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  1. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Ken Kocienda https://www.macobserver.com/news/inventor-autocorrect-ken-kocienda/
  2. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Auto Correct
  3. scoots76

    WOW Trojans, wth?

    In Game Center look under update options.. You will notice the "No Uploading" toggle.... Chances are once you enable this you should see less of that second one you posted. You also maybe misreading the information given by Malwarebytes. It isn't saying that game center is a virus, it is blocking a connection to an IP address that (per what ever viral definitions created by Malwarebytes) has labeled it a virus (or viral like activity, it looks like a "generic" detection in your case which typically is a false positive). A similar (though not exact) example is like running my own mail server on my residential IP address. It gets blacklisted on spamhaus and etc, so all of a sudden all the email I send gets flagged as spam by everyone. In reality the only reason why it is blacklisted is I am using a dynamic IP address and not a static one, so it's a false positive. It's a high probability that it's a false positive and only Malwarebytes can tell you why that is (as well as issue a correction to the detection databases they use). You could also configure Malwarebytes to allow/ignore Game Center in it's scans so you don't see this anymore. As an FYI for those interested First IP address of is allocated to China. Second IP address is allocated to Korea.
  4. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Murder, She Wrote
  5. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Twilight Zone
  6. A connection issue may very well exist between you and the server, or your router maybe dropping packets (did you try restarting the router?). I was having a problem like this recently, my router and cable modem were not the problem. Ping and tracert commands would work just fine. What it turned out to be something related to a reverse filter. After my ISP did a line diagnostic they replaced the part and the issue(s) went away. It might be worth having the ISP come check things out anyways.
  7. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Howling Commandos https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Howling_Commandos
  8. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Teen Titans (Animated series)
  9. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

  10. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Brain https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Brain_(Teen_Titans_TV_Series)
  11. Respectfully that is a bit flawed reasoning.. Using that logic players don't have to watch where they release ordnance (why should they have to adjust their aim because someone is in front of them), don't have to avoid collisions with other ships (why should they have to steer differently as they sail into another ship), adjust angle of fire because other ships are throttling back/forth, or seeing their shells hit the side of a mountain as they choose to fire in that direction (because that silly old mountain happened to get in the way). Yes some players do run into the border in what appears to be some sort of tactic, but it really isn't that hard to hit a player using the border like that. I tend too just adjusting the angle of my ship slightly meant my cannons fired in a tighter pattern. I also fire one group at a time allowing my shots to concentrate on the enemy ship. I've seen other people do the same thing and have succeeded in killing the enemy, so a way does exist for eliminating those who ride the border.
  12. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
  13. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Dexter's Laboratory
  14. scoots76

    Add the TARDIS to London port

    It would be a neat idea, but licensing costs over a lengthy time would be expensive. Same with having voice effects of The Doctor or Captain Jack Harkness.. Personally the interior of Torchwood with our ships on a desk/workbench would be a neat harbor look. Even the attic in Sara Jane Smith's home with our ship displayed on the square table in the center of the room (and Mr. Smith fully deployed in the background) would be interesting... But again all this would require the required licensing (or applicable) arrangements, and that will cost a pretty penny for sure.
  15. scoots76

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Team Fortress 2