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  1. I bought scharnhorst in doubloon. Thats it.
  2. It used to be the case that this skill is never chosen... But how about German cruiser (Hipper, Roon, ...) and British BB?
  3. I have to say the blue camo is disappointing...
  4. I am still waiting for half of collections... What does color camo look like? Any video?
  5. ATAGO is extremely good almost OP. It is clearly better than Hipper, New Orleans, Mogami or even Kutuzov.
  6. After US cruiser split, Indianapolis is essentially trash.
  7. Now I have unlocked shima and I have a free 16 pt captain which can go to either of these three. These three play very similarly. I am mainly debating between Yugumo and Shiratsuyu.
  8. I am still debating...
  9. Yes.
  10. In a T10 game, I am in Shimakaze. All the damage I did is 1. one torp to enemy Gearing, kills 2. one torp to enemy Shimakaze, kills 3. one torp to enemy Yamato, does not kill and I made one cap. Total damage is a little less than 60K. That is really very little damage in a Shimakaze. But..... We ended up winning and I got 2.1K base XP, top of my team.
  11. I found out that Priority Target is useless in Gearing, Shimakaze or Fletcher. If you are discovered, everyone shoots at you literally at the same time. I am wondering what the situation is for German High Tier DD since I only reached tier 7 but I have to re-assign skills for a 14pt captain.
  12. Now I have New Orleans. Shall I buy back Pensacola or Cleveland? I guess Cleveland is a must but how about Pensacola? BTW are you also going to 'profit' from buying Premium Camo?
  13. Do you have this habit to hord Rustless Fire camo (250% captain xp) and Dragon flag (300% captain xp)? I find this funny that I am very reluctant to use them...
  14. Currently I have Yamamoto on Izumo. I am choosing two from the three 3pt skills: AFT, Fire Prevention, Concealment. What is a standard 19 pt build for Yamato/Yamamoto.