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  1. The game is flooded with battleships. I think if we do each other a favor, we should all be running cruisers to complete this mission.
  2. ArnoldSchoenberg

    SANTA CRATES - What did you get? Share it here.

    6 mega from 30 certificates got camo, flag, doubloon and T8 Champage. Is that bad?
  3. This ship is supposed to be planned and laid down. Did US navy plan to install the 2-gun auto reloading turret on Tulsa?
  4. I have coupon to spend and need to pick up a ship.
  5. ArnoldSchoenberg

    When will support for Mac stop?

    It is 10.0 now but I am on Mac and I can still play WOWS. I am wondering what is going on.
  6. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Is shortlist theory still true?

    For big containers, I heard that the shortlist is Admiral Makarov, California or Orkan. I am actually interested in getting California and Orkan.
  7. I heard that Somers is going away. How does Somers compare to Benham or Fletcher? I already have Benham and haver perm camo on Fletcher. I have enough steel to jump on Somers and I am not so interested in Stalingrad.
  8. ArnoldSchoenberg

    How is Gremyashchy in 2021?

    Another year of Santa containers... Among rare ships I already have: Kamikaze R, Giulio Cesare, Belfast, Mikhail Kutuzov, and Missouri So is Gremy any good in 2021?
  9. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Is Siegfried OP?

    LittleWhiteMouse rated it OP. We also knew that Ohio and Colbert are not OP. Does that make decisions easy?
  10. ArnoldSchoenberg

    dilemma about coal ships

    my halsey is currently trained for montana. shall I make him secondary built?
  11. ArnoldSchoenberg

    dilemma about coal ships

    thank you.
  12. ArnoldSchoenberg

    dilemma about coal ships

    I end up with USS Georgia because I have extra 19 pt captain and because I would like to make more money.
  13. ArnoldSchoenberg

    dilemma about coal ships

    the coupon is expiring soon. i am only considering several ships: Georgia, Thunderer, Salem, marceau It is said that Thunderer has the best gun in game. but Georgia makes much more money. Tier 10 premium only makes as much money as Tier 8, that makes me reluctant to get any T10 premium except being as op as Smolensk
  14. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Roma vs Vanguard

    I end up with Bayard !
  15. ArnoldSchoenberg

    Roma vs Vanguard

    I only have Alabama and Tirpitz. I don't have Massachusetts. I also have Kii, Missouri, Jean Bart, Musashi.