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  1. You can check out our ATLAS group thread here and see if that fits for you once you read the whole thread. If your interested you can contact me in-game.
  2. I'm guessing you haven't read my first post? Because we are on Discord and I did explain what we are and see if that is something that interests you.
  3. Bump. We are still recruiting. If anybody is interested make sure you have read the main post first before proceeding a y further.
  4. [ATLAS] Teamwork | Voice Coordination | No-STATS clan | Microphone/Discord REQUIRED! | Active 'Family' friendly community! | Join us! Current RECRUITMENT status: CLOSED We play on WOWS NA SERVER! Who are we? We are a NO-STATS CLAN group in World of Warships that are trying to build an active and dedicated community for players to have fun in our 'family' friendly environment. By no-stats I mean we don't judge you on your numbers that you have on your profile, we welcome anybody as long as they are good, active and willing to be dedicated into this game while also being committed to being part of us. We are neither a hardcore nor a casual group but we do try to be COMPETITIVE as we want everybody to do the best they can while playing this game. This thread may be updated overtime as more information may be added or edited depending if I missed to mention something etc. If you happen to have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread and I can make the changed to this post if found necessary. What are our requirements? 1) You must have Discord. No exceptions. Preferably on your Desktop computer. 2) You must have Microphone. No exceptions. 3) You must be active, dedicated into this game while also maintaining and showing your presence on our Discord. We do actually watch peoples activity in game and on Discord if they are active on text chat, and more importantly voice chat on Discord. 4) You must be committed to be part of us. We understand that this is only a game and people have lives outside this game, but I hope you understand what I am asking when talking about this requirement. 5) We DON'T care what your stats are in game. If you are a good player, more power to you. But we want potential new recruits to NOT have their stats hidden, like I said we do not judge you based on your stats but this is important as it gives us an idea on how much experience you have. The IMPORTANT thing we want from potential new members is that you are willing to play the best you can and improve yourself as you play together with us as a team! 6) You must be the kind of player who is willing to play and contribute with the team. You must be social and willing to do normal divisions, operations, clan battles etc. All of these normal divisions, operations, clan battles are ALL done on Discord voice chat and this is something everybody and new recruits must be able to do! Keep in mind you can grind solo with us if you want, but keeping in mind that you have to be social with other members. 7) You must have Tier 6 to 10 ships. Another point to add is that you must be willing to work your way up to Tier 10 if you want to be part of us as we want our members to be active and dedicated. 8) As said already, we want active and dedicated members. If you are inactive for more than 14 days without mentioning any reason to our higher ups or you are not showing any presence or activity on our Discord then you will get booted. What do we offer? We have over 20+ active members with solid leadership on our higher ranks. As also mentioned in our opening statement, we are trying to build an active and dedicated community on our Discord for players that love playing this game. We are still working on our clan upgrades with our main [ATLAS] group nearly complete with our second group [ATL2S] group coming in closely behind. Regardless which group you will be put in both operate exactly the same and everybody is treated equally no matter what group your in. All our members come online on the SAME discord server. The MAIN reason why we have these two clan groups is because of this game clan size slot limitations. We also have simple, straightforward rules on our Discord that you will have to read if you are selected to join us. What I can tell you is that one of them is we want all members to respect each other as we try to keep our community nice and friendly like a family. We also do training sessions usually on weekends, we also host mini-events sometimes as well. Our success has been shown in our how our main [ATLAS] group did on clan battles recently and how we managed to finally stay in the Storm league after hard work. Now we are willing to be prepared more than ever by doing training sessions to be prepared next time and the new direction our group is going All of this interests me, how may I join this group? If you have read everything I have wrote on this post and you are interested, every potential recruit reading this are REQUIRED and MUST talk to me in game by sending a private message on World of Warships as I will have a one-on-one talk with you. My in game name is Xetrem190. I can't stress this fact enough that we want good, active and dedicated people in our group that are willing to commit to us and be part of our group as a team. If I happen to like what you have to offer to me during the interview then you will be invited in either the main [ATLAS] group or the second group [ATL2S]. Last updated: January 19th, 2018