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  1. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Sad news for the community. I didn't know him but I am sure to have read his forums posts when they popped up. Rest in peace sir.
  2. If by spotting upgrade you mean the "assured acquisition upgrade" that you use in ships. It only increases the minimum spotting distance YOUR ship has in relation to enemy ships. Base range is like 2km. the upgrade makes it 3km and helps spot torpedos.
  3. What about all the times BB players have whined and cried about being wrecked by destroyer torps? BB's whined and they dropped nerfs to torp spotting range and speed. Add in the proliferation of hydro running ships, including a full line of BBs and practically every cruiser. What a JOKE? Give me a break. If one side can complain about being wrecked by something then so can the other side. A skilled player will have the ammo type selected for proper engagement. Lets not forget expert loader captain skill that cuts reload time in half.
  4. They did change T10 economy. They made repair fees a flat rate unstead of based on damage taken in your ship. Still, T10 is not desgined to turn a profit in random matches unless you do well above average. Considering amount of credits rewarded directly reflects % of damage done to ships instead of raw damage, that is likely why you got so little. 95k damage done across multiple destroyers will net a bigger profit than 95k damage done to a single Yamato. Hence why the above said detailed report tells the story, which you unfortunately did not provide to paint a clearer picture of your performance in this particular game.
  5. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    Yes I cap when I play gearing. I dont take fights with the Z52 unless I can win. If he is going to smoke up and hydro spot me I am going to make sure my team is there to back me up. Usually I have div mates running radar. Takes care of the Z52 fairly quickly
  6. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    The Z52 also has to take the time to slow down after being spotted to smoke itself and run the hydro, all the while stopping it will be lit for anyone to fite at. Because it gets outspotted it will render a fraction of a second before any other DD. Again if you are in a fight against a 52 the best way is to throw torps at the smoke. force it into the open so your team can help fight it. Never try to 1v1 a Z52
  7. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    Can use the same arguement here against the belfast. Mind you its radar is relatively short in duration. i believe time enough fot 3 salvos iirc. If you are stupid enoigh to get into its hydro range, well, that is on you and your death is your fault more than the belfast being strong. Knowing the ranges of the tools your enemy has will help you anticipate and react to situations. If you get in a fight with a Z52 that has done smoke+Hydro, run away from it. Don't stick around letting him perma spot you. Most, if not all DDs will spot a Z52 before it spots you. Use that time to get turned away and bait the consummable usage.
  8. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    If you are close enough to allow yourself to be perma spotted by a Z52's hydro then you have made a serious error in your positioning. Even more so if said Z52/ his team are able to take shots at you. The hydro is mainly a screening tool vs torps or rushing a smoked up DD to make them panic and run. Lets not forget that the Z52 has the shortest duration smoke screen if you want to ask for a trade off. I believe it also has the lowest alpha damage on its torps with a low chance of flood. Need anything else? Leave the Z52's hydro alone.
  9. @Taichunger Keep crying. There are plenty more important things in this game that need attention/fixing than this. Simple solution. If you don't like the emblem popping up on your screen, don't die.
  10. Tired of getting insulted and berated

    The moment when you realize WoWs hasn't even been live on the NA server for 3 years. Yet this guy claims to have been playing for 4 years??? September 17 2015 servers went live.
  11. silly reporting

    Wow, from APOC, even if it is one of the sub clans. That is kind of sad to be honest. Black isnt any harder to deal with than a Fletcher is.
  12. He lost me at "I used all my captain skills that boost AA in my Yamato"
  13. Same. Some clans have a thing called standards. If I see any from my clan on the opposing side I make a point to tell my team that is who to focus.
  14. Can I shut off badges?

    They don't annoy me as much as your misuse of "their" vs "they're". It's in the game. Learn to deal with it and stop crying can I turn "X" off or make it go away with everything WG tries to implement. I for one welcome the creativity behind this.
  15. Greetings all, I am starting a project this year and need any and all the help I can get. It will be a fundraiser for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals in either the U.S or Canada. If anyone isn't familiar with Extra Life and who they are, here is a link with all the info you need. https://www.extra-life.org I am hoping to get as many people involved in this as I can. There is 11 months to prepare and get everything sorted, so time is not a worry right now. Anyone interested can contact me in game or leave a reply here.