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  1. Venator77

    Yoshino vs. T10 Azuma - A Comparison

    @WackyMan157 I like how you didn't even bother mentioning the 20km Shima torps option. Edit: Wait, I forgot to check the date this was written. Oops
  2. Venator77

    Caption the profile image above you.

  3. Venator77

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The shells will get there eventually.
  4. Venator77

    Forum Game - Word Association

    A total joke
  5. Venator77

    How can I change music mode?

    I don't quite follow. I know of the option to play your own music in settings, but I'm afraid it won't play the correct music at the correct time. Is there anyway I can get certain music playing at certain times?
  6. So I was hoping to install Kancolle music on my game client, but I want certain pieces to play during certain times (ie, "Home Port" in Port, battle music while in battle). Is there anything I can do here. I heard that the usermusic folder just plays music in random and would not play the right music at the right time.
  7. So I've read a couples things here that mentioned something about a heavy cruiser rework. I heard something about changing things about heavy cruisers to make them more different from light cruisers. Can someone with more knowledge elaborate (if they can)? Thanks.
  8. Venator77

    Will CV beta testers get a special reward?

    Oh right, I forgot about that. Thanks!
  9. I was a tester of the CV rework since Beta Test (not PTS) #2. Will those who participated in TST get special rewards like a patch or rare ship like Arkansas Beta? Thanks in advance.
  10. Venator77

    When the Mouse Simply Must Go Back In the Shoe

    Duh. That's a grey mouse. Of course no white mice were harmed
  11. Venator77

    Hakuryu Dreadnought

    @DragonKiler How does Yamamoto work on CVs?
  12. Venator77

    Forced to play Co Op: OMG!

    I'm just going to comment here just to watch everybody crap on this idiot who thought it was a good idea to abandon battles for SCs.