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  1. I don't get it. Why is Colbert getting buffed? Strong ships aren't supposed to get buffed excessively....?
  2. Graf Zeppelin is still losing over 35 knots from it's top speed. Why is this? This is stupid
  3. Venator77

    ST: New Ships!

    I figure the Colbert will play like a French DD with a citadel. Aka, run and gun. Double rudder shift build could be very good depending on the maneuverability of this ship.
  4. Venator77

    ST: New Ships!

    Smolensk absolutely does not belong at Tier 8. There was a reason why the Kutuzov was removed from the Shop permanently. Colbert is the same. It's DPM is better than the Minotaur's and it has HE. Somers can be argued for T8 with its abysmal AA, but that would also mean the torpedoes have to be nerfed as well. Those torps are absolutely monstrous.
  5. Venator77

    Yoshino vs. T10 Azuma - A Comparison

    @WackyMan157 I like how you didn't even bother mentioning the 20km Shima torps option. Edit: Wait, I forgot to check the date this was written. Oops
  6. Venator77

    Caption the profile image above you.

  7. Venator77

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

    Variety is the spice of life. Having T10 competitive events all the time is not variety.
  8. Venator77

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The shells will get there eventually.
  9. Venator77

    Forum Game - Word Association

    A total joke
  10. Venator77

    How can I change music mode?

    I don't quite follow. I know of the option to play your own music in settings, but I'm afraid it won't play the correct music at the correct time. Is there anyway I can get certain music playing at certain times?
  11. So I was hoping to install Kancolle music on my game client, but I want certain pieces to play during certain times (ie, "Home Port" in Port, battle music while in battle). Is there anything I can do here. I heard that the usermusic folder just plays music in random and would not play the right music at the right time.
  12. Only thing I would change about Tosa is to give her Russian accuracy instead of German, as I think players should be rewarded for going in close as the design is intended. Suzuya on the other hand looks too similar to the current Mogami. I think it would be better to just have only 155mm guns on and let them have DD dispersion (like the IJN 203s) and an improved rudder shift performance at the cost of speed and the option to mount hydro.
  13. Venator77

    More Testing Ship Changes.

    These buffs don't justify the nerf to the accuracy. If you wanted Azuma to be more aggressive than what she currently is, give her better armor, preferably 27mm. As it stands (still), the Ibuki has better armor than the Azuma, which is not supposed to be that way. Everyone knows that Ibuki is one of the most vulnerable ships in the game, but Azuma easily takes its spot due to being both bigger and worse armored. It's very strange to see an IJN CA with paper armor be better protected than the IJN Supercruiser everyone was asking for for years.
  14. So I've read a couples things here that mentioned something about a heavy cruiser rework. I heard something about changing things about heavy cruisers to make them more different from light cruisers. Can someone with more knowledge elaborate (if they can)? Thanks.