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  1. Now I don't hate RNG so much....
  2. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Georgia vs Yoshino vs Thunderer for Credits

    Hi, thank you for your posting. However, I have the impression that there are two kind of T10 premiums in money making potential. These steel T10 premium ships (Stalingrad) make more money than T9 premium ships and other T10 premiums (Salem, Smolensk).
  3. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Is Wichita good or OP or UP?

    Among all the current T8 cruisers, which ones are better than others? Atago, Wichita, Prinz, Bayard?
  4. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Will there be discount on Premium Tech Tree Ships?

    vangurad and lenin is in both armory and tech tree. there used to be discount in tech tree ships (including premiums)
  5. I have the 25% coupon to use in the armory. But I want to buy T61, vanguard and Lenin. vanguard and Lenin are in tech tree. Will there be discount on these? what is the rate of the discount?
  6. ArnoldSchoenberg

    The what did you get from the T6 ship crate thread...

    Just to report my bad luck, I got Huang He, which is a terrible ship. I am not even interested in playing one battle in it.
  7. ArnoldSchoenberg

    HMS Thunderer is FXP ship too?

    I found this review video said so....
  8. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Is USS Somers OP?

    I guess it is the best torp dd now. Now I regret buying USS Black with my limited amount of steel.
  9. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Directive Award T6 Premium Ship

    I have already a number of T6 premium ships (but not all of them). Is it possible that I got a duplicate T6 ship from Directive Award? If so, will that be converted to doubloon or credit?
  10. No, it is too dark / contrasting for my taste.
  11. The one with the strongest skills so far.
  12. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Shall we congratulate WG on Friesland?

    if Missouri is for sale again for 1.5Million FXP, there is not going to be any debate. Everyone who doesn't own her will buy now. But one million for Friesland is still debatable.
  13. By making a T9 premium debatable (OP or not OP). Previously either is obviously OP (Missouri, Musashi) or obviously UP. (Azuma)
  14. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Friesland or not?

    Currently I have 1.5million Fxp. I am also regrinding US DD line, currently working on Benson. I am wondering if I shall buy Friesland. So far I bought every fxp ship except azuma
  15. ArnoldSchoenberg

    How to earn republic tokens?

    I am 20 tokens short to buy the third container. I am wondering if playing T7-10 is the only way to earn republic tokens.