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  1. Hatsuzuki_DD

    What's all the fuss about subs?

    Is that why we see countless DD players suiciding in the first 3 minutes of the game?
  2. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Shell Damage Calculation Error

    I got my explanation backwards. it penetrates, and then ricochets into the citadel
  3. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Shell Damage Calculation Error

    Check its Citadel (Max damage) and divide it by 3. chances are the Shell Citadel'd you and ricocheted to cause an additional Penetration damage. It is a rare occurance IIRC.
  4. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Other Countries have veterans too!

    You were Navy? Do go on. I am in the process of joining. Any tips/suggestions?
  5. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Why are Detonations still a thing?

    If you don't like detonating, Run the signal flag.
  6. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Why are Detonations still a thing?

    Detonations make up a total of roughly 1% of your total games played. The only sure fire way of avoiding them us to use the signal flag.
  7. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Why are Detonations still a thing?

    Detonation are in the game for the same reason Teamkilling is still in the game. Because WG says so
  8. Hatsuzuki_DD

    You've Been Smolensk'd!

    I got rushed by a Colbert in my smolensk. He caught me completely flat footed and I still managed to win the gun fight.. Hmm... ;)
  9. Hatsuzuki_DD

    You've Been Smolensk'd!

    Only 185k? Comrade is posting baby numbers
  10. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Santa Crates

    I would say after Black Friday
  11. Hatsuzuki_DD


    Have you shot a Smolensk with a Des Moines yet? Des Moines naturally counters Smolensk
  12. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Yes, the MM needs fixed

    Saying games are unwinnable is false. There are atleast 12 players that are getting a winnable game. Just make the best out of the situation/ team you are handed and focus on what you can do to affect a games outcome.
  13. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    Save your money and use furutaka.
  14. Hatsuzuki_DD

    Citadel Overpens need to stop

    Aim better
  15. Hatsuzuki_DD

    What is this WG

    I have a 19pt Celmson captain specifically for that reason