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    Who Says That DDs Can't Do Anything Since 8.0?

    Hmm, well they aren't the only ones. Kept hearing the sky was falling, so took out my Fujin, a DD that relies on stealth, to test that theory. . .
  2. Leshrac_the_Great

    Mac Client

    I started playing this game nearly three years ago after doing some research on it, in particular if it would run on my Mac. For the first year and a half, the game gave me no real problems, just the occasional freeze/crash, but only a little bit annoying. And if this is how it stayed, I'd shrug my shoulders and tell you it could be worse. But since somewhere in the mid 6.0's this game has become increasingly unstable, to the point of frustration. I wouldn't be angry about this problem if this is how it always was (though, it's debatable if I'd be playing for three years if it had been this bad) but the fact that they keep making the game run worse as they keep "improving" it makes me rage. I had plans to budget a certain amount of money to spend on the game each year, to keep it profitable as it was a good product, but outside of the first year, I've never reached that limit, or not spent any money due to how poor the game runs. Very disappointing in all.
  3. Leshrac_the_Great

    Garbage boats you like...

    Emerald. Sold her off with about a 60% wr, and three times nearly got a Kraken in her. I found her amazing in battle, and never got the hate on her. The So Car also worked well for me, only tier 3 BB I've played with a positive wr, found she works well if you know not to broadside. And continuing unpopular opinions, I also like the Gearing more than the Fletch, and have a poor Benson sitting in port that was going to get his captain back until I found the Gearing.