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  1. Mahrs

    Does anyone play the Kurfurst?

    I'm in the same boat...just recently finished the grind. The gun firing angles are straight terrible, and the handling isn't far behind competing for not just worst in class, but worst in game. It really ends up feeling situational - you soak damage until you can push and maybe you get some rounds on target in the mean while. Even though it's still got that new ship smell I don't really want to play it. That's not to say it isn't good or situationally strong, simply that I don't enjoy it.
  2. This reasoning always amuses me because it implies that the ammunition for other ships is limited to because only a finite amount can be generated in a match. I had a CV throw a match earlier...we could have won on points, but he was so terribad he got deplaned and then decided to derp right into an Iowa. Red team gets an awesome come back, wins on points. It wasn't all the CV...there were a LOT of potatoes on my team...it's just that our CV was the Potato King...and that's largely the only sort of CV that needs to worry about their plane capacity. ;-)
  3. Mahrs

    Georgia vs Pommern

    I would normally be in agreement with @HazeGrayUnderway on the incredible importance of the #of guns on a BB...and like Lyon at T7, Fuso crushes it at T6...because lots of guns with relatively flat shell arcs are how you make hits in most BBs. Georgia is a notable exception to this because of a couple things. Firstly, 457mm guns over match things that 420/410/406/381/380/etc. will not and that turns bounces into pens. Second, while her accuracy can suffer due to low shell volume, she doesn't use BB dispersion/accuracy (as has been said ad nausea). I will again post a table to illustrate the above. Grosser Kurfurst has fully TWICE as many rifles as Georgia...and the number of turrets fired to take out the Lion is insignificantly different at any range other than point blank even with 50% more weight per turret. In game, my accuracy with GA is 36%, 28% with GK. Note also that Roma punches along side GK and GA in this test almost entirely by virtue of her flat shell arcs despite having a middling number of much weaker guns with far worse accuracy (on paper). Tgt Dist (km) 2.1 4.3 6.4 8.6 10.7 14.9 GK 2 (4) 8 (3) 11 (3) 11 (3) 13 (3) 13 (3) GA 5 (3) 7 (3) 11 (2) 9 (3) 17 (3) 15 (2) Roma 6 (4) 9 (5) 6 (5) 9 (3) 11 (4) 10 (4) Iowa w/MB. 4 (4) 6 (3) 9 (3) — 7 (3) 17 (3) Tirpitz 11 (4) 16 (3) 18 (4) 13 (4) 13 (4) 32 (3)
  4. As was said - it’s a fine line between shaping the enemy’s maneuver to minimize their impact and becoming irrelevant yourself. In those instances where you are pushing a “must sink” threat, like a Yamato on your flank, it’s a team effort to focus them down quickly so the team can continue to maneuver...otherwise, you’re not minimizing them, they’re minimizing you. The Pan Euro DD are so incredibly poor at damage output / alpha that if your team isn’t supporting you it’s worth a hard think about how you can better support them...because you’re not doing anything about those three ships alone and if they’re still engaging friendlies...
  5. I have fond memories of Emerald. Everyone else was hating on her and I had a phenomenal run through mid tiers back in the days when the RN CL were new...and the line was worth grinding.
  6. Mahrs

    PSA:Belfast '43 in NA Premium Shop

    Is it going to be as brokenly OP as the original? I'd jump on that in a heart beat. I'm a different Captain now...back then I clung to principle and abstained from buying the Pay2WinFast...not anymore! I have no scruples!
  7. Mahrs

