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  1. Mezurashi

    To all....

    Hello guys, I'm sure some of you won't remember who I was, but for a couple of years I was one of the moderators of this forum. I ended my job as moderator back in early 2019. Had a lot of fun with posting in the forums and moderating them. How times have changed. Just returned one last time for sentimental reasons. -o7
  2. Mezurashi

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I knew Sandy was special. I'm glad I have her in my main fleet.
  3. Mezurashi

    Level With Me, Comrades

    I'm working my way to the Grozovoi as well. I'm currently on the Udaloi and I'll admit that it takes some skill to use the thing. I've been so used to how USN and IJN DDs play that I sometimes end up with miserable games in my Udaloi. I only recently figured out to play the ship like a super fast cruiser and not rely on traditional DD tactics. @_@
  4. Mezurashi

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Same sentiments. However, I think I'm sticking to the JP server since I've spent too much time on it already. I really have no time to grind up levels again on any EN server.
  5. Mezurashi

    Azure Lane Game starting

    I used to play a lot of Mobage. FGO JP, GBF and KC to name a few. I also play a lot of PC games. There just isn't that much time nowadays for me to play everything, so I understand where you're coming from.
  6. Mezurashi

    Azure Lane Game starting

    As much as I'd like to get on in the EN servers, I think I'll stick to my JP account. I've spent way to much time on it to start over. Also, there are some things that the EN server probably won't get.
  7. Mezurashi

    Finished my first Campaign

    On this note, I have just finished the Yamamoto campaign yesterday. I've started the campaign about a year ago and only gotten to finish it now. >_<
  8. Mezurashi

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    Just got the Udaloi myself. Took a while for me to get used to since I miss the torpedo range from the Ognevoi. But once I played a few games and watched a few youtube videos from the pros, she's actually quite enjoyable to play. It's hard to break some habits I've picked up from the Shimakaze and Gearing though. T_T
  9. Mezurashi

    What is your favourite Retro Game?

    Chrono Trigger on the SNES. This game was a turning point for me. For the first time, I found myself replaying this game a million times just to get one of the multiple endings. Also love the classic art style of Akira Toriyama.
  10. Mezurashi

    Pirates to replace Corgi Fleet events?

    Been a proud participant of all the previous past Corgi events. I'd love to do this as well.
  11. Mezurashi

    Do you still play Single-Player games?

    Currently playing the new Battletech. I also occasionally like playing through some old games like Valkyria Chronicles, Dead Space 2 and Skyrim for variety.
  12. Reactor, online.
    Sensors, online.
    Weapons, online.
    All systems nominal.

    1. tcbaker777


      Space Battleship Yamato launch sequence?

    2. Mezurashi


      It's the startup sequence of a Battlemech.

  13. Mezurashi

    Who have you seen in game

    I don't really remember since I only noticed you when you passed right in front of me. I almost shot you at that moment when I was engaging with a Roon on the enemy team at close range lol.
  14. Mezurashi

    Who have you seen in game

    I think I saw @Umikami yesterday on my team. He was on a DD when I was in my Kronshtadt.
  15. Mezurashi

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Hi guys, just posting another reminder. Some of you are posting replies that borderlines trolling. Please be constructive in your posts or we'll have to take them down and assign some sanctions. Thanks.