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  1. Terms like potato and windowlicker are reserved for those the skilled players try to help but the "new players" refuse to take any form of advice and usually tell the helper to **** off among other things
  2. Until 0.6.14 you can sell back your Kutuzov in port and get the amount back in doubloons. Read patch notes if you arent satisfied
  3. There are plenty of tools in game that do this passively. ie; Captain skills, signal flags and ship upgrades. All that decrease fire damage over time, number of fires that can be set on your ship etc etc. No changes needed when you can get it down to like 20-30 seconds.
  4. There was also a guy demanding to be able to turn off other players red tracers from Yamamoto captained ships. My response was along the line of change your system settings to black and white
  5. Germany never bombed Pearl Harbour..... check your history my dude
  6. Boo hoo. Get over it. There are far more important things going on than some silly shell trails in this game. Go into your settings and change your colors to black and white and you wont have to worry about the scary red trails anymore
  7. This is just so petty it's unbelievable. Omg red tracers! Who cares. Just play the game and ignore it. They arent going away. I can get turning off certain other things in game but colored shells? Seriously? Give me a break and take your customary whine thread about I don't like x because y and shove it. Or just make your color scheme grayscale. Problem solved, or would you whine about that too?
  8. Came across an Amagi today in my Hindenberg and noticed the first blood fireworks go off. Made me focus fire him even more
  9. It will. Cause I know you cant stat shame me. If you can't handle 5 v5 DDs then don't play high tier. It's a simple solution.
  10. Yeah. You are nothing special.
  11. You're not all that great yourself. If you can't handle DDs at high tiers throwing torps once evrry minute amd a half or so maybe you should stick to tier 4 and 5.
  12. Except for torpedos. Then trolls will purposely sail into them and cause you damage. Turning off friendly fire is somethung that should have been done a long time ago. Nobody likes it
  13. The Z-52 is a DD v DD god. The AP it has shreds enemy DDs fairly consistently. With its Hydro you can agressively push caps/smoke screens and catch people off guard then smoke yourself while still having decent visions
  14. Bah you beat me by seconds
  15. More so a battleships role is to deal out damage/destroy ships while minimizing the return damage by means of armor angling, kiting, or island cover.