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  1. Geococcyx

    Advice Needed on Unique Upgrades

    WHEW - thanks guys for your response. I check out your link, thank you for doing the work.
  2. Hi all- For the Anniversary event I played 4 T-X ships for the first time since the Unique/Legend upgrades came out and thereby activated the upgrade missions. These mission will expire at the end of the year and I will not likely have time to grind all 4, plus finish the one for the Gearing I am currently working on. I am looking for advice on which ones I should prioritize first and which I might let go. I have watched YouTube for advice and done some research on the forum but have not come to any firm conclusions. So I am turning to people who have a history playing this ships with the Unique/Legend upgrades for your advice. The ships are: G. Kurfurst, Shimakaze, Khabarovsk, and Grozovoi. I am likely to have the mission for the G Kurfurst toward the top of the list, as I have always like BB brawling even though I am a DD main. The Shimakaze was my first T-X but have not played it much as I find sluggish for a torp boat, but love the T-7 to 9 IJN boats. I was working on the Russian DD line pretty heavily before they split but have not done much with them since then, just keep getting distracted with other lines. Thanks for the advice in advance.
  3. Geococcyx

    Get down Mr.President!

    I think we have a candidate for the next premium ship, it comes permanently pink.