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  1. UK DD reviews?

    so far I only got the T6 DD on the UK tree, as well as Gallant. Both are kind of crap. Which UK DD is not crap? Any systematic reviews?
  2. I just played with Asashio. It seems better than Kagero, Yugumo and Shiratsuyu. LWM says it is OP. I tend to agree. In the right situation (not epicenter DD fight), Asashio can often produce a magnificent game. What's your opinion?
  3. How to buy guineas?

    These containers in shop does not offer guineas...
  4. If you click Weymouth now...

    Look at module researches, you will see Medea and the entire UK DD tree.
  5. Neptune? Ibuki? Buffalo? none? The only exception is Fletcher?
  6. Blyskawica vs Gadjah Mada

    Is Gadjah Mada better than Blyskawica? Better smoke, concealment, firing angles, fire chance? maybe except torp reload.
  7. I think this is an achievement

    LOL very similar Kraken is good enough. I am always happy to lose a Kraken battle.
  8. United states ONLY

    what event is this?
  9. I think this is an achievement

    lost a battle but got more XP than anyone else, including enemy.
  10. I got 50 gamescom camo +50% credit Not bad. Will run that camo with Missouri during premium time.
  11. Flint vs Belfast?

    Is Flint more OP than Belfast? I already have Belfast and Atlanta. I am wondering if i should work out in ranked to get steel to buy Flint or Black.
  12. thanks all. I finished this task today, unsurprisingly, in ibuki. One torp hit and Witherer.
  13. This is a task in a campaign. It looks pretty hard. I have Buffalo, Ibuki, Kron, Neptune, Roon so far. Which is better to achieve this task?
  14. I have no idea about the compensation. I participated most previous ranked seasons, reaching between R10 and R5. Now I am R11 in this season, but I only have 1600 steel.
  15. Do you buy USS Salem?

    Correct. Why should we pay so much for a mediocre ship?