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  1. Geococcyx

    We can not allow Airstrike!

    Thank you both for the information. It currently seems OP, but as LWM pointed out this is why they do tests. My biggest disappointment is the use of RNG for both the attack and the defense.
  2. Geococcyx

    We can not allow Airstrike!

    Point of clarification, my understanding it is not a "Consumable" but a "munition," like shells or torpedoes. It has a reload timer, not a charge counter. The close thing we have in the game currently with a similar base mechanic is the single shot torps of the RN ships. As a munition it would be subject to captain skills like Adrenalin Rush not Superintendent. If I have my info wrong please correct me.
  3. Thanks for the catch on the typo.
  4. SHHHHHhhhhh...... Be very very quiet WG is hunting whales -hehehe
  5. Geococcyx

    What happened here? Wrong answers only!

    Player did not complete the summoning ritual for sea monsters correctly.
  6. Geococcyx

    Anshan or Aigle?

    Anshan. I play a lot of dds and have both of theses ships. I could compare them but when it comes down to it - I think the Anshan is fun to play. It can run and gun, has acceptable torp, and is fast for its tier. Also the special captain for the line is great for it. I do not play the rest of the PA line but had a 19 point captain on her before the rework it. current capt. build - still adjusting it post rework. Currently ambush and guns.
  7. Just got on to play my Roma - and low and behold the Bro can was back. I thought oops forgot to add the mod to the new folder. Existed, added the mod to the right folder to get rid of the can, started the game and the camo was removed from the can but the can remained. See pic. Has someone noticed this and started on fixing the mod? I would love know when it was updated and to see the can gone again - thank you!
  8. Geococcyx

    Legion camo for... LEONE???

    Note, the Bonuses for the Leone's Legion camo are not as good as those for the MP.
  9. Geococcyx

    IFHE for italian BBs?

    Setting aside the meta issue. When I saw the stats on the IT BB secondaries I was intrigued - until I saw their base range. Then It was - Nope.
  10. Geococcyx

    Italian BB's Trash?

    While this speculation on my behalf - this working as WG intended. Push people to high tiers, spend DB to convert FXP. Which I find sad, as one of the things I like about the game was - is (at least for now) is playing all tiers. Also I will toss out what I have read else where, IT BB SAP has a hard time with earlier BBs heavy armor. It is not until high tier that it starts being more effective. So the lower tier IT BBs experience is more likely to ------ very.
  11. Geococcyx

    Positive Dead Eye Rant

    While I agree with this statement in general and believe that Dead eye has exposed an issue in the game, I think that Dead Eye when combined with other skill changes has created the current meta. A meta we have not seen before. This I disagree with. It is not enough for the DD to be in the BBs detection range, it must be spotted for dead eye to stop applying. And if a DD is spotted, it is usually focused and dies. I have tried this tactic with my DDs, it is very situational.
  12. Geococcyx


    Leone is Italian for "Makarov."
  13. Geococcyx

    Hail, Legion VIII Augusta

    Civ player?
  14. Geococcyx

    CODE (Expired)

    Yup - invalid code now.
  15. It seems that first WG pushed players out of low tiers and now it seems that they are pushing players out of mid tiers. It appears that that they want players only to be playing tiers 8-10, and preferably just 10. While I can not judge based on my own experience, reviewers I have read and listened to indicate the line gets OK at tier 9 and good at tier 10. This seems to be the case with the Italian CAs, the US BB split, and to a lesser degree the Euro DDs. is there any hard evidence of this trend; just mostly speculation; or poor shipline design? Maybe something else I am missing?