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  1. scoots76

    wgc.exe is a Trojan?

    If your not having any download issues then leave it as it is... Otherwise you could do 65530 or something along those lines. Just be sure to avoid ones that are already allocated for other functions... Like FTP (port 21), HTTPS (Port 443 and Port 8443), HTTP (Port 80 and Port 8080), Pop3 (Port 110), SMTP (Port 25, Port 587 and Port 465) etc and etc.
  2. scoots76


    Doubtful and what is your ultimate goal here? Is this because you (or your team) keep(s) dying/loosing at the hands of DD's? Not saying this is the case but it's very likely that you or your team isn't being very supportive, not providing adequate coverage by leaving open spots for enemy transversal and/or ignoring the DD's until late into the game, or are not adjusting aim/gameplay as needed... Regardless of which one(s) apply matchmaker is not at fault here DD's while they can be annoying (and very often are overlooked by a lot of people until it is way too late) are not all powerful and die rather easily. I have played tier 7 DD's in a match with Tier 9/10 ships and did quite well with some adjustments on my gameplay style. Vice versa can be said also... Playing Tier 7 ships against tier 9 DD/etc is very much possible. Also you might want to take a peek at the wiki page, it will explain a bit more on how matchmaker works. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Matchmaking
  3. scoots76

    wgc.exe is a Trojan?

    The game has the ability to download the installation files from WG and also from other players whom have the game center open. Yes it uses what appears to be a BitTorrent function (port 6881 is kinda dead giveaway), yes a lot of antivirus applications will flag BitTorrent applications (and/or certain IP addresses) and no we can not disable the bitorrent update function. That doesn't mean you can't tweak game center if needs be. You can disable the upload capabilities in the "updates" setting. You can also specify a different port setting also under the "connection" settings. Also for those interested - In the "updates" setting you might want also wanna take note of (and if necessary adjust) the download speed setting, this can cause your internet to appear slower if your maxing out your download speed. Also toggle off the option for "use all computer resources during installation" if applicable under the "updates" setting. For those who get this again - no, WG.exe is not a virus. The blocking of a connection to an external IP address is not the same as a file being detected as being infected/malicious. You could get the same thing to appear if you tried to use a web browser and visit a domain in which the DNS points at an IP address your Antivirus application doesn't like for what ever reason. If you download the game from WG then your going to get the proper game. It should have some sort of integrity check so a person throwing in a random piece of malicious code shouldn't (not that it ever will, but it's not likely.. I've never ran into any problems) be an issue
  4. scoots76

    Browser Armory Unavailable Why?

    This is what I use https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en/
  5. scoots76

    Browser Armory Unavailable Why?

    Probably just a temp issue, I just tried it in firefox and the browser armory worked.
  6. scoots76

    MAC and using Virtual Machines

    They didn't end support for macOS off all of a sudden, announcements were made in advance. For example I can see threads made as in September 2020 within regards to end of mac support when 0.10.0 was released in Jan 2021.... But I have a feeling that they probably will not be issuing refunds, especially if the following below is true. If anything ask anyways by sending WG a support ticket request, you will probably have to either way for something like this. We will not be able to offer a refund for the following items purchased from the Premium Shop: Gold which has been partially spent Premium armored vehicles which have seen combat Premium aircraft which have been in battle Consumables which have been used and exhausted. Premium time purchased over 24 hours before submitting a ticket Gifts sent to the wrong player which has been accepted and used/consumed Source -> https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/18940/
  7. scoots76

    Disk Space

    If your looking to reduce space used check your replay folder. Remove (or archive on an external drive) older ones that you won't need at this time.
  8. I am not sure where the confusion is in your post... If you reported the issue you did what your supposed to do. It is up to WG to follow through and take action based on what policies/procedures WG has (which sounds like they did based on what they said).
  9. scoots76

    Login Server is garbage.

