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  1. While I agree with your over all point, I have to point out that one of your statements does not ring true for me. The way you frame the steel is as if it is a given that you will get all of it is an assumption in my opinion. Buying all 40 phases gets you the opportunity to get up to 8500 steel, the hidden cost is the grind for those phases and the possibility of failing grinding some of the steel. If the tasks are completed as part of your normal game play, then there is no additional cost. So if you play a lot, then buying the phases are a value to you. BUT if you are more casual (like me - real life comes first) or not as good a player, then you will have to spend extra hours grinding. If I am spending hours playing a game to just get something, that approaches work and I look at how many hours will I play the ship, how much I would make if I worked those hours or if there is something I would rather do. The other question that needs consideration is how hard are the tasks? I look at what the tasks are and how much effort beyond my normal game play it will take me to determine the value of the opportunity to get steel. If the grind is like the original PR Dockyard (not likely in my opinion, but WG has surprised me before) then the opportunity to get steel is worthless to me. The point I am making is that listing any items value that still requires further work should not be counted as if you will receive it . You are not paying for a thing - just an opportunity.
  2. Geococcyx

    DD captian

    Now there is collaboration I can get in to - WOWs and the Muppets. Having the different muppets as captains. Though come to think of it, it would be kind of redundant. 🫣
  3. Geococcyx

    Who have you seen in game

    @DrHolmes52 and I kicked around some toasters in COOP. He was top dog on the score board in his Odin.
  4. Good morning @Ahskance and @Boggzy, A suggestion / request for a modification to filter section of the carousel. I think it would be useful to add a third check box to the filter section in the sub-area of "Special." This would be to add a check box for Captains with max skill points. The icon could be the captain silhouette in gold or similar. There is even space for it at this location. My reasoning is that now that we can assign the same captain to five different classes of ship it is not always as easy to find a particular captain quickly. With special captains it is faster but with basic captains that have been trained up it can take some time. This is particularly true for old timers and collectors. The quality of life improvement to the players is that they could select for max captains and get all of them in the current ships, allowing the player to play those captains earning Elite Commander XP. Likely this has been suggested before but my quick search of the Forum did not turn up any results. Thank you.
  5. Geococcyx

    Geek, Nerd, or Dork?

    For self-analysis. Where do you fall:
  6. You should pin this post, as people are weekly asking about which ______ ships are “good.” great information, thank you for posting.
  7. Geococcyx

    people reporting because you play a cv

    I would put forth that the first experience I had of being down voted for using a ship was the original Belfast. Pre dates the Smolensk by a bit. However I would bet that this was not the first ship that people did this for. The British CLs were coming out and there were not a lot of British premiums at that time. I had not really paid attention to the reviews at the time and bought it as as a trainer. As it be came clear how OP it was, I it got down votes just for showing up in battle with it. I know this because it was stated in chat at the time.
  8. Geococcyx

    What other games does the community play??

    Valheim, these days. Worlds Adrift, before it shut down.
  9. Fair enough. But that same admin framed the removal of the 4% dispersion with no compensation as a global change. It seemed to me this indicted that they were treating like a change to spotting mechanics, not a change to a purchased good. The statement was made in response to a concern raised about the point. The response in my opinion did not address the posters concern - either intentionally or unintentionally. For me this and other things I have read on the topic keep me skeptical. The big question I am still looking for an answer for is WHY is WOWS doing this now? What is the benefit to them? Why are they spending the money?
  10. Geococcyx

    New Policy?

    Ah - I have some fond memories of some of the meme wars. Particularly around "salt" and "heresy."
  11. I agree with this - generally speaking. And at the same time the how and why are important. In No Man's Sky they introduce big new play style change almost every year - not one has left me feeling wary or cheated. Neverwinter on the other hand, almost every major change has had a real costs for me. So with regards to the current WOWS change, where will fallout? For me it currently has more of the Neverwinter money grab feel then the No Man's Sky expand play feel. The Econ Rework is not adding some new gimmick or play style (ship line, radar, hydro, etc.), WOWS is reworking a system that has been around since the start of the game and the way they are doing it make me feel suspicious. Using the three points I laid out - 1) the new system seems to be better based on the limited information we have, BUT we really will not know until it goes live. 2) the conversion process is complicate, from my point of view, with lots of room for "misunderstandings' to occur. Additionally, the explanations of the global removal of the 4% fall short for me, when I measure it against the consumer laws of getting what you paid for. 3) I have not seen any information on how future bonuses will be available and priced. This information can change how I value what I have. Until I do I real can not make an informed choice as to what to do. I doubt I will see this information prior to the Econ Rework rollout, as such I will remain skeptical of this rework.
  12. The changes that WOWS has been making in the past couple years have had - to me - the feel of the changes that the Developers of Neverwinter have been making for years. The changes have three parts: 1) the new vs. old system - typically the new system is more intuitive and generally appears to functions better before it goes live. 2) The conversion - a) when the system goes live the reality of the system becomes manifest. How thing really work - often with unforeseen issues. b) switching systems means that resource(s) from the old system need to be converted to the new one. In my experience this almost always has the hidden agenda of moving end game players backwards so that they will start spending money to bring their performance back to what they had. 3) The game running with the new system - Typically I have found that the after the conversion period that the game is grindier and that access to the new systems resource is more expensive. Every year Neverwinter devs rework some game system and every year I found that something I worked to get was nerfed by the system rework or the things I had collected were devalued. In my experience, there were very few of the changed systems were really noticeably better. Maybe the pattern does not fit here - but I am noticing at least some similarities. And I ask myself WHY is WOWS doing this - where is the PROFIT for them? I am pretty sure it is not to make my experience better.
  13. Geococcyx

    The Weirdest Generation

    Also remember that the 1930's were pre TV. So these cartoons were played before movies - to more adult audiences. This is also one reason they often included music, typically popular songs at the time. In the 1940's US military used cartoons to educate personnel of a range of topics. Just Google "Private SNAFU." As a side note one of the chief creators of these cartoons was Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss). And Julia Child helped the British Navy create shark repellant during WW2. https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/julia-child-shark-repellant-world-war-ii#:~:text=The recipe of Child's and,to deter sharks from attacking. I think it has always been a weird world - we just think what we grew up with is normal.
  14. Geococcyx

    Delayed Firing for Subs

    Have they solved the depth immunity trick? I saw a Youtuber demonstrating it (Flamu?) - I can't find the link, sorry. Basically the sub capt. jukes between surface and periscope depth to keep the depth at about 16 meters. This cause the sub to have immunity to incoming fire and allows them to spot. The sub can still fire torps as normal.
  15. Geococcyx

    Italian BB Balance

    Another piece of evidence that lends me to think this might be true is the "Recommended Skills" for each ship on the captain skill matrix. When I respec a captain I look at these "recommendations" to try to understand how the devs think the ship should be used. Sometimes I agree with them, rarely I gain a bit of insight, but mostly I find myself wondering - do they play this ship?