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  1. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Time to nerf the Irian?

    All these cries for nerfs and basing ship performance off of the top percentages of the player base as a back for it is folly. The sample size is too small as you say and the ship is very squishy. Imagine if players shoot at it when it gets spotted...(the last one I ran into lasted all of 45 seconds under concentrated fire) When a ship of over performs, it has to over perform in the lower end of the spectrum by a significant margin (~3-5% in wr and ~10-30k avg damage roughly) as well as across the boards.
  2. I have neither as I dont generally play T5 ships.
  3. Sample size is too small to hold any weight. In 21 days you played 5 games in Texas and 4 games in GC respectively. You cant base findings for an arguement off of numbers so small. This is insignificant. Your PR is inflated on your Texas because you did well above your overall average and the same can be said about the GC falling well short of your normal. In short, you did well in the Texas despite only winning 2 of the 5 games. As opposed to only winning 1 game out of 4 in GC while underperforming with it. You had a bad batch of games.
  4. You also seem to play a fair amount more in your GC than your Texas according to your last dated games played. Your GC is also far outperforming your Texas in terms of the average damage scores you are seeing. As well as winrate. Please tell me what more context I need to validate my stance that the ship is too strong for the tier bracket its in. How well does your Texas fair in a tier 7 match compared to when you play the GC? Do you feel weaker in Texas than GC? These are some things that need consideration. The ship needs adjusting and you can try to defend it all you want.
  5. Hatsuzuki_DD

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    Then allow me to make a post about my experience against a CV with my Minotaur. Your air spotting range in Minotaur is 7.4km and your AA range is 6.9 km. On top of this, the consummable fighter plane that CV's get has a maximum detection of 3.5km. Guess what happens when the enemy cv uses said consummable anywhere within 7km of you. Permanently spotted for all to shoot at you. and you are unable to counter this. Your AA range is too small to fire on planes if the enemy cv player is not trying to strike you. You cant shoot the planes down if he is smart enough to play within the buffer zone of air spotting. If you need a replay as proof, I have one.
  6. Not to say the proof is in the numbers... but... well it is. Excluding small same sizes for inflated winrate GC is overshadowing the T5 ships you mention by a significant margin. How can you make the claim that you are better in the Kongo class when you havent played them in ages? So "chew on this"as you so aptly put it.
  7. Hatsuzuki_DD

    possible solution for GC situation

    This is the problem right here basically. Everyone is crying about them changing their premium ship because then "oh no, now I cant seal club newbies as often anymore and actually have to face a challenge" boo hoo. get over it and deal with it. I wouldnt be bothered by changes to Belfast or Kutuzov or other ships that people deem "overpowered". i kept them after the smoke firing changes and would still keep them after. The amount of times I take them out in games is negligible anyway.
  8. You lost me at the Massachusetts being overpowered. If Musashi moves to T10 then it gets Yamato Sigma of 2.1 Gremyaschy was ovly really overpowered during the pre stealth fire nerf days.
  9. Hatsuzuki_DD

    possible solution for GC situation

    They arent ripping away your ship as you will retain it (just as a T6 and not a T5 for you to freely beat up on players trying to learn the game. not to mention that it is on par with T7 ships in the same class) Get over it. Changes are needed and required for it. For reference:
  10. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Dont worry about Belfast getting buffs...

    And nobody batted an eye. GC moving up to T6 and everybody loses their minds.
  11. Any further questions? They seem to be performing equally to me
  12. When and how was the Kutuzov nerfed? Cause as far as I know, it wasnt the direct target of a "nerf". If you are talking about the detection when firing from smoke change, this affect every single ship in the game. Not jist the Kutuzov. It didn't change anything about the Kutuzov or how it plays. It still has 19km range. Still has its 8 second reload with 12 152mm guns. Still benefits from IFHE. So you saying the Kutuzov was nerfed is false. Further still, the Hakuryu in 0.8.0 being able to spam torps from the onset of a match to the very end was a terrible design and needed to be adressed. The potential to deal 200k, 300k, and up to 500k damage in a game by just running torpedo planes to the enemy spawn and dropping them outside of detection was not good design. This ability made it impossible to move from spawn as you constantly had to avoid torps. No objective pushing. Nothing. The patch was justified.
  13. Someone has to say it. My personal opinion is if a ship is performing well above everything in its class and tier (especially when it is doing noticeably better) they should not be immune to changes. If players are going to argue about nerfs to premium ships that they paid money for then by the same logic, premium ships should never be buffed outright(excluding global changes to things affecting multiple ships for both nerfs and buffs) because "It isnt what I spent my money on"
  14. You're equally capable of seeing the stats as well as I am. It is overshadowing every T5 BB in every category. winrate by 3-7% damage by 12-30k base xp by a minimum of 300. across the board from the overall stats to the top 5% of the server. It needs to be nerfed or tweaked in some way that brings it in line with its competition or it should move up a tier.
  15. Its too strong at T5 statistically. When a player can go into a T7 game and be "mostly" able to contend with higher tiered ships there is a problem that needs to be adressed. Looking at the GC stats it outperforms every ship in its tier by a significant margin. This is not Ok.