    mass vs lenin vs roma vs gasco

    I might get Mass just because I already have Alabama, North Carolina, Roma, Bismarck, Tirpitz...and Georgia. Georgia >> FDG, so I’m going to generalize some of that experience. BB guns always troll...it’s what they do. 9x 16 inches is still a damn sight better than 8x 15 at tier 8. Georgia’s special repair makes throwing my formerly AA spec’d cruiser Captain on her (from Baltimore) viable - should be the same with Mass. You simply don’t need ManSec with Georgia - it’s gonna suck for anyone with 11 km regardless. If Mass is the same,, perfect. Roma’s guns get a unfair rap. Yes they’re “meh” against cruisers. They are, however, good against both destroyers and battleships. I sail cruisers, I’m used to chip damage versus deleting ships. That’s my experience with BB guns too...rarely, RARELY, am I rewarded with a salvo tight enough to get the job and a target dumb enough to take it. Roma’s trollish Sigma/accuracy in conjunction with her high MV creates a larger than normal “danger space” at close to mid range. The clip I posted earlier was exceptional in that 6 of 6 shells hit, but I experience numerous salvos where better than half the shells make it on target with Roma...my own testing indicates she gets an unfairly bad rap.
  8. I will be taking my 110k HP, 26 kt Battleship armed with 15x 16" rifles now, thank you. Heh. No balance problems detected...slap a Russian flag on it and call it good.
  9. Mahrs

    Shoot AP?

    I shoot BB HE a lot more now than I used to. It’s all about how the “set” part of the battle develops. If I’ve got smaller guns or guns with garbage pen (i.e. German) and it’s a buffet of angled targets at range - I’ll forgo that Dev Strike opportunity to start putting out reliable damage. My experience tells me that RNG decides most salvos in favor of the target anyway, so let’s call it the 25% chance of a DS on a total potato (at best) versus doing assured damage and perhaps starting a fire. I had a game in La Gallisonaire last night where I risked my ship to farm some damage on a QE late game. QE fired lots of HE my way, got some damage, a fire or two...eventually loaded AP when I was 10-12 away and nearly broadside...alas, my helmsman farted, the ship listed ever so slightly and the QE got one over pen to show for it...and then the CV AP bombed her for her last 5k HP when I had two fires going and I was sad. I had a match a few days ago where a Thunderer nearly splatted my Roma as I turned to avoid Hindenburg torps...yea, AP, right? He had his chance and didn’t get it in the game’s most accurate BB. Lucky me, I got repositioned, bounced/juked the rest...if he’d shot that sweet, sweet RN HE...
  10. Mahrs

    mass vs lenin vs roma vs gasco

    Really enjoyed the video, it took me a long time to appreciate the value of BB for map control. Concur that Roma does it well - the guns always have the ability to get it done against BB. Even AP chip only heals 50% IIRC, so you don’t want Roma pelting you. It inspired me to go look at my main battery hit ratio in Roma, Alabama, North Carolina, Missouri and Gulio Cesare. Of those, GC wins at 30%, Roma ties Missouri and they edge the NC and AL at 28%. I think the engagement range has a bit to do with that, and so does the velocity. Balance? PS - Georgia is winning at 36%... and those guns hurt.
  11. I promise I would shoot your T-61...or Kami/Fūjin, etc. I prioritize DD, but I will drop every thing to shoot a “strong” premium DD when spotted. It blows my mind when people do not. I ought to post up my first match in Guepard...not great by any means, but I was completely ignored pretty much the entire match. I did upload the replay of my stock T6 in a T8 match...but, no video as yet...
  12. Mahrs

    mass vs lenin vs roma vs gasco

    Looking forward to Strasbourg and Jean Bart...seems I'll have most of the FRA BB worth having at that point, except Alsace... (anything steel excepted, because that ain't ever gonna happen). Roma is gorgeous and Italian...buy her...and do magic! The Iowa and I carried this match...which was nice.
  13. Mahrs

    New Halloween Event.

    The whole thing seems lame AF to me. Zero interest, haven’t tried it, c’est la vie. Maybe they’ll make something interesting next year.
  14. Spend money or grind...that’s pretty much it for options. Even spending money you’re gonna need to grind some. If you don’t like the grind, WG titles are not for you.
  15. Two sides of the same coin...it’s like asking if you like your right shoe or your left shoe better.