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  1. 0.6.14 Bug Reports

    This screen lock has been happening to multiple people on the other thread ...
  2. 0.6.14 Bug Reports

    I just had a similar crash.
  3. Why is it ending pre-maturely? I had it on my calendar is going from 1/1/2017 03:20 PT until 2/1/2017 03:20 PT. It was on the website (can't find the entry, but I found it on the January event calendar) https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/failed-resolutions/#Resolutions In game, it is expiring 1/28/2017 (most likely at 03:20 PT). I should have taken a screenshot when it was originally released.
  4. bottom tier again

    I heard from a friend that plays T7, and he constantly gets stuck playing against T9. So match maker is definitely screwed up.
  5. 9/20/2016 Match Maker

    What is going on here? Every single game I'm playing +2 tier. This is getting very frustrating.