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  1. Leshrac_the_Great

    That Shinonome

    One of my most memorable games in the Fujin was in a two carrier game. It was against a Bogue and an Independence, and those two kept on my butt the WHOLE game almost. It was such a challenge escaping them while trying to remain a threat to the red team; having to figure out which carrier was after me since one of them could drop on me in smoke an one couldn't. I think I might have only done 2k damage in that game (all gun damage against their carrier) but it was exciting nonetheless, a good win for my team.
  2. Leshrac_the_Great

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    As a fellow Mac user who has played this game for about five years now, I understand how you feel. I of course, like some others kind of knew the writing was on the wall as to how this would go, like what was it, two to three years ago? I know I haven't spent anything on this game at least longer than that. There was even about a year I stopped playing as WeeGee's constant "improvements" to the game made it unplayable for me. I came back, and still put in a few games even if it runs like crap on my computer, but I knew it was a matter of time. The only surprise to me is that they announced it; I'd assume they just ghost the mac using community as the current wrapper sucked balls more and more.
  3. Leshrac_the_Great

    Still not a ship...

    Hey, I got a ship from a super container once! It was a Marblehead. . . Didn't feel like really won on that one.
  4. Leshrac_the_Great

    Unusual Combo of Achievements

    The most recent tier 7 ranked season, I got a dev strike on a DD with secondaries only with my Gneisnau w/o a deet as well. I figured it was a fluke, checked the after battle screen, and found out I did 7k from my secondaries on him. As I had manual sec, and the DD had appeared around an island with visual range, I imagine all my guns on that side must have connected after selecting the target.
  5. Leshrac_the_Great

    Yashima the new HE monster?

    Remember when these sagely forums predicted that Georgia would be a garbage bote based on her six rifles? Funny how WeeGee made that turn out. Might want to wait and see what all they plan on putting on this new ship first.
  6. Leshrac_the_Great

    IJN Mutsuki...How?

    Glad you learned from the forums advice and are now enjoying the ship.
  7. Leshrac_the_Great


    Okay, am I reading the dates for these posts correct, cause if I am, this was started almost a year ago, Nov 20, 2018, then the OP finally replies today? If that's accurate, then the OP sure has been taking their time with this game.
  8. I'm glad you are taking the advice, and realistically the only option to someone as new as you, to grind up the line. There is also one more very important factor in this besides just game experience that factors into this decision, that one other poster almost touched on. By now you must have noticed that your ship captain gains experience points just like your ship. A fully decked out, 19 point captain is VASTLY better than even a ten point captain, and you will find yourself hurting if you don't make sure to grind up your captain as well. Little things like that can make all the difference in this game, so hopefully you can enjoy the play time up to getting your Fletcher!
  9. Leshrac_the_Great

    Italians are coming!

    To me, that third turret on the Milano looks like six inch guns, not another set of eight. Just like the Yamato, only since the guns are eight inchers, not eighteen it's harder to tell the difference.
  10. While this isn't probably the longest streak, it is the only one I'm certain of, which is my four games in the Novik. After that, had everything unlocked, so never played it again. So it will probably forever sit with a 100% wr.
  11. Leshrac_the_Great

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    As a DD to save a star you need to solo cap once, or share a cap twice, outright sink one other DD and do about three quarters damage to another (you could do this to other classes, but higher HP makes it harder). And that is just to be in the running really; one BB gets a whole lotta cits or makes a ram on another BB and he keeps his star. I played Gearing several seasons as my only DD, so I know the cold math on this subject. Fascinating aside, the first season they introduced the save a star, was the tier 7 season, and I can remember one battle where it became clear to me that my team was done for. The enemy was rushing a straight covered in smoke, and since I was in the Gnicey, I decide to break formation with my team and charge in there. One of my teammates asks me what I'm doing, and I tell him that I'm saving my star. It worked for me, but sure was cit-ty for my team.
  12. Leshrac_the_Great

    One big issue WG faces with nerfing CV

    Right. . . and Issm's infamous Shimi escort was not a well known thing. . . or Taichunger's every other post. . . nope no one complained about sky cancer before. . .
  13. Leshrac_the_Great

    So Long and thanks for all the fish..

    Suicide rush the nearest red then spend the rest of the match criticizing your teammates? I mean, I expect DDs to rush ahead as they got the concealment or speed to handle, but you can't fix bad teams that don't play objectives. . . Carrier or not. Spell check is a cruel mistress that has a mind of her own sometimes. . .
  14. Leshrac_the_Great

    So Long and thanks for all the fish..

    See, this is the sort of remark that revels the intelligence of the player. I mean, wth were you going to do if you weren't a DD that wanders off on your own and you ran into four or five reds? Hell, if you weren't certain cruisers in the RTS you got cross dropped and died as well! This is that dumb as rocks ship you see YOLOing off into the sunset instead of working with other ships to focus down the reds, regardless if there are carriers or not. If your complaint is that when you wander off and weapons fall from the sky and damage you, maybe a game where you get shot at isn't your speed?