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  1. Thank you, Mr. Khaos. I am undeserving of your kindness. 

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    2. Mayu_Saito


      lol no fun because now I lose myself in multidimensional Fourier transforms equations. Differential equations partial differential equations. Laplace functions. Will not have to come out of my hotel room for a week. Everybody finds something to enjoy at least for a moment.Have nothing else Mr. Khaos. Do you know Heisenberg uncertainty principle? often described incorrectly as Chaos theory. Thought your name may come from this. 

    3. Mayu_Saito


      Yes, radiation levels are a little higher than acceptable. but data is required to contain future dispersals. Our next stop will be more contaminated. This is very profitable for the company I am contracted to.  

    4. IfYouSeeKhaos


      Names Charles...though I go by Charlie(learned to read by following Snoopy in Peanuts)...but I'm lazy so when gaming I used to shorten it to Chas...friend seen this & asked, "why not add the O?" so I started to...but I'd capitalize (ChaOs) it so it stood out as "not naturally supposed to be there"...[even now spellchecker is spazzing red underneath it screaming at me that there is something (even if just a little)unnatural about it].

      In the 1970's a group called April Wine (Canadian band) had a song called "If you see Kay"(<---That's a 4 letter word BTW...It was my favorite song from high school days)...

      I just combined the 2...replacing the C w/a K to fit the song title.

      Just watched a few videos to refresh my mind on Heisenberg-studied it before...never applied it though...can obviously see application for it in what you are doing.

      Hope that seeing as you actually have to go into radiation hot zones to do your work that "very profitable for company" translates to very profitable for you.