    An obvious sign it's on the end of WG would be a mass flood of posts would be made on the forum about it. Since this is not the case you can't blame them for this. Try running the client checking utility or restart your modem and wired/wireless router. Double check to make sure it's not on your end, and submit any results to WG in case it is something they can possibly/potentially fix. If your ISP does this, have them come out and check the lines, ensuring signals are good and nothing they have installed is malfunctioning. While it might not seem like this would help, from personal experience I can say it might. Previously I had an issue once where a reverse filter was bad and it was causing connection drops and login failures. Once my ISP fixed it, the problems went away. If it's not on your end then it's somewhere in the connection between you and WG. If any of the various hubs/switches/nodes/etc outside of WG's control have issues this could cause problems for you (your ISP can get in touch with the respective entities so they can get those figured out).
  10. Any changes (or bug fixes) takes time for development, testing and implementation.. Factors like severity of the issue, reproducibility of an issue and the type of issue can effect how long it will take. I would be inclined to speculate at minimum a few weeks, realistically about a month or conservatively several weeks from the problematic update release.
  11. scoots76

    Desperately Needed

    Bacon sounds good... Almost as good as the new carrier FluftWAffle squadrons. or this new silent running weapon of mass destruction
  12. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Haredevil Hare
  13. I agree the appeal for a "forgive" function of some kind with very limited use is present... But not for the reason(s) you stated. Reading that it sounds like you were aware that your teammate was in close proximity to the enemy and that you fired at said enemy. Understandable even if you didn't mean it or knew he/she would do, if he/she would double back, etc., etc. accidental FF was a possibility and an implied risk. Once you fired you accepted the consequences (implied or not) and/or rewards for sinking that enemy ship... As far as limited use I would suggest something like restricting it for newer players who have a limited number of games played. At this point they are learning the dynamics of the game so accidents would be more then likely to happen. Once a player progresses beyond a certain point it would be generally presumed they are aware of what they are doing (and what not to do). At this point the "forgive" option for TK/FF would no longer be available for them.
  14. Now don't get me wrong, accidents happen and yes being destroyed by players who fire at you isn't fun. In the same token accidentally hitting someone with our armaments doesn't give you a good feeling either. While FF can be annoying for some and sometimes you might have a few (at you or caused by you) in a row, we the players are ultimately responsible for when we click that mouse button.. Expecting a ship to swerve out of the way (whether bot or not) is only an excuse. Mind you I am agreeing it would be really nice if they did, but still if you fire your armaments which would force a ship to turn in order to avoid being hit doesn't make it partly the responsibility of the other ship. You fired the ordnance, you choose the direction and you should have made sure it was clear before doing so. It's like hunters who shoot at wildlife and don't pay attention to what is downrange. Lets say they shoot someone by accident, does this mean the hunter is not responsible for making sure it was clear downrange? How well do you think saying "it's not all my fault" or "they should swerved out of the way" (whether either reason is used in conjunction with each other or individually) will go with courts or law officials? So I disagree with the suggestion because it is counterintuitive.... It doesn't prevent or solve FF, it only encourages it. By removing the penalties or FF damage from the game you are only giving it the illusion of being solved, people can and still will be able to fire at one and another. The only thing this solves is removing the FF consequences/damage caused by players who have issues being mindful and paying attention would face. At the same time this could create a new problem that would cause a rather noticeable shift in gameplay balance that would be in favor of those ships with fast torpedo reload speeds. If your wanting to solve it then the mechanic needs adjusting... Since torpedoes are an apparent issue for some this might be more apt to resolve the matter. After X number of torpedo strikes a player is restricted from playing that ship class that has torpedoes for X number of games. Continued FF afterwards within a set duration of time would imply willful ignorance or intentional irresponsibility. This would extend the duration of the restriction and then include other ships which carry torpedoes. Within a second set time and calendar based duration that would be longer then the above line (but start at the same time) if FF continues then the player would be banned for a set period of time. Ban duration would increase if continued FF would occur within 7 days of actual gameplay time (excluding time spent in port). This timer would start once the first ban has been lifted. For clarification the duration of time used for FF penalty levels and FF penalty duration would be measured by your actual game play time (excluding any time spent in port) and a set number of games. There would be no restriction to co-op, TK damage penalty or pink color applied. This applies for everyone and all ships and is irrespective of premium time, premium ships or how much money was spent Damage from FF ordinance should be extremely low. Ramming damage should not be changed from its current value Penalties are applied based on FF hits from manual fired weapons Penalty for FF by rammimg is calculated by damage causes Using the above as the basis the below is just a rough draft example. Times indicated are 100% examples and nothing more, but to give you an idea of how this can be implemented and target those are intentionally firing at or on a friendly target. For purposes of the example below I will be referencing DD's, but keep in mind the example below would respectively be applied to Destroyers, Carriers and all Cruisers that carry torpedoes. For example a person playing a DD unleashes his/her torps and accidentally hits someone. No penalty would be applied, but a clock starts counting. If within 1 hour of actual gameplay if they cause friendly fire again with torpedoes a couple more times in separate instances then they would receive a the first penalty. In this case it would be a DD ship restriction, and they will not be able to play a DD until 1 and half days of gameplay have passed. Now lets say once the DD restriction has been lifted, but within 3 days of actual gameplay (starting from the first time they caused FF) they cause another FF with torpedoes then they will be restricted from any ship that carries torpedoes. This restriction will be for 3 days of actual gameplay. If within that 3 day (days counted by the time spent playing a battle and excluding the time spent in port) period they continue to fire at friendlies then they are intentionally and willfully doing so and show no desire to learn from the mistakes they make. It it at this time they will receive a short ban from the game of 1 day. Once the ban has been served the ship restrictions will be lifted and a new timer will start. This timer will run for 7 days of actual gameplay time (excluding time spent in port), and during then should do enough FF damage to get to the temp ban stage within that 7 day timeframe then they would be banned for 2 days. At this point the 7 day timer would start over again and if the player gets to the temp ban state once again the ban would be extended to 4 days. This process would repeat but the ban length would be extended by double of what they were banned previously... I.E. after a temp 4 day ban they would get an 8 day, after an 8 day ban they would get a 16 day ban. As for battleships, cruisers that fall under the non-torpedo ship category and damage caused by non-torpedo ordenance from ships that carry torpedoes the penalties will follow the above example but ship restrictions will only be limited to the ship that caused FF. So if you caused FF with an Iowa once you hit the ship restriction penalty you won't be able to play the Iowa until the penalty is lifted. If you continue to cause FF while the ship restriction is in place with other ships the restriction will then apply to any ship you play and cause FF with. Once you have had 4 ships restricted you will be banned from the game for 1 day. Continued FF afterwards would extend the ban duration using the 7 day time frame example above. Rammimg damage will also be a factor in when a ship restriction or temp ban is applied. Players under a FF timer will said timers extended based on the amount of damage caused. Once a player passes a threshold of rammimg damage while under a FF timer the next penalty will be applied immediately. Players already not under a FF penalty timer will not be affected by FF penalty from rammimg. This will hold true unless they perform X number of damage points within a set duration of time (gameplay time, excluding time spent In port). At this point the FF penalties will start applying as the player is blatantly and willfully not paying attention on how they steer a ship. So while it might sound complicated it does one of two things... First it ensures only those who intentionally or irresponsibly cause FF will be penalized and those who accidentally cause FF will at most get a small slap on the wrist. Same for those who don't care how they steer a ship and ram into other players Or IMHO the simplest, most effective and extremely easy solution with minimal effort is the most obvious. Be mindful of what is around us and where we all aim at before we fire. If you end up penalized then you need to pay better attention on what your doing.
  15. scoots76

    Ranked Battles

    Not stupid enough to pay $5.00 for playing ranked battles because people don't like loosing streaks... Which is basically what this boils down as Side thoughts - They could tweak the number of battles one needs to play before being allowed to play in ranked, but that doesn't mean the player him/herself would perform better. One would almost have to tweak the way the ranked battles are conducted as a whole, which is what I think WG is trying to do. They could shorten the qualifying rounds and adjust the qualifications accordingly... This way if you make it to the higher league you will be matched with players who made it that far and those who have more drive to keep going. Unfortunately this may not necessarily resolve the issue either, other factors such as time of year, number of players on the server, time of day will always be a factor. IMHO while I can understand and empathize with those players who are not pleased with having loosing streaks, they need to take a breath and deal with it. You can't win every game and you will always run into dry periods, just like playing the lottery or any other RTS game.. Also be careful what you wish for suggestion wise... suggestions for tweaking the ranked battles in some way so you will win (or increase the chances) is not a very honorable or realistic.