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  1. Mahrs

    CV refund period.

    I was trying to figure out how to cash my two old Tier 4 in for fexp....thought I saw that advertised. They gave me 30 days premium because I haven't played a match in months...sadly, don't plan to play any time soon either. I can honestly say that most all the changes they've made in recent memory have made the game much less enjoyable for me. Over 8k dubs and 600k+ fxp going to waste...I surely didn't read the tea leaves correctly WRT to WoWS. I was hopeful when I saw them offering refunds that they would just remove them entirely. No such luck.
  2. ...things to settle out? Life happened to me, again. I haven’t played in months. I know some folks enjoy the constant change - personally, it’s not much incentive to jump back in...just end up out of touch and spending time trying to relearn a game I thought I knew. Because it seems like the game is in significant flux right now and another free respec is coming in a couple months... Anyhow...jump back in now, or wait in the hopes things settle? I’m leaning towards wait.
  3. Mahrs

    Wich US tech tree to follow?

    Clemson is a good little murder boat. Super easy to crush dreams and steal souls in a meta where “ahead full” is the only throttle setting a lot of players know - constantly brings them in range of your otherwise too short torpedoes. You also have a TON of gun power at tier, for your fellow DD drivers mostly. Tier 4 in general is great for destroyers. Izyaslav, Shen Yang are both quite strong as well. Isokaze took a needless nerf along with Minekaze because new players are atrocious at understanding how not to get torpedoed, but you can still do work. Both US cruiser lines are good, but my preference tends to be for heavy cruisers over light. I enjoyed the Phoenix because seals are delicious and MM serves them up. I hated Omaha, basically a Phoenix, because MM is going to find you people that actually know how to play. To me, her gun configuration and lack of armor cannot be redeeemed...certainly not when I could be sailing Königsberg, Kirov or Furutaka. Hell, I’d take Emerald over Omaha.
  4. Mahrs

    PSA; Fiji

    Hard to resist shooting something that squishy. I think I dev struck one through the bow...with a cruiser. To be fair, one doesn’t usually land 8 of 9 rounds on a bow in ship...but, it’s hilarious when you can catch one at close range. Fiji is a good ship...but, I’d agree she doesn’t up Tier that well...as evidenced by the fact that Edinburgh isn’t exactly regarded as a monster of a ship. I didn’t keep mine. Finished the grind and moved on. I vastly prefer Leander.
  5. That’s a damn shame. Too few restaurants even make the effort these days and too few consumers even know the difference.
  6. Boy, @Kizarvexis - I didn’t realize just how many perma camos I don’t have. I guess that’s why I’m one of those fools that will happily take a 100% exp camo. Getting them from a super container or two back when the drop rate was higher is probably the only reason I have the two Tier X I have now. The grind is longer and harder for some of us than others. I’ll take all the exp I can get. The containers themselves are fun. I open them with my son - he loves seeing the big, spooky pumpkin pop open.
  7. Mahrs

    Personal T8 experiment

    To me, the most relevant part of the OP subjective assessment of enjoyment. It IS a game, after all. We always play to win, but we should be enjoying ourselves along the way. Game modes, MM, balance...when they’re done well, you can enjoy a ship at any tier. My Tier 8 ships are some of my best, arguably, but they’re not necessarily fun (or, the most fun) to play.
  8. Here was mine for the referenced game.
  9. Going from my usual trash level to two matches in one day where I mattered to my team’s success felt pretty great, honestly. I see Montana as a Tier X Fuso...and I feel like I could do well there someday...but, BB play is certainly not my forte, and I have a lot to learn still.
  10. I quite enjoyed Aoba when I played through her. I applied Yuro’s “How to Furutaka” lessons at both tiers as a newer player with some degree of success. I always found her accurate, maybe that was my imagination. Pensacola, on the other hand, was the reason I stopped playing USN Cruisers. A truly awful experience. The line split allowed me to skip her entirely, and now I am on the Baltimore. I played a game with her at Tier 6, confirmed I still hated her, sold her and moved on. New Orelans suffered from Shchors disease for me. I enjoyed playing her, smacked lots of people around with good guns...but, just could not get wins...at all. Both are great damage dealers, but depend heavily on the team in a game in which teams are not dependable. Sold her and moved on. Baltimore seems like a fine ship, to me. A bit vanilla, perhaps. Comparatively, I struggle to output damage with her like I did with New Orleans. That’s a functoin of facing much tougher opponents in a much more passive style of play, I think. Still, Baltimore is reasonably useful to the team and her guns are good. Cleveland gives up the 203mm alpha for Swiss Army Knife consumables and omnivorous guns. The caveat is that IFHE is important and if your 14 pt Captain pairs IFHE with CE, you’re not bringing as much to the team for AA...but, happily, you still pack DFAA. Gives up a turret and torpedoes to Mogami, but has much better firing angles and radar. Which I prefer depends on mood. I’m not necessarily dissatisfied.
  11. I see you’ve encountered the Haragumo. Other high tier IJN DD gun boats (yes, you read that right) are the Kitikaze and Akizuki. The ‘gumo and the kitty you’re going to want to avoid at all costs unless you have a means to spot it (e.g. radar with your Cleveland) AND it cannot spot you. i watched a Haragumo absolutely wreck a Saint Louis last night (Tier IX French Cruiser). The kicker? The Haragumo was blind, in smoke (I killed his spotter) - but once contact was made, all he had to do was keeping hosing that cruiser down. Saint Louis just evaporated...
  12. Mahrs

    Why CV's don't belong

    The era of the Aircraft Carrier for high intensity conflict is already over...we just don’t know it yet (largely because most near peer threats don’t field much of a blue water navy). Relying on human piloted aircraft to put little bombs and missile on target? Cool...very 1960s, but cool. The range of carrier based aircraft is a significant LIMFAC as is their payload, fuel consumption, maintenance requirements, etc. We are already at a point in history where guided, over the horizon capable munitions place carriers at risk. There aren’t enough CIWS/RAM on a surface ship to stop a saturation type attack. Surface to surface munitions are potentially longer ranged, more effective AND cheaper than a carrier air wing for naval combat. Dont worry, though...I’m a ground pounder, I’m always happy to get CAS from the USN or USMC. I got your back.
  13. Mahrs

    Why CV's don't belong

    @ReddNekk - pretty easy to just look at games played here, rather than trade stories about personal experience. Some adjustment is required for total ships available per tier, but presumably WG knows the real deal. If we are swapping anecdotes, over the last several days of play, I’ve only seen a handful of CV games. That’s bitter sweet for me - I often have ships with DFAA or reasonable AA, but I never actually want a CV in game. I agree with the OP, to be honest. I don’t like the implementation of CV. Can I counter CV? Sure. The reason I dislike them is that when a CV loads in, suddenly the most important part of my game play now revolves around CV counterplay, no matter where it is or I am on the map. Their mere presence takes so many tactical options off the table. As has been argued ad nauseam, CV can influence the map - the WHOLE map - in a way other classes cannot. That the CV cannot be engaged directly only exacerbates the issue. A CV rework that gives them an infinite hangar? Oh boy, oh boy. I get it, they’re part of the game. They’re just not a part that I like.
  14. The trickiest bit for me is finding a spot to shoot the radar -OR- deploy it. When I’m sailing Baltimore or Cleveland, I do everything I can to abuse spotting and LOS mechanics to ensure there is no way to spot me and shoot me before I “unmask” to either engage or use radar from safely. Sometimes I get that wrong (and sometimes a friendly BB collides with me and pushes me into fire...heh). However, when I get it right I can Radar an entire cap before the reds even know I’m there. Bonus, if I can also shoot from stealth. On the opposite side, how do I get my ship to a spot that will foil that very thing? Floaty shells go both ways and North Carolina, Missouri join Baltimore and Cleveland in searching for firing points to shoot into radar sites. Few things are more beneficial to the team than catching a camping cruiser giving to much broadside to auto bounce, but that’s not an easy task if their BB are playing up and properly deployed. I won’t tell a DD how to play, but I will correct the whiny ones in chat. “Shoot the cruiser, you guys are....”. Sure, boss, I’m happy to shoot the exp piñata...just as soon as you spot him. That’s the thing...he may have radar and that may be important, but if a DD isn’t spotting him, exactly who is?
  15. Mahrs

    New Personal Best

    Well done. Torpedoes for everyone!