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  1. USSRichardNixon

    I shall stop buying

    I bought two big and one small santa boxes. I got camos, flags, and Z39. Z39 is a ship I want to buy with doubloon when on discount. I should consider myself lucky, right? But then I have 26K doubloon nowhere to spend...
  2. I can't find it or remember if I have opened them.
  3. USSRichardNixon

    IFHE for Donskoi and Moskva?

    A lot of people is recommending IFHE for Chapayev and Kutuzov. But as the captain will eventually move up to T9 and 10, how is IFHE for Donskoi and Moskva?
  4. USSRichardNixon

    Why shall I buy santa crates?

    I have Kutuzov, Belfast, Missouri, Cesare, Kamikaze R. I also have lots of doubloon. Most likely, soon T61 will be offered in doubloon. The only ships I miss is Nikolai and Gremy.
  5. I have a 4K display. Now I am shopping for graphics card. I am wondering between GTX 1070, 1070ti and 1080. What is your opinion?
  6. I have been waiting this for months....
  7. Is that a change or just a bug?
  8. USSRichardNixon

    If i dont spend any money

    The black friday event has nothing to do with me , right?
  9. USSRichardNixon

    Giulio Cesare vs Konig?

    I once used Konig to sealclub six ships and achieve solo warrior. Now there is Caesar! Do you think Giulio Cesare is superior to Konig?
  10. Do you keep Algérie after grinding? What are the ranking among T7 cruisers? Fiji>Helena>Algerie>Myoko>Yorck?
  11. Is Clemson the DD for sealclubbing? How are the new Valkyrie and Wakeful? Other candidates? Shenyang? V170? G101?
  12. So far I only collected 6 out 12, waiting for more daily droppings, which depends on RNGesus. Is there a deadline?
  13. USSRichardNixon

    No more uk dd container?

    I dont want to grind
  14. USSRichardNixon

    No more uk dd container?

    No chance to get a free lightning anymore?
  15. USSRichardNixon

    Latest Screenshot!!! Just one second away .... HOW CLOSE!

    Well... my performance was not my point. Please see how close this game is and how close the enemy is close to Solo Warrior.