. Topic locked as requested.
  11. Asashio Incoming!

    I'm seeing the same people posting non-constructive replies. Some are there just to incite. Don't wait for the strikes to come in. Just a reminder.
  12. Locked. We did warn you not to restart any similar threads.
  13. Send your prayers and best wishes to Toronto.

    Guys, be careful with what you post please? Some of the posts are borderline off topic and just diving into unwanted territory. Please don't give me a reason to close this topic.
  14. Potatoes Ahoy!

    Topic locked for obvious reasons.
  15. Topic locked. Please be reminded that discussion of sanctions and/or bans are not permitted.