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  1. You fine gentleman Khaos-san

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    2. bokyakuJun


      Apologies Mr. Khaos was working on my Tumbler stuff. I failed to give you time you deserve. You are one on what I would call online friends. So forgive me. 

    3. IfYouSeeKhaos


      What time did I deserve & what did I do to deserve it (& do I deserve to serve any time for doing it)?...I'm sorry...you didn't deserve that...

      & is Tumbler a reference to a web site or are you referring to the glasses?

    4. bokyakuJun


      Lol no just frustration (my emogee's ) Life can not beat you until it beats you. old Japenese saying.473343042.jpg.51f1a11d5501b9ceea9f521a7909ef46.jpg1237877896_suicide_05.jpg.12de1b66e6ebd110300089cb1dc28239.jpg