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  1. Konig Albert is a mistake

    I bought it testerday. I thought it would be Confederate/Kraken generator after i put the 19 pt Tirpitz in it. However it was utterly a disaster.
  2. Izumo needs buff

    Musushi disagrees....
  3. I am not impressed by Buffalo at all.
  4. Weekend+Summer+100% XP

    now we have 100+ cruiser waiting in line whereas only 10- DD and BB waiting.
  5. Weekend+Summer+100% XP

    The game is unplayable now!!! But I really hope to grind the stock hulls of my Cleveland and Buffalo.
  6. Which US cruiser to keep?

    to know the full potential of a ship, I need upgrading hulls and modules, which cost a lot of money...... Also with a high pt captain, spec-ed for that ship.... So I can only play a ship with nothing at all for a few battles to make a decision...
  7. Which US cruiser to keep?

    After playing a few battles, I feel like I would sell New Orleans, Baltimore but keep Pensacola. How do you think?
  8. Now the update is alive do you all agree with this review?
  9. shall I choose Gun Range or Firing Rate? I remember in the old times, people use gun range on T9 Baltimore but firing rate on T10 Des Moines.
  10. sorry

    wrong topic
  11. Who have you seen in game

    I play nelson daily to earn fireproof flag. I lost four battles in nelson today earning doublestrike confederate high calubre and finally fireproof.
  12. My opinion is that any T6-T8 camo is not worth getting because : 1. If I already grind that ship, I won't need any +50% xp camo even if I keep a captain on it. I will most likely use +250% captain XP camo or whatever is available. 2. If I haven't yet grinded that ship, I will use +100% xp camo if I hate that ship. I have plenty +100% xp camo in stock. The only camo worth buying is T9 and T10. I bought one for Fletcher because I keep her and I have a 19 pt captain for her. I just got stock T9 Baltimore so I don't know if I will keep T9 Buffalo if I have De Moine.
  13. Baltimore camo is not worth buying now. T9 camo was discounted for 50%.
  14. Now I have stock Pensacola, Cleveland, New Orlean in port, waiting for the split. Shall I buy all the upgrade hull, gun, range to profit more from the split?
  15. Do you keep Normandie?

    Just because it now has a nice and non-historical perm camo, shall I keep it? I have no 10pt captain for it yet. Lyon looks much more enjoyable and I have a 16 pt captain for Lyon.