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  1. Haleakala

    Why is the player base so angry?

    Teamwork? The game is based fleet warfare, historically the most dependent on "teamwork" but it hardly exists in the game much at all unless you play clan. Even ranked battles are often silent.
  2. Haleakala

    Wargaming is Creating Some Severe Imbalances

    Ducky, at the start of yesterday's game I pulled my Gearing forward to spot, was detected so threw smoke to cover my tracks (torpedo spamming from smoke is myth, it was over awhile ago). I was lit up by 1,2,3,4,5 - 6 radar, and immediately erased from the map. For all you who say adapt, etc. - how so? Hang around behind islands, back with the BBs. Why play the class anymore?
  3. Haleakala

    best ranked ever

    You should be banned. You just played in my last match on my team and kept reporting my position to the enemy. We won the game anyway. I filed a report with screenshots.
  4. Haleakala

    Why I Am Happy About Submarines

    While subs will be a welcome spicing up of the game, I was more interested in seeing U-Boats. I realize the game is not representative of history beyond a certain degree, U-Boats were the biggest story of naval warfare WW2. U-Boats would have torps alright, but also a deck gun - not much of a threat, but at least a gun as well.
  5. Haleakala

    U-boats - Time has come

    I've just finished the excellent book Blackett's War, about u-boat warfare and allies desperate measures to defeat them during WW2, or be defeated. Uboats were THE naval story of WW2 and deserve to be in the game. It would also add fresh life into what has become a stale, repetitive game... stuck in a pattern of introducing simple variations of new ships. If planes can be in this game, surely u-boats could be figured out.
  6. According to the immensely enjoyable and well-researched 2013 book Blackett's War about U-Boat warfare, the Germans would have won the war: https://www.amazon.com/Blacketts-War-Defeated-U-Boats-Brought/dp/0307743632/ref=sr_1_1 It would be quite awhile before the Americans were war-ready, and the u-boats had already almost cut off Britain, an island remember, to their minimal threshold of war and other supplies needed to function.