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  1. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Is Siegfried OP?

    LittleWhiteMouse rated it OP. We also knew that Ohio and Colbert are not OP. Does that make decisions easy?
  2. ArnoldSchoenberg

    dilemma about coal ships

    my halsey is currently trained for montana. shall I make him secondary built?
  3. ArnoldSchoenberg

    dilemma about coal ships

    thank you.
  4. ArnoldSchoenberg

    dilemma about coal ships

    I end up with USS Georgia because I have extra 19 pt captain and because I would like to make more money.
  5. ArnoldSchoenberg

    dilemma about coal ships

    the coupon is expiring soon. i am only considering several ships: Georgia, Thunderer, Salem, marceau It is said that Thunderer has the best gun in game. but Georgia makes much more money. Tier 10 premium only makes as much money as Tier 8, that makes me reluctant to get any T10 premium except being as op as Smolensk
  6. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Roma vs Vanguard

    I end up with Bayard !
  7. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Roma vs Vanguard

    I only have Alabama and Tirpitz. I don't have Massachusetts. I also have Kii, Missouri, Jean Bart, Musashi.
  8. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Roma vs Vanguard

    I have a coupon to use to purchase a ship with doubloon in game. I am looking at these two historical ships which have similar play style in game. BTW, I already have Caesar and Duke of York.
  9. ArnoldSchoenberg

    200% first win is the new norm?

    or only seasonal?
  10. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Lenin vs Nelson?

    Which is more satisfying to play? I felt that the gun in Lenin is worse than those in Nelson.
  11. ArnoldSchoenberg

    How good/OP is HMS London?

    I am only finishing the 3rd directive. I am wondering if I should grind for the 4th tonight. I already have HMS Exeter (and also HMS Belfast).
  12. ArnoldSchoenberg

    How to play HMS Hawkins?

    I felt that it is a pile of garbage.
  13. ArnoldSchoenberg

    How to get Gorizia?

    It is not very clear to me. Is it buried into the dockyard?
  14. Among all the Unique Upgrade missions, I am only close to finish in Zao. I just reached 2/5 or 3/5 in all other T10 UU missions. It is unlikely I can finish them before the upcoming deadline. Is there any compensation for that? i.e., NTC points?
  15. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Which crates to buy to get Premium ships?

    Here are the ships I don't have yet: IV Imperator Nikolai I V Gremyashchy VIII Enterprise IX Georgia IX Azuma VIII Graf Zeppelin VIII Roma VIII Vanguard VIII Massachusetts VIII Gascogne VIII Irian VIII Wichita VIII Lenin VIII Saipan VIII Kaga VIII Prinz Eugen VIII Bayard VIII Le Terrible VII Duca degli Abruzzi VII Hood VII Ashitaka VII Nueve de Julio VII Boise VII Yūdachi VII Haida VII Leningrad VII Błyskawica VI W. Virginia 1941 VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich VI Duca d'Aosta VI Ark Royal VI T-61 VI Perth VI Monaghan V Viribus Unitis V Yahagi V Krasny Krym V Siroco Are mega crates worth it?