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  1. Caesar removed?

    I am happy that I bought it at 50% off for doubloon.
  2. Perhaps the T-61 will be a free XP ship?

    If it is as OP as in your video, then I will buy with cash.
  3. Considering Gadjah Mada, Chung Mu, Yue Yang are very OP?
  4. anything make yamato free to play is good enough for me.
  5. Now it is kind of expensive...... I have 6k doubloon but did not find interesting ships anymore.
  6. Weird feeling about KGV

    I didn't feel I do great in it. I didn't do much damage or kills. The ship just can't last long or shoot accurately. After 47 battles, I got 64% WR 1087 average XP. Maximum kill is only 2!!! 1.44 destruction ratio. So the numbers look okay....
  7. But it was advertised here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/pt071/
  8. HSF girls containers

    I see 10 containers each for HSF Graf Spee, Harekaze, Yamato and Musashi. Are that 10 containers daily?
  9. Kobayashi graffiti looks terrible...

    is there any update from WG responding to this?
  10. Two Questions about Harekaze

    1. Will it be sold as a regular premium at same / different price? 2. What's the history of this ship and its gun figuration?
  11. I just saw it on Roma. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/roma-roma-your-boat/
  12. A Tier 7 battle. My captain Yamamoto got his first Kraken but the promised super repair did not happen (because I just finished a repair before Kraken). Killing 6 ships and earning 2520 base XP. I got first blood too.
  13. If you are going to play a game, which would you prefer?
  14. Already have Nelson and Missouri.