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  1. You shouldn't be disappointed in your purchase. Sure being bottom tier for so often is frustrating but I feel it teaches you to look at your play more. "What can I do in this match to get the most out of my ship." It's all about your target selection and your position. Don't be the first thing the red team sees. Focus on survivng but not so much that it takes your guns out of the battle. You are, from what I can gather, a still improving player as your damage etc is on an upward curve. Things will improve over time.
  2. Hatsuzuki_DD

    PSA - terrible teams are an opportunity

    Don't let your dreams be dreams. Just do it
  3. Hatsuzuki_DD

    ranked season? Bajie?

    This season ranked is T10 arms race and Bajie... might still be available? I think it had something to do with the lunar new year event.
  4. Hatsuzuki_DD


    Smalland isn't out yet and Friesland AA is a gimmick on a premium. A bad CV losing all its planes to a DD that is heavily specialized in AA like the Friesland means nothing. They just played like your average potato player and would have lost that many planes anyway. A good CV player will still dumpster any DD player regardless of the DD players skill. Then we have all the "If X ship can devastate other X ship in a single salvo they should also be nerfed" crowd. The difference being surface ships have the opportunity to fight back. Have the ability to mitigate damage by angling etc. There is no "fighting back" against a CV. Especially if they are never spotted and run around the map border. Even if you do catch a CV out, unless you are in a BB your ability to damage the CV are severely hindered.
  5. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    I choose to let my wallet speak for me and remain closed.
  6. The difference is you have a lot more time to react to a 0.1 km buffer space vs a 2km buffer space. You can escape a .1km a lot easier than a 2km zone. Sure the result of being spotted at the same time is the same but you will take significantly more focus fire in a stealth radar zone of 2km than the latter. This is what has people up in arms over the russuan ship stats released. The reaction would be no different if WG decided to release a ship with such capabilities under a different nation besides russian.
  7. Hatsuzuki_DD


    If you play in a ship armed with torpedos you can switch to them and see how the prediction indicator moves to judge speed. Sometimes dispersion can throw off your shells.
  8. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Team gathering in one spot

    I only need to see one thing on that screenshot to know why it happened. there was a CV in the match and said players huddled up cause they don't know how to play while being spotted. So they just jumble up together and become largely useless dead weight for your team.
  9. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Moskva becoming a premium ship

    Chances are when the split happens (which iirc has bee done before) Player A with Moskva and premium camo will get The new T10 tech ship that replaces Moskva and the prem camo for said new ship. They should also keep Moskva if they have Moskva already since taking that away from those who grinded it is kinda wrong.
  10. Hatsuzuki_DD

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    I have to agree with you on this. Bad players playing Smolensk is dragging it down. Every dev struck Smolensk means less and less avg damage output.
  11. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Smolly Mis-info spreading fast

    Considering it never should have been added in the first place, This is a good thing.
  12. Guess I'll just stick to not playing and not supporting the dumpster fire that is warships. Why do the testers test things if WG will not/refuse to listen to feedback at all? Wallet closed and game remains closed.
  13. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Kleber is STILL a joke ....

    Unfortunately being a decidedly average player you will only net average results from a ship based on A) your playstyle. B) your captain set up and C) your position and target selection
  14. There is a difference when a BB dumpsters a cruiser vs when a CV dumpsters a (insert shipclass here) or when a DD lands torps on a BB or if a DD gets radared and shot up. In the scenarios you describe as "trolling" players can make mostakes in position etc. Give broadside in a cruiser to that BB? you should fully expect the BB to devastate you. When a DD sails into range of a radar cruiser and gets lit up by it the DD is making a mistake. When a BB player extinguishes a single fire and gets lit up by the enemy team he has made a mistake. Do you see the difference yet? You can do EVERYTHING right to the highest capability of whatever surface ship you are in and the CV just laughs it off as he left clicks you for 5k+ depending on the rockets used. How about you use your brain (what lottle you have left) to think before you post your garbage. Telling players to "get over it or get out?" Yeah... thats the right way to grow the game and the community. I'm sure people would line up to work for you with that mindset.