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  1. Currently I have 1424 tokens. Wondering if it will end soon.
  2. The last ship was killed at the end of the game. In stat, I killed 5 ships but I did not earn Kraken. Replay is attached. How shall I report to WG to get back my flags and Glory vs Honor points? 20190507_131228_PJSB509-Musashi_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  3. I need average damage of 64000, 95000, 108000 in DD, CA, BB in 100 battles to earn these most difficult Emblems. Currently I am running Khab, Zao, and Yamato to grind. Do you have better suggestions?
  4. ArnoldSchoenberg

    How to get free Soviet containers?

    That is not two every day. But only two for the entire 10 days.
  5. Especially those having Soviet BB missions. I only got one container from daily shipment. And that had no mission.
  6. One need 1500 for Lazo. I get around 50 each day. I am a little worried that time is not enough to get Lazo.
  7. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Team Honor vs Team Glory?

    which side is obviously losing?
  8. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Team Honor vs Team Glory?

    Which should I join? Any difference?
  9. I can buy only one unique upgrade for Tier 10. Among slot 6 upgrades, the following gets partially good reputation: Republique, Moskva, Grozovoi, Zao, Yamato, GKurfurst But I just researched Republique and Moskva but I haven't bought or played them. The rest are Grozovoi, Zao, Yamato, GKurfurst. I hate GKurfurst probably because of bad accuracy. I played Grozovoi and Yamato a lot and I am currently in the stage 2 in grinding their respective upgrades. I got Zao and I like it as much as Grozovoi and Yamato. Thus, I have to make a decision among Zao, Grozovoi, Yamato. It looks like Grozovoi<Zao<=Yamato. What's your opinion?
  10. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Legendary modules?

    Does finishing Directive FLY STRIKE WIN earns the legendary modules now? I counted these awards but it seems not enough. Is there another Directive soon?
  11. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Poland Tech Tree?

    It just feels weird that there is a Polish DD in the game. Did WG ever plan a Poland tech tree? Maybe of DDs? Why is WG so nice to Poland in comparison to dozens of other greater countries?
  12. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Wait for refund of doubloon.
  13. Do you just buy Bundle #1 and #2? Is that the best deal?
  14. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Neustrashimy is no longer FXP?

    That is a sad